September 10, 2008

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:36 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Dave Goslin, Lisa Levine, Stuart Feldstein, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Pete Walker, Joe Pisciotta, Kevin Howe and Kim Smith. Board members Bill Herz and Mark Cavich were not present. Lake resident George Erikson was also in attendance.

The minutes of August 13, 2008 were approved as presented. A review of the agenda made special note of discussions on boat removal and common properties.

Cindy recognized Pete Walker for his contributions to LBA Board of Directors. This meeting will be Pete’s last meeting as he is moving away from Lake Barcroft.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. October 22 was confirmed to be the Civic Affairs meeting.

BEACH RULES COMMITTEE: Dave Goslin passed.

BOAT REMOVAL DISCUSSION: Joe reported that he and Kevin had met at the WID regarding boat auctions. Kevin stated that some residents have previously been belligerent with Davis Grant, WID manager, when their boats had been removed for not having proper stickers. Joe confirmed that stickers are sent out the first of May. There was general discussion about whether the boat auction should be in the spring, summer or fall. The consensus is to keep the boat auction in the fall. Stuart, Kevin, Bill, Jerry, Kim and Joe will meet at Beach 3 on September 27-28 to conduct the boat sticker check. The boat auction will be held October 18, with October 19 as a rain date. Kevin will conduct the auction.

Action Items: Joe will notify the Lake Barcroft Newsletter as well as put a message on LakeLink.

COMMON PROPERTIES COMMITTEE: Lisa Levine reported that the committee has had difficulty finding mutually agreeable dates to meet. Lisa also requested that the name of the committee be changed to the“Futures Committee.” Cindy reviewed the charter of the committee as being the future planning for common properties.


No other old business was reported or discussed.


Cindy reviewed the agenda for the upcoming LBA Civic Meeting on October 22. There was general discussion about possible agenda topics, including that candidates for political office are welcome to speak. Dave asked if there should be a representative from the presidential and congressional tickets. Kim recommended that there be an announcement regarding absentee ballots and who qualifies for absentee voting. Lisa indicated that she will be out of town the week prior to the Civic Meeting; Kim volunteered to put up the community signs advertising the meeting.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Stuart reported that there will be 5 Board members coming up for re-election. The by-laws require there to be 3 candidates over the open seats. Because Pete will not be returning to the Board, it will be necessary to have 4 candidates selected. The Nominating committee will be comprised of Stuart, Joel Gregorio, Denise Patton-Pace and Regina Derzon.

Cindy reported that she would like to nominate Jean Meyer of Stoneybrae Drive for the special achievement award. Dave motioned to nominate Jean. Kevin seconded. Jean has largely been responsible for the Lake BarcroftWoman’s Club annual easter egg hunt, the Woman’s Club annual bridge marathon, and the Fourth of July and Halloween parades. All voted in favor.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE: Stuart reported that the Traffic Calming Task Force has been formed. The TCTF has met with V-DOT and FC-DOT. The TCTF subsequently met to determine roles. Kevin Kampschroer was selected the Chairperson. They have informally “walked” Waterway Drive to familiarize themselves with the street, including existing stop signs, curve signs, speed signs and straight-away places. They will convene a future meeting with the community. Stuart reported that the team is taking their task very seriously and are listening carefully to each other. To date, the TCTF has held 3 meetings and 1 walk. Stuart also reported that there will be an article in the upcoming newsletter. Dave asked if the TCTF will be soliciting community input. Stuart and Cindy confirmed that the TCTF is asking for and will continue to ask for community input. George Erikson stated that he had put a posting on LakeLink that requested the TCTF conduct its meetings in the same accord as the Commonwealth of VA and the LBA Board: that is, open meetings. There was general discussion as to whether the Task Force should hold all of its meetings as open to the Lake Barcroft community. Stuart will invite Kevin Kampschroer to attend the October Board meeting. Mr. Erikson’s request was tabled until that time.

Action Item: Stuart will contact Kevin Kampschroer to invite him to the October Board meeting.


No other new business was discussed.


IMPROVEMENTS: Steve reported that there had not been significant activity during August. Kim reported that she had been requested to prepare a design for two areas of the Community Garden and that she should be prepared next month to present the Design. Kim also reported that she had been tasked with responding to the Fairfax County request for information regarding the project that has been awarded a $5000 grant.

Action Item: Kim to provide further updates at the October meeting.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa reported that the WID did a great job cleaning the lake prior to the Newcomers’ Barge Party. The Barge Party had record attendance, with over 350 people signed up. The Labor Day games were also record attendance. Cindy complimented Matt Friedman and Ralph Petta for doing such a great job handling the games. Dave recognized that, considering the attendance at the Labor Day games and the number of kids participating, the demographics of the community are changing more quickly than has been recognized to date. Dave recommended that a new census be conducted to determine the community’s demographics and to determine the priorities of the community. Dave reminded the Board that he is a Social Scientist and can prepare a questionnaire. Cindy recommended that Dave be added to the “Go To” teams for the “Futures Committee.”

Action Items: None reported.


Joe reported that Kevin Hardy is asking for a $1200 bonus to be divided amongst the lifeguards. Joe also reported that Mr. Hardy will attempt to make himself available for next year’s summer beach season, but that he still needs to finalize his education requirements. Joe further reported that he did not talk to Doug, the second possible candidate for the Water Safety Supervisor position, but that he still needs to determine Doug’s interests and salary requirements. Joe motioned to approve Kevin’s request for a $1200 bonus and an additional $1200 bonus for Mr. Hardy. Dave seconded the motion. All approved. Joe then stated that he will open discussions with Mr. Hardy as to whether he will be agreeable to a 3 – 5 year contract. Lastly, Joe reported that the lifeguard motors need to be taken to a marina. Kevin Howe volunteered to transport the motors.

Action Items: Joe will report to the Board next month on his discussions with Mr. Hardy and Doug as well as their availability and salary requirements.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry reported that he met with Kevin Hardy to document the accounting aspects of his position as Water Safety Supervisor, including lifeguard salaries and hiring requirements and process. Jerry is in the process of documenting that meeting and the processes for lifeguard management. Jerry reported that Mr. Hardy has a very good business and managerial perception on his Supervisor position. Jerry is also working with Pete to document the accounting information flow for the security positions. Lastly, Jerry added that BBI has accumulated a fair amount in its account and that he will determine the feasibility and legality of transferring some of the BBI funds into the LBA account for operating needs.

Action Item: Jerry will update the Board next month on whether it is possible to transfer funds from BBI to LBA. Jerry will also talk with Stuart to determine if an annual audit is required due to the recent HOA law.

ARC: Kevin reported that there are two issues that are controversial on the ARC:

1) Kevin updated the Board on the issue involving a Lakeview property that built a small fence that was not submitted to the ARC. Kevin sent a certified letter to the owners giving them 5 days to remove it. The fence posts have been removed, but the logs are sitting on the ground. The owner is also asking for variance for their addition that was not permitted as well as a variance for the enclosed car-port that exceeds the County set-back limitations. Kevin plans to attend the County hearing to recommend that the variances not be granted.

2) Kevin reported that there is also an issue with a house on Blair Road that the owner has cut down trees and Mountain Laurel, raising an RPA issue.

Joe reported that people have approached him that they have not heard back from the ARC on their applications and that they are going to move ahead without ARC approval. Dave stated that people have had issues with the ARC since its inception. Kevin recalled a case and advised the Board that the ARC had in fact responded to the homeowner and denied their application.

Stuart reported that he is looking for a case where a homeowner did not obtain ARC approval to use as an example for exercising ARC authority. Dave recommended using the Lakeview homeowner that was forced to remove the low fence.

Dave asked if the ARC has the jurisdiction over sinking docks that pose a hazard to boats. Kevin said that he will send a letter to the homeowner with a sinking dock.

Action Item: Kevin to update the Board on the County variance hearing concerning the Lakeview home. Kevin will send a letter to the homeowner with a sinking dock.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Pete reported that the patrols ended on Labor Day. He also said that he has requested the Mason District Police to use Lake Barcroft as a cut through on their routes. Pete reiterated that the biggest issue he has faced on this committee has been the lack of volunteers to work on the Neighborhood Watch Program. Joe recommended that there should be more focus on closing the Beach gates so as to prevent vandalism and trespassers. Cindy confirmed that the Beach port-a-johns are not serviced year round, except Beach 3 which is serviced year round.

Action Items: None reported.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: No report was available in Bill’s absence.

Action Items: None reported.


Action Items: None reported.

MEMBERSHIP: Joel read his report updating the Board on receipts. Lisa reported that there were more new members attending and assisting the Newcomers Barge Party and recommended that Joel talk with Miranda to get their names.

Action Items: Joel will contact Miranda Thomas to coordinate his efforts with the Newcomers’ Club.

PUBLICATIONS: In Mark’s absence, Cindy reported that Mark had sent her an email requesting funding to purchase a spectrometer and a Black/White Leveler. Lisa asked if those funding requests could be part of the upcoming LBA budget review. All agreed to postpone Mark’s request to the next meeting. Mark’s second request was for funding to pay for the upcoming Photo contest awards approval to pay for prices for annual photo contest, estimate to be $250. Joel motioned to approve. Kevin seconded. All approved. Lisa recommended that this be a future budget item and planned for within the Publications budget.

Action Items: None reported

The meeting was adjourned at 9:53PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kimberly Smith

LBA Secretary