July 8, 2009

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:34 p.m. by Vice President Stuart Feldstein at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Stuart Feldstein, Cindy Waters, Eva Kosztarab, David Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Kim Smith, Mark Cavich, Sally Determan, Steve Klein, Warren Russell and Kevin Howe. Bill Herz was not present. Other guests included Water Safety Supervisor, Kevin Hardy and lake resident Bill Lecos.

The minutes of June 10, 2009 were approved as presented.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: WSS Kevin Hardy said the season has gone very smoothly. Kevin attended a recent hearing regarding the boating incident on the lake which has now been settled. Beach 1 vandalism to new signs occurred; however, the graffiti has been removed. On June 15 Kevin received a call from the Fairfax County Sewer Authority that there was a rupture in the sewer main line at the Holmes Run pumping station. The County has been working to repair the pipe. July 4 fireworks/festivities went extremely well this year. The lifeguards have put in 10 ½ service training hours. First session swim lessons are ending with 26 participants. Pontoon safety class took place successfully. Kayaking class will take place shortly. All Beach Rules signs have been installed at the five beaches as well as handicap signs at a couple of the beaches. Guards are documenting their fitness requirements of ½ hour each day.


TRAFFIC CALMING: Stuart reported that the task force, VDOT and FCDOT walked the proposed areas on June 25. The task force was not happy with the outcome and intends to meet with some supervisors. VDOT noted the lack of speed limit signs on Waterway and said it would install more speed limit signs.


DOGS ON BEACHES: Bill Lecos expressed his desire for dogs to be allowed on the beaches. Sally informed the Board that our insurance carrier would not cover LBA should an incident take place involving a dog on the common properties unless there was a requirement that dogs be on a leash. Stuart explained that the Fairfax County leash law requires that all dogs be on a leash when outside of their homes and that Fairfax County will not allow LBA to have a less restrictive rule than the county. Kim asked for clarification on the existing beach rules regarding dogs. She asked if the rule applied to when the beaches are open? Just during season? She stated that she needed to know in order to properly inform the Neighborhood Watch people. Kim said the Board is responsible for the safety, security and health of the community. Stuart said we have to comply with Fairfax County requirements and our insurance carrier’s requirements and recommended that Sally post an explanation on LakeLink and Cindy explain the rule in her next President’s message in the LBA newsletter.

Sally reported a concern about people fishing off of the Potterton Bridge. A “No Fishing” sign is needed and she plans to order one.


IMPROVEMENTS: Jerry stated that there are approximately 18 projects in the works. The Butterfly Garden is underway but was delayed due to the weather. The grant has been extended to August. Joel to post on LakeLink that the Butterfly Garden volunteer work will be postponed until further notice. The two new maintenance volunteers are working out well. Dave asked if any feedback had been received on the new pathway at the entrance to Beach 3. A number of negative responses have been received due to the rocks making it difficult for strollers, wheel chairs and walking access. Jerry is going to take a look at the situation and report back. Kevin Howe stated that the driveway will be expanded.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Joel will contact people regarding a written report from the Ice Cream Social. He will also get one from Kevin on the fireworks as a guide for future coordinators/Board members. Jerry emphasized the need for a time schedule and said the info would be very helpful to future Boards. Joel will check to see who will be running the Labor Day games.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve reported that he has met with Jerry. The finances are on track. Chris reported that there are 21 lots unpaid from last year. 64 have not paid this year and past due notices will be going out next week.

ARC: Kevin asked about the status of the fence posts on Whispering Lane. It was agreed that a due process letter would be sent imposing a fine if the fence is not removed.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Kim reported on recent vandalism. Neighborhood Watch people have been asking fisherman to leave the Potterton bridge area, Beach 5 and the Community Garden area. Signs are needed for these areas.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Cindy reported that she and Kim attended a redevelopment and land use proposal that is linked to the Holmes Run area. Next week there is a meeting with county reps regarding Bill Page Honda. Dave said a $50,000 contribution to the JEB Stuart Park project should be suggested to them as part of their proposal.

MEMBERSHIP: Warren reported 6 transfers received in June for a total of $600.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark will purchase one more rules sign. He will also purchase anti graffiti material to have on hand.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.