February 11, 2009

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Dave Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Kevin Howe, Joe Pisciotta, Mark Cavich, Bill Herz, Lisa Levine and Kim Smith.
The minutes of January 9, 2008, were approved as presented.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The 2009 calendar was reviewed. Lisa noted that February 21 is the Newcomer’s Chili Cookoff. 

HOME BUSINESSES: Stuart reviewed his research on home businesses and the Lake Barcroft covenants. His proposed language offers an interpretation of the covenants to state that the LBA Board will not object to home businesses as long as the owners have the necessary county permits. The Board will investigate only if there are complaints. Dave motioned to approve the new language. Bill seconded the motion. Joe indicated concern about the language being confusing but, after brief discussions, agreed the language is appropriate as is. Steve asked how this change will be advertised.  Stuart stated that he plans to write a newsletter article.
Action Items:  Stuart will write a newsletter article.
FUTURES COMMITTEE:  Jerry reported the Committee met on Feb 08 and that 30% - 40% of their report has been written. Dave noted that he has 317 community survey responses to date. They are coming in an even flow with the LBA dues.  Jerry stated that the committee plans to incorporate feedback from the 2009 community survey.  Dave estimates 500 – 600 responses by mid-March and projects end of March before a report is available. Dave reviewed some of the responses. Joel recommended posting another reminder on LakeLink.  He also recommended telling people that they can bring their completed surveys to the Feb. 24 membership meeting.  Cindy stated that she plans on calling the people who indicate their willingness to volunteer. 
Action Items:  Cindy to post on LakeLink a second reminder for residents to complete their survey.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE: Stuart reported that the task force met last week. Progress has been slow because the task force meets only when all five members are available. Stuart reviewed the task force’s methodology, specifically for identifying both a preferred and alternative option for each of the Waterway Drive problem areas.  The task force’s next step is to contact the county and VDOT to “walk” Waterway Drive. Stuart also noted that the task force is taking their job very seriously. Dave noted that Stuart consider writing an article detailing the process that could be published nationwide.
Action Items:  None reported.

WATER SAFETY SUPERVISOR:  Joe reported that Kevin Hardy has accepted the position of Water Safety Supervisor with the same $24,000 salary, which is the same as his 2008 salary; however, he declined a 3 year contract. Joe also noted that June 5 is Kevin’s last day of school and June 7 is his annual Bay swim. But, Kevin committed to being available prior to Memorial Day to open the beaches and he will be here each weekend between Memorial Day and June 7.  Kevin has already begun contacting life guards from last year to determine if they are interested in returning this year.
Action Items:  Joe to finalize Kevin’s contract.

No other business discussed.


ANNUAL MEETING DATE/AGENDA: Cindy reviewed the agenda for the upcoming Feb 24 membership meeting. Jerry and Kim will both have MS Powerpoint presentations. The Traffic Calming Task Force and WID will both give presentations.
Action Items: None reported.

JEB STUART HS CREW AGREEMENT:  Cindy reported that the JEB Stuart High School crew team has requested permission to use Lake Barcroft for training purposes. There was general discussion about the contract between LBA and JEB Stuart HS Crew Boosters and team.  Stuart observed that it is essentially the same contract as has been used in the past.  Stuart moved to approve the agreement. Dave seconded the motion. All voted in favor of the motion.
Action Items: None reported.

No other new business was discussed.


IMPROVEMENTS:  Steve reported that he has put an announcement into the Newsletter.  Kim reported that LBA has received the initial $2,500 installment of the county’s $5,000 grant for the Community Garden renovation.
Action Items:  Steve will put an announcement on LakeLink for the Maintenance Supervisor position.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Lisa reported that Halley Henricksen will be the “kid coordinator” for the Sand Day events.  Janet Kerley and Charlotte Flounders will be the coordinators for the Ice Cream Social.  Cindy reported that the Woman’s Club is sponsoring the bi-annual Dog Show on April 25.  Lisa stated that the Woman’s Club plans to have a raffle. Further, the Club plans to have sponsors for the event so that the Woman’s Club can recoup their investment.  The sponsorships are planned to be $250. One of the sponsors, a dog treat vendor, has requested to have a booth at the Dog Show event.  There was general discussion about vendors having a booth.  Stuart clarified that, so long as vendors do not sell their products or services, and vendors do not take orders for sales, then signage and samples are within the beach guidelines. Kim stated that vendors should be allowed to have a booth, but that there should be limits on the size of the booths. Lisa clarified that the dog treat vendor would probably use only one table.  Cindy noted that he may use a tent. Bill motioned to allow the sponsors to have a booth but not offer sales of products or services. Dave seconded the motion.  All voted in favor. 

Cindy noted that this is Joe and Lisa’s last meeting. Dave motioned that the Board make a resolution that the Board express its appreciation to Joe and Lisa for their service.  All voted in favor.
Action Items:  None reported.

WATER SAFETY AND BEACH MAINTENANCE:  There was no further report beyond the Supervisor discussions.
Action Items:  Joe to finalize the contract negotiations with Kevin Hardy. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry reported that the January figures will be finalized once the annual dues are received. Jerry also noted that there will be a 2008 audit, and that it will be June or July before results are available.
Action Item:  None reported. 

ARC:  Kevin reported that there are more requests for variances to expand into the setback limits. Jerry asked if there is any recourse if the County approves a setback variance. Kevin stated that it is unlikely, but explained how people obtain variances by citing “hardship.” Kevin further stated that it boils down to people objecting to a neighbor infringing on the setback.  Kevin also stated that the ARC plans to inform adjacent neighbors that an exception to setbacks has been requested. There was further general discussion about residents requesting exceptions to setbacks.
Action Item: No action.

COMMUNITY WATCH:  Kim reported 135 households have now signed up to participate in the Neighborhood Watch program. She also noted that 75 people have been trained by the Mason District police and that Section 10 has begun its patrols.  Additional patrol roll outs include Section 9 scheduled to begin on Monday, February 16, and Section 3 scheduled for March 1. Kim also reported that an intruder entered a Beachway Drive home.  The intruder is believed to be a homeless person who wanted food. Kim advised the Board that Section 9 seems to be a hotspot, having experienced several break-ins and attempted break-ins in the past few months. Dave noted that Kim has done very good work, but that spring is coming and March, April and May typically see an increase in teenager activities and pranks. Kim agreed, noting that good judgment needs to and will be used, but that recent teenager problems were egregious and dangerous, such as the incident involving 11 vehicles, each filled with teenagers, traveling 3 abreast and performing donuts in gravel parking areas.  Joe commended Kim for her success in reviving the Neighborhood Watch program and for her timely and informative postings on LakeLink.
Action Items:  Kim will continue to recruit additional volunteers for the Neighborhood Watch program.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill reported that WID has made the decision to purchase the dredging equipment discussed last month. 
Action Items:  No actions reported.

LEGAL COMMITTEE:  No further report.
Action Items:  None reported.

MEMBERSHIP:  Joel read his report. Dave asked if there are any planned activities to convert the non-member residents to become members of the Lake Barcroft Association, including 6252 Columbia Pike; 6119 Beachway Drive; and, 6201 Waterway Drive, which is a vacant lot.  Joel indicated that there is no plan to do so. There was general discussion on converting the non-member residents.  Dave clarified that the membership fee entitles members to vote, whereas the annual dues entitle people to use the beaches and other amenities.
Action Items:  None reported.

PUBLICATIONS:  Mark reported that the newsletter deadline date for the March issue is moved up to February 13. (NOTE: the schedule change was clarified after the meeting to be the April issue deadline as March 13. The March issue deadline is February 20.)
Action Items:  None reported.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:28 PM.  The next Board meeting is March 11, 2009.

Respectfully submitted by,
Kimberly Smith
LBA Secretary