August 13, 2008

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:39 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe, Joel Gregorio, Bill Herz, Mark Cavich, Steve Klein, Pete Walker, Joe Pisciotta and Kim Smith. Dave Goslin, Lisa Levine and Stuart Feldstein were not present.

The minutes of July 9, 2008 were approved as presented. A review of the agenda made special note of discussions on boat removal and common properties.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. The October 22 Civic Affairs meeting was added. The Halloween Parade date was corrected to be October 26.

Action Items: Need to establish a date for the Boat Auction.

BEACH RULES COMMITTEE: Delayed at this time

BOAT REMOVAL DISCUSSION: Joe reported that he and Stuart had not yet discussed this issue. Bill stated that the community needs to be notified and he volunteered to help. A notice on Lakelink and in the newsletter will be posted by Joe. Jerry, Bill, Steve and Kevin have agreed to assist with inspecting the boats. Chris Lawson added that she has noticed several residents who chose not to register their boats this year and asked that the reminder on Lakelink contain something about this as well. Joe also noted that several residents register their boats, but then do not affix the registration sticker to their boat. Cindy noted that the sinking pontoon boat had been removed from the lake.

Action Items: Joe will organize the Boat Removal effort, including posting a notice on LakeLink and in the Newsletter prior to the actual removals.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE: Cindy informed the Board that the traffic committee info has been forwarded to Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross and we are now waiting to hear when the VDOT meeting will be scheduled.

Action Item: None reported.


COMMON PROPERTIES COMMITTEE: Cindy reported on a meeting that took place at the community garden regarding RPA regulations and at that meeting it was felt that a futures planning committee should be established for LBA Common areas. A 5-10 year plan was suggested. Cindy has appointed Lisa and Jerry to co-chair this committee. Some members of the Board plus George McLennan and Chuck de Seve will also be on the committee. Hopes are to present an initial draft at the October 2008 Civic Affairs meeting, with a full report in the February 2009 Civic Affairs meeting. Jerry voiced concern that there may not be sufficient time to complete much detail for the October Civic Affairs meeting. There was general discussion that the Aqua Terrace entrance especially needs to be renovated. Cindy noted that Delfino is tending to a family emergency and is somewhat out of pocket, but that his wife is taking messages.

ARC ISSUES: Kevin raised four issues that are controversial on the ARC:

  1. The first issue is an application for a 6 foot fence to contain a dog and for privacy. The Board agreed to support the ARC recommendation for a 4 foot fence as the rules do not allow for 6 foot fences and both privacy and dog control can be obtained by other measures

  1. The second issue involves a resident’s request to build a wooden platform deck down by the lake. The resident’s plat shows the property line ends approximately 10’ 15’ prior to the water line; therefore, the land on which the resident wants to build is technically LBA property. The ARC is divided due to various issues. There was general discussion regarding the ARC’s right or the LBA’s right to grant permission to build, as well as discussion about liabilities, maintenance of the requested platform deck, intended use and precedence. A motion was made by Bill Herz and seconded by Jerry Mendenhall to allow the deck to be built but within ARC parameters. All in favor.

Action Item: The ARC will inform the applicant of the ARC’s approval of their request.

  1. The third issue involves derelict properties throughout the community. Bill suggested working with the county about the concerned properties. Kim suggested asking the homeowners if they would accept assistance and form a community volunteer team to assist the owners, similar to Habitat for Humanity. Kevin and Kim volunteered to serve on a committee to pursue this community volunteer team. They agreed that they would try and contact these individuals either by phone or in person.

A motion was made by Jerry Mendenhall and seconded by Kevin Howe to have Kevin and Kim handle this and report back to the Board. All in favor.

Action Item: Cindy, Kevin and Stuart will talk with homeowners of poorly maintained properties. If any of the property owners would like assistance from a team of community volunteers, Kevin and Kim will organize the effort(s).


IMPROVEMENTS: Steve reported that the LBA has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Fairfax County Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership Program for the Community Garden Renovation. Kim submitted a proposal to the County under George McLennan’s name. Partial funding can be used for drainage, plantings and pathways. Bill commented on a meeting that took place at the garden. Steve and the Board thanked Kim for her efforts in applying for the grant.

Steve also reported that a meeting had been held with Stephanie Perez, a community resident who specializes in wetland engineering. Ms. Perez indicated that an engineered wetland area is not feasible for the Community Garden space. She also indicated that changing the pond would likely trigger Resource Protection Area (RPA) issues and potentially require Army Corp of Engineers involvement.

Steve also reported on requests to have the Beach 5 parking area paved. George McLennan and Davis Grant are getting quotes as the cost will be split between LBA and WID. Kevin added that milled asphalt (recycled asphalt which is a lower quality asphalt) was another option and would cost approximately $20,000 total, with LBA’s cost being approximately $10,000. Asphalt would cost around $65,000 total, with LBA’s portion costing approximately $30,000 to $40,000. Joel suggested devising a longevity chart and addressing toxins issue. Honey comb material filled with stone was another suggestion as well as pavers. There was general discussion about the specific need for paving the parking area. There was general consensus that improving the Beach 5 path through the woods was advisable, but the expense for improving the Beach 5 parking area was not warranted.

Action Item: None reported.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Joe reported for Lisa that the Labor Day games will be the next community event. Ralph Petta and Matt Friedman will be running the event. Joe also reported that J.E.B. Stuart has been contacted for providing cheerleaders for the Labor Day games. Joe also reported that Kevin Hardy will be providing necessary lifeguard support for the games.

Action Items: None reported.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Joe met with Kevin about his future with the lake and added that it has been a great summer with no major issues or problems. He added that Kevin is working towards a masters degree and has educational requirements to meet his teaching credits. Kevin will know by October if he is on track for being able to work for Lake Barcroft next year and still be able to meet his accreditation requirements. If not, a Lake Barcroft Water Safety Supervisor replacement will be required for next year. Three possible candidates were suggested: (1) Doug Burns, the swim coach at Sleepy Hollow Bath & Racquet; (2) Larry Jenkins, a Fairfax County firefighter (although he is not available next year); and (3) Bobby Blum of the National Red Cross.

Action Items: Joe will report to the Board next month on his discussions with Kevin and Doug as well as their availability and salary requirements.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry reported that the financial statements were in the packets if anyone has any questions.

He added that BBI has accumulated a fair amount in its account and he is going to look to see about transferring some of it into LBA for operating needs.

Action Item: Jerry will talk with Stuart to determine if an annual audit is required due to the recent HOA law.

ARC: Nothing further to report other than the four items already discussed.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete reported that overall it had been a quiet summer with only minor offenses overall. One arrest at beach 1 did take place recently of an outsider that was drunk and had possession of marijuana. Kim informed the Board of at least 20 people that were down at beach 2 that fled once she pulled up her barge and asked if they were residents. Chris reminded everyone to call the non-emergency number 703-691-2131 and ask the dispatcher if any of the officers are working for Lake Barcroft first as they could be contacted. Pete reported that the Beach 5 lights had been fixed.

Action Items: None reported.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill gave an update on the county providing LBA with a notice of violation on Recreation Lane and he is waiting to hear back.

Action Items: None reported.


MEMBERSHIP: Joel read his report. He informed the Board that he would be listing new owners in the newsletter from last August to now. Kevin added that he sends new owners a letter welcoming them to the community and letting them know about the ARC process.

Action Items: Joel will contact Miranda Thomas to coordinate his efforts with the Newcomers Club.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark reported that he has reduced the Lake Barcroft Newsletter postage cost from $390 to $231 a month due to McCabe’s now labeling and sorting. The fee from McCabe’s is now $80 a month. He added that the website size has been increased about $15 - $20/month. Mark also reported that Bobby Bermudez will be the new Photo Journal manager and that he will be meeting with Bobby to get him started in that position. Lastly, Mark reported that he is still looking for an assistant Newsletter Editor.

Action Items: Mark will continue his search for an assistant Newsletter Editor.


No other old business was reported or discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kimberly Smith

LBA Secretary