January 14, 2009

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Dave Goslin, Stuart Feldstein, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Mark Cavich, Joe Pisciotta, Kevin Howe, Lisa Levine and Kim Smith. Board member Bill Herz was not present.  Also present were WID Trustee George McLennan and resident Carl Newburg.
The minutes of December 10, 2008, were approved as presented.



CALENDAR REVIEW:  The 2009 calendar was reviewed.  Various anomalies of 2008 dates were corrected to be 2009 or 2010, where appropriate. Cindy noted that she received information from Penny Gross’s office that there are meetings on three upcoming Saturdays from 10a -12p, including: January 24, Zoning Issues and Strike Team; Feb 21, Health and Fire Departments; March 28,  representatives from Mason District Police, Franconia District Police and Consumer Affairs. 

BEACH RULES COMMITTEE:  Stuart updated the Board that none of the recommendations for modifications to the Beach and Water Safety Rules require community approval, but also recommended that the new rules be reviewed in a newsletter article.  Dave confirmed that he will have an article in the May 2009 issue of the newsletter.
Action Items:  Dave will submit an article to the Lake Barcroft Newsletter for publication in May 2009 that reviews the changes to the Beach and Water Safety Rules.
FUTURES COMMITTEE:  Jerry reported the Committee has met and continued its progress.  Dave confirmed that the Community Surveys will be mailed out with the LBA dues in the next week.  It may take 3 to 4 months to get all of the surveys back due to people taking their time to pay their dues.  There was general discussion about having Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes included with the dues and survey.
Action Items:  Mark will talk with the Newsletter Editor to put an announcement in the February Newsletter to remind residents to complete their surveys.  Dave will put a reminder on LakeLink.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE: Stuart reported that the Task Force took a break during the holidays.  Next meeting will be on January 28, after which the Task Force will schedule a meeting with VDOT and FCDOT to walk Waterway Drive.
Action Items:  None reported.


HOME BUSINESSES:  Stuart reported his findings and recommendations.  He recalled the three options, including: 1) Amend the covenants, which the Board previously rejected; 2) Continue existing practice of finessing the issue; and, 3) identify and resolve an apparent conflict in the Covenants.   There was general discussion and agreement that LBA Covenants should follow what the County allows. There was further discussion that LBA should not try to control what is stated on LakeLink, but should control what is advertised in the newsletter.
Action Items:  None reported.

LBA MISSION STATEMENT DISCUSSION: There was general discussion about mission statements and agreement that one is not needed for LBA Board.           
Action Item: No action.

WATER SAFETY SUPERVISOR:  Joe reported that Kevin Hardy has not responded to either his or Cindy’s emails or voice messages. Kim stated that we need a Plan B in the event that Mr. Hardy does not return to be the Lake Barcroft Lifeguard Supervisor.
Action Items:  Joe to work on a Plan B.  Cindy to call Kevin.


Cindy reported that the Water mains on Lakeview are being replaced.



WID UPDATE:  George McLennan reported on WID’s new dredging program.  Board members asked several questions about safety procedures, personnel training, liability insurance and ways in which the proposed beach improvements might better accommodate party barges.  The WID will provide a response to these questions prior to the next Board meeting. Dave moved to approve WID’s request to build a slip at Beach 3 and gravel road at Beach 5.  Joel seconded.  All voted in favor.
Action Items: None reported.


ANNUAL MEETING DATE/AGENDA: Cindy reported on the upcoming Annual Meeting scheduled for February 24.  There was general discussion about the planned agenda.
Action Items: None reported.


No other new business was discussed.

IMPROVEMENTS:  Steve reported that he has had no responses to his notices on LakeLink or in the newsletter requesting a volunteer to replace George McLennan as the Maintenance Supervisor.  Kim asked if people have been called. Steve noted that he called one person and Cindy called one person. Kim stated that volunteers historically do not respond to passive requests for assistance. Instead, people need to be asked directly and then there is much more enthusiasm for helping.  Stuart suggested that Kim be made deputy chair so that she can make the phone calls. Kim declined noting that she is spending 15+ hours per week at organizing the Security Committee.  There was further discussion about making the Maintenance Supervisor a paid position.
Action Items:  Steve will write another newsletter article.


SPECIAL EVENTS:  Lisa noted that several calendar dates need to be corrected and reported on several new events to be included in the calendar.
Action Items:  None reported.

WATER SAFETY AND BEACH MAINTENANCE:  There was no further report beyond the Supervisor discussions.
Action Items:  Cindy will call Kevin Hardy.  Joe will report next month on his ideas for a Plan B if Kevin Hardy does not accept the position of Lifeguard Supervisor. 


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry reviewed the 2009 budget and noted where he made changes, particularly where he removed taxes from the committee budgets.  There was general discussion about the 2009 budget and 2008 actuals. There were also discussion about notifying the few owners who have not paid their dues.  Jerry also recalled that the dues will be increased in 2010.
Action Item:  None reported. 


ARC:  Kevin reported on the Lakeview property which was under construction without ARC approval. Several neighbors contacted ARC with complaints.  Stuart clarified that the neighbors’ complaints were about the owner ignoring ARC process and that they want the ARC process vindicated. The issue is that construction started before ARC approval, and construction continued after a stop-work-order was issued. Carl Newburg, architect and agent for the owner, acknowledged that he did not make the application timely. There was general discussion about the ARC process and the ARC’s request for due-process.  The ARC requested Board’s approval for following the due-process.    Dave moved to send a demand letter to the owner asking for a one-time assessment of $50.  Stuart seconded the motion. There was discussion regarding the motion about a one time assessment vs. a continuing violation of $10/day, which would equate to $100. Stuart clarified that there was a continuing violation.  All voted in favor of the original motion.  Joe commended the ARC for bringing the issue to the forefront. Dave stated that 98% of the community follows the ARC guidelines and processes.
Action Item: Stuart will work with Kevin to word the demand letter to the owner of the subject Lakeview property.


COMMUNITY WATCH:  Kim reported that she has successfully recruited over 60 volunteers, with the help of 5 people who have agreed to be Section Leaders for the revitalized Neighborhood Watch Program.  She also reported that she has held four separate meetings with volunteers, at which people expressed various security concerns and ideas for the Neighborhood Watch program.  Kim also reported that she has scheduled two Neighborhood Watch trainings with Mason District Police, on January 29 and February 3.  Lastly, Kim requested approval to contribute $50 to the Community Action Committee, a non-profit organization that supports local Police activities and meetings.  She also requested approval to purchase additional magnetized car placards for the Neighborhood Watch and Pinnies for each section.  Jerry stated that he would add $500 to the Security Committee budget to cover these items.
Action Items:  Kim will continue to recruit volunteers for the Neighborhood Watch program as well as purchase additional magnetized placards so that each section can have one set.


Action Items:  No actions reported.


LEGAL COMMITTEE:  No further report.
Action Items:  None reported.


MEMBERSHIP:  Joel read his report updating the Board on receipts.
Action Items:  None reported.           


PUBLICATIONS:  Mark reported that there have been some website updates.
Action Items:  None reported.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:26 PM.  Next Board meeting is February 11, 2009.


Respectfully submitted by,

Kimberly Smith
LBA Secretary