June 10, 2009

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:38 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Eva Kosztarab, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Kim Smith, Mark Cavich, Bill Herz, Sally Determan, Steve Klein and Warren Russell. Board members not present were David Goslin and Kevin Howe. Other guests included WID Treasurer, George McLennan, Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy and lake resident, George Erikson.

The minutes of May 13, 2009 were approved as presented.

Sally stated that Roberts Rules does allow for the chair to vote if necessary for future reference.

Cindy updated the Board on the status of the maintenance position.

ELECTION OF TREASURER: A motion was made by Sally Determan and seconded by Stuart Feldstein to have Steve Klein become the new Treasurer. All voted in favor.

WSS REPORT: Kevin Hardy gave a summary of his report and added that the season was off to a good start. Excessive rain has limited swimming. He received 43 lifeguard applications with the average age being 19 years old. More experienced guards this year are costing more. Starting wage of $8 but he doesn’t have anyone new. Lowest is $8.25 up to $13. He has 4 managers. He has hired someone from the Red Cross to work as a swimming instructor/aquatic education coordinator. His salary is still to be determined. Sally added that this person is also certified in small boat instruction. Kevin stated that he is willing to certify instructors in WSI. Swim lessons will start at the end of the month. New flags on the beaches. General is green, red flag with no swim logo when water or conditions are poor. Purchased emergency oxygen administration kit.
Kevin expressed concerns regarding alcohol use, tag limits and dogs on the beaches. Litigation is still underway regarding boating incident that took place in 2007. Kim suggested gating beach 3. Cindy asked the maintenance committee to look into this. A lot of sand is in the water due to heavy rain and drainage issues. George Erikson suggested no wake speed zones for guards. Sally said new signage made of steel was ordered to place on lifeguard stands with the Beach Rules and 2 handicapped parking spot signs for Beach 2. Maintenance/Improvements will install the new signs.
Action Item: Maintenance/Improvements to look into gating Beach 3 and drainage issues at the beaches.

WID POLICY ON FALLEN TREES IN LAKE: George McLennan reported on WID’s policy regarding tree removal. They measure the tree and cost for removal is $15 per inch with a min. of $250 and max of $1,500.
Joel raised the question that if a tree falls into the water, who owns it? Stuart reported that as of 2007, the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that if it is a tree from an adjoining property and could be declared a nuisance, the owner of the tree would be responsible.

CALENDAR REVIEW: The Board was reminded of the community Ice Cream social this upcoming weekend. August 4 to be added as Neighborhood Watch National Night Out.


FUTURES COMMITTEE: Jerry said Dave is working on the survey results. Jerry stated that the Futures committee was working on a final report.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE: Stuart reported the walk with VDOT has not taken place as of yet but a notice should take place this month and will be announced on Lakelink. Start at Potterton at 10:00 AM and will probably take a few hours.
George Erikson asked the Board to sponsor the Dearborn speed bump reconsideration effort as Lake Barcroft was left out of the impact area due to a factual error. He requested that this area be redone and that the Board support such an effort.

A motion was made by Stuart Feldstein and seconded by Warren Russell to draw up a letter of request to Supervisor Penny Gross to reconsider the decision to place speed bumps on Dearborn between Sleepy Hollow and Beach 3. All voted in favor.
Action Item: George Erikson was asked to provide a draft letter.


IMPROVEMENTS: Jerry reported that a meeting took place on May 27 that focused on the community garden. Kim reported that the plant list is completed and she reviewed it with Betsy Washington. Trees are due to be delivered next week. A meeting took place with Peter Downs and Aras Butas on June 5 regarding the maintenance position and it was agreed the Maintenance Committee will meet the last Tuesday of every month. Improvements Committee will put up new Beach Rules signs. George McClennan has set up the “Lake Barcroft Pride” website to report maintenance issues. Cindy added that George McLennan and Luis Fernandez have met to discuss the pond.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Joel discussed the Ice Cream Social. Kevin is working on the fireworks and Zambelli is obtaining the county permit.
Cindy had sent a thank you to all the volunteers from the survey and said she would be back in touch with them as needed.
Butterfly garden needs some volunteers.

TREASURERS REPORT: Jerry mentioned the financial report and that there was nothing new to report at this time.

ARC: Joel suggested a fine to a fence offender. Stuart asked that ARC supply him with the information on this.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: National Night Out is August 4. Training sessions are taking place at the Police station.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Bill reported that the Geese Peace program had started off well; however, the boat had some issues. Long shaft engine goes with the geese boat. He stated that one of the volunteers was bitten by a dog where the boat is kept. As a result, the program has been temporarily halted. However, the egg oiling program has been largely responsible for keeping the goose population down.

LEGAL: George Erikson discussed a house on Barger Drive that has become a group house and reminded the Board that they have a responsibility to uphold the covenants. The Board tasked the legal committee to look into this and report back to the Board what and if any action it could take. However, before the Board considers any action, the neighbors need to contact Fairfax County.

MEMBERSHIP: Warren reported that there were 4 transfer payments received in the month of May.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark said they are trying to recruit some new people to work on the LBA newsletter. Working on web updates. Cindy requested change to Board listing on the website. Hosting change will take place with a new service in the next month or so.
Mark ordered twelve beach signs for a little under $800.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Eva Kosztarab