October 8, 2008

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:36 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Dave Goslin, Lisa Levine, Stuart Feldstein, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Mark Cavich, Joe Pisciotta, Kevin Howe and Kim Smith. Board members Stuart Feldstein and Pete Walker were not present. Also in attendance were WID Chairman Chuck de Seve as well as Lake residents George Erikson and Mike Niebling.

The minutes of August 13, 2008 were reviewed. Jerry reported that the Finance report should be changed to state that “Jerry is also working with Pete to document the accounting information flow for the security positions.” The minutes were accepted as amended.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. Lisa reported that the Newcomers’ Club Holiday Party is on Saturday, December 13, the Woman’s Club is on December 6. Jerry reported that he will send each committee chair a preliminary budget for their respective committees. Lisa also recommended that the Newcomers’ Club Octoberfest be removed from the calendar until the date is firmed up.

BEACH RULES COMMITTEE: Dave Goslin passed.

Action Items: None reported.

BOAT REMOVAL DISCUSSION: Joe reported that the boat removals were successfully conducted. He has received a few calls from boat owners and he has advised them to obtain an LBA sticker after which they can retrieve their boats. There was general discussion regarding boats that have proper stickers but are improperly stored. The general consensus was that the community must be informed of “proper storage” guidelines. Dave recommended that there be a separate mailing of a form letter to inform the owner of the storage problem and the options for correction the situation, including authorizing LBA to remove and sell the boat. Cindy reported that the current rules for boat storage are ambiguous and need to be clarified. Approximately 25 boats without ’08 stickers have been removed. Joe clarified that owners of all boats that were removed have been notified. Joe also recommended that the boat auction be re-scheduled to November 15 at 9:30am at the WID compound.

Action Items: All Board members will provide Dave with their thoughts and comments on how to resolve the ambiguity. Dave will then draft the new rules, so that the new and clarifying boat storage guidelines can be included in the January 2009 mailing of the registrations for boat stickers.

FUTURES COMMITTEE: Lisa and Jerry reported that the mission statement was defined as well as the agreed upon format of the upcoming report that is expected in mid-December. As part of the process, a survey will be developed to determine the community’s preferences. The intent is that the Futures Committee product should be carried forward thru future Boards. The LBA manager will be the holder. The mission of the Committee should be the same as the LBA Board. However, an LBA Board Mission Statement was not found; hence the Futures Committee has written one and recommended a draft version to the Board. Dave reported that there was a prior “Futures Committee” which existed approximately 10 years ago, one member of whom was Tom Donlan. The current Committee is attempting to find past reports.

Mike asked that the Board be prepared to address at the upcoming the Civic meeting why so many Improvements projects have been delayed or neglected, for example, the Aqua Terrace entrance as well as the Community Garden pond and plantings. Mike expressed that he is frustrated at the stagnation of the improvements throughout the community.

Action Items: All Board members should review and comment on the proposed LBA Board mission statement and come prepared to discuss at the next Board meeting.

CIVIC AFFAIRS AGENDA: Cindy reported that she has been in touch with the candidates who may be interested in addressing the LBA Civic Affairs meeting.

Action Items: None reported.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE: Cindy reported that Stuart obtained clarification from LBA’s attorney that any meeting at which the Traffic Calming Task Force plans to make decisions must be open to the community, but that any meeting that is held for information gathering and discussions need not be open to the community. The Task Force has informed the community via a posting on LakeLink of its plan to hold open meetings and that they will announce such meetings in advance. The Task Force also plans to have an article in the upcoming newsletter. The first open meeting for the Task Force is planned for November 17.

Action Items: None reported.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Cindy reported on Stuart’s behalf that the nominating committee is continuing its efforts at finding people to run for the Board.

Action Items: None reported.


Kevin updated the Board that Zambelli’s price for furnishing and managing the fireworks display next year would be approximately $10,000. There has been a significant increase in the cost of fireworks, from $5,550 to $6,200. There would be an additional charge of approximately $3,800 for the labor of the fireworks display. Jerry recommended that there be more time to discuss this topic.

No other old business was reported or discussed.


Cindy reviewed the agenda for the upcoming LBA Civic Meeting on October 22 at 7:30pm at Belvedere Elementary School. Discussion topics will include: Beach/Water Safety committee presentation on the boat removals; the Futures Committee will make a presentation on its mission and goals; the Nominations committee will present its status at identifying candidates to run for the LBA Board; and, Cindy will present two awards. Cindy will also give a president’s report.

REPLACEMENT TREE UPDATE: Steve reported that the budget is $5000, while only $200 has actually been paid. Betsy Washington has found a nursery that will sell 5’ – 6’ trees for $50 - $60 per tree. Delfino has agreed to plant each tree at a charge of $50 per tree. The new plan is for the trees to be given at no charge to the homeowners, including installation, on a first come first serve basis. There was general discussion about why the program has not been more successful. Kevin motioned to keep the tree replacement program and not put the funding back into the budget. Jerry seconded the motion. The motion passed on a 6-5 vote.

WID UPDATE: Charles de Seve reported that the recent storm brought nearly as much silt as the June/July 2006 storms. Approximately 275,000 pounds of trash were removed over an eight day period. He also advised that the WID needs to advance the dredging cycle. Mr. de Seve also reported that the WID is currently re-recording lake depths to determine how much the lake silted up as a result of the recent storms. What this means in terms of the budget: The capital budget plan includes $670,000 in taxes, dredging costs are approximately $360,000, resulting in an approximate tax increase of 30%-40%, which is not desired. The WID is trying to keep the tax increase this year at the current rate of inflation of 3.5%, where as next year the tax increase is projected to be approximately 6%, and future years the tax increase will go back down to the rate of inflation. Dave commended the WID for their efforts and the positive relationship with the County. Dave also recommended that the WID not set the expectation that a tax increase would necessarily be reduced.

Charles then reported that the WID Trustees have selected George McLennan as the replacement for Tony Bracken. Dave reported that, under the rules of the WID Trustees rules, Chuck de Seve has submitted his resignation as WID Trustee Chair at the end of October. Cindy nominated Dave and Bill to be on the Nomination committee to identify an additional WID trustee.


No other new business was discussed.


IMPROVEMENTS: No further report.

Action Items: None reported.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Lisa asked if there is a liability issue if one of the clubs wants to rent a van or a bus. Cindy stated that the liability would be between the club and its members.

Action Items: None reported.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Joe reported that Kevin Hardy is looking into UVA and other schools to see if they offer the necessary curriculum and expects to know by the end of October. Joe has not approached other candidates.

Action Items: Joe will report to the Board next month on his discussions with Mr. Hardy and Doug as well as their availability and salary requirements.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jerry reported that he believes that funds can be transferred from BBI to LBA. He is planning to talk with the Bank tomorrow.

Action Item: Jerry will update the Board next month on whether it is possible to transfer funds from BBI to LBA.

ARC: Kevin reported that there were no new ARC activities. George Erikson asked why the ARC has “closed access” to issues and documents on the Lake Barcroft website. Joel stated that that is a misinterpretation of the status reported on the website. Joel clarified that the status of “closed” refers to the status of an issue itself and does not reflect access of the community to an “open” issue or related documents.

Action Item: None.


Action Items: None reported.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill reported that Libby Mikesell has been invaluable and suggested the purchase of a gift certificate in the amount of $100 or less for thanks and appreciation of her efforts on Geese Peace. Bill moved that a gift certificate be purchased for Libby Mikesell; Kevin seconded. All voted to approve. Joe asked if the motors have been removed and transported to Washington marina.

Action Items: Kevin again offered to transport the motors.


Action Items: None reported.

MEMBERSHIP: Joel read his report updating the Board on receipts.

Action Items: Joel still needs to contact Miranda Thomas to coordinate his efforts with the Newcomers’ Club.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark updated the Board on his request for funding to purchase a spectrometer and a Black/White Leveler, which will enhance the quality of photos and newsletter production. The expense is approximately $450. Joel motioned to approve the expense. Dave seconded. All approved.

Action Items: None reported.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 PM. Next Board meeting is November 12.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kimberly Smith

LBA Secretary