March 11, 2009

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Dave Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Eva Kosztarab, Mark Cavich, Sally Determan, Steve Klein and Kim Smith.  Board members not present were Kevin Howe, Bill Herz and Warren Russell.  Lake resident George Erikson was also present.  Other guests included Supervisor Penny Gross, Barbara Byron with the Office of Community Revitalization & Reinvestment, Leonard Wolfenstein with the FCDOT for Columbia Pike Transit Initiative and Laxmi Nagaraj, Project Manager for the Department of Planning & Zoning.

The minutes of February 11, 2009 were approved as presented.

George Erikson suggested a correction for the minutes of the annual business meeting of February 24. He suggested changing the titling of the minutes to say, “Amended Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association Membership.” He also requested that the last sentence of Item 6 (d) titled “Traffic Calming Task Force” read as follows: “A second comment supported that view, further noting that the group opposed to vertical deflection devices had not been given the opportunity to make a presentation at this meeting.”   The Board approved these changes.

Cindy read the election results and welcomed new Board members Eva Kosztarab and Sally Determan to the Board.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  Stuart Feldstein nominated Cindy Waters as President.  Dave Goslin seconded it.  All voted in favor.  Dave Goslin nominated Stuart Feldstein as Vice President.  Jerry Mendenhall seconded it.  All voted in favor.  Stuart Feldstein nominated Eva Kosztarab as Secretary.  Dave seconded it.  All voted in favor.  Stuart Feldstein nominated Jerry Mendenhall as Treasurer.  Dave Goslin seconded it.  All voted in favor.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS:  The following committee assignments were designated:

Improvements:  Steve Klein, Chair
Special Events: Joel Gregorio, Chair
Water Safety/Beach Maintenance:  Sally Determan, Chair
Treasurer/Finance & Audit:  Jerry Mendenhall, Chair
Architectural Review:  Kevin Howe, Chair
Community Watch/Security:  Kim Smith, Chair
Environmental Quality:  Bill Herz, Chair
Legal:  Stuart Feldstein, Chair
Membership:  Warren Russell, Chair
Publications:  Mark Cavich, Chair



BAILEY’S REVITALIZATION PROJECT:  Cindy introduced Supervisor Penny Gross, Barbara Byron, Laxmi Nagaraj and Leonard Wolfenstein to discuss the Bailey’s Revitalization Project.  Penny was pleased to inform the Board that Stuart Feldstein had been selected to receive the Community Champion award. 
Penny gave the history of the revitalization project and the desire to improve the Columbia Pike Transit Initiative that began approximately five years ago to have better transit down Columbia Pike from Pentagon City to Bailey’s.  She emphasized the need for the plans to go to Skyline first before Bailey’s because of density of population and jobs.  The Skyline project is much closer to beginning.  The Bailey’s project is a long-term project.  The south east quad and an industrial area were also discussed.  Cindy asked about the timing for the project or a part of it and when it would begin.  Barbara Byron stated that the planning process should be completed early next year.  The environmental project, which involves the streetcar project, should begin in the next few months.
Penny stated that a comprehensive planning committee will be formed and she would like to have a couple of volunteers from Lake Barcroft community serve on it.
Penny stated that Carol Donlan had called to interview her for an upcoming LBA newsletter article to clarify and inform the residents of the status and plans.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed and corrected. 

FUTURES COMMITTEE:  Jerry stated the committee’s report is half written with their next meeting scheduled for March 24, 2009. David stated that 477 surveys have been received.  It was agreed to ship the surveys off to Chicago for tallying in early April. The Futures Committee report is expected to be ready for presentation by the May LBA Board meeting.
Action Item: Cindy Waters to put reminder notice in LakeLink about completing the community surveys.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE:  Stuart reported that Kevin Kampschroer is still waiting on a date from Fairfax County officials for the walk in the community regarding Waterway Drive.


IMPROVEMENTS:  Steve reported that he has received 8 applicants for the maintenance position and it has been narrowed down to 3 candidates that he and George McLennan will be meeting with on Saturday.  $300 a week has been mentioned as a salary.  He would like to offer the position at between $15-$20,000 annually.  The job requires approximately 20 hours a week.  Dave suggested an additional Board member should be involved in the process.  Dave and Jerry have agreed to participate in the interview process.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Joel had nothing to report at this time.

WATER SAFETY:  Cindy reported that she has been in touch with Kevin Hardy regarding his 2009 WWS contract and it should be signed shortly.  Kevin informed Cindy that he has been receiving lifeguard applications. Dave suggested that the month by month water safety job description be provided to new Water Safety Chair, Sally Determan.
Action Item: Cindy will get Sally Kevin Hardy’s end of season report from last year to pass on to Sally.

Cindy received a call from the crew boosters requesting one more week for use on the lake for the JEB Stuart Crew team.  She has drafted an addendum to the contract that has been reviewed by Stuart Feldstein.

A motion was made by Dave Goslin and seconded by Joel Gregorio to sign the addendum agreement.    All voted in favor.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jerry called attention to the financial statement for February.  Stuart said this budget will have a deficit so next year we will need to increase the annual fees. Jerry asked for and received approval to move some monies out of the reserves to pay for the new Maintenance position.

COMMUNITY WATCH:  Kim is working on recruiting people for Neighborhood Watch and 3 sections are now up and running and a 4th will be up next week.  She has had several good conversations with the police and has made available the Lake Barcroft maps in a pdf format to help locate areas and the beaches.  She reported that with the nice weather, there were a lot of trespassers over the past week at the beaches.  She suggested posting someone at the beaches prior to season to check tags.  Signs need to be checked at the beaches to make sure they are properly placed.  Faded signs need to be repainted. Sally suggested adding to the signs “Access with beach tags only”.
Car stickers to be required for all cars was suggested, but concern was raised that some residents refuse to apply them to their cars.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Cindy received a call from George McLennan regarding the slip area for dredging at beach #3.  The drainage pipe appears to only be 23 inches instead of the 4 feet that they thought.  They are considering moving the dredging area to the other side of the beach.  The dredging process was discussed as well as storage of the barge and trucks.  Cindy will discuss this further with the WID and report back to the Board her findings. Lake resident, George Erikson agreed to talk with George McLennan about ways to protect the pipe.

MEMBERSHIP:  Joel read the report.

PUBLICATIONS:  Mark reported that the Falls Church post office would be closing and we would be switching our bulk mail account to either the Merrifield or Culmore post office.

Cindy mentioned meeting regarding JEB Stuart Park that will take place on April 2.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted by:
Eva Kosztarab, Secretary