December 9, 2009

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:33 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Eva Kosztarab, Sally Determan, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Kevin Howe, Warren Russell, Mark Cavich and Kim Smith.  Dave Goslin and Bill Herz were not present.  Also attending was Lake Barcroft resident George Erikson.

 The minutes of November 12, 2009 were approved as corrected. 


MASTER CALENDAR:  The calendar was reviewed.   February 18, 2009 was proposed for the LBA annual membership meeting.

FUTURES COMMITTEE:  Jerry sent an e-mail of the futures committee report to the board members and has posted the report on the Lake Barcroft website.  It was suggested that Jerry do an article for both the LB Newsletter and Blog summarizing the report and showing the time frames on various projects. Jerry agreed to do so.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry to write article for newsletter showing a time line for projects.

TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE:  Stuart reported that Penny’s transportation coordinator called a meeting at the Mason District office with FCDOT, VDOT and the public.  Thorough discussion took place with their staffs.  Two traffic circles were discussed.  FCDOT and VDOT are going to study whether traffic circles can be placed at the intersection of Waterway Drive and Crosswoods Drive and on Waterway Drive next to the Potterton Bridge.  The various issues to explore are the steepness of the slope, viewing ability, moving of utility items and the size of the circles for turning around. 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Committee members Stuart Feldstein, Warren Russell, Nan Brent and Diane Davidson have completed their task.  The nominees are Betsy Washington, Waldo Freeman, Steve Veroneau, Jim Kilbourne, Beth Wadle, Pat Payne, Rick Clayton and Aras Butas along with incumbents Kim Smith, Steve Klein and Mark Cavich.  Their bios and pictures will appear in the January newsletter. Joel agreed to contact the candidates for photos.

ACTION ITEM: Joel to contact candidates for photos.

BOAT INSPECTION/AUCTION:  Sally still needs the boat list from one of the beaches.  March tentatively set for the boat auction. Kevin Howe volunteered to be the Boat Auctioneer.

2010 BUDGET:  Steve discussed the proposed budget and said he had made a few changes.   

Motion made by Steve and seconded by Mark to approve the budget.  However, it was agreed a line by line review of the budget should occur first.  Discussion took place regarding increasing the annual fee.  It was felt that the increase voted on last month was for $310 and not the $300 that Steve has in the new proposed budget.  Kim and Sally felt the Board should uphold the vote from last month.  Contributions from the community were also discussed.  Kim felt that $5,000+ was a realistic figure. Some items were re-categorized to increase transparency of the item such as “other income” which was renamed “Boat Auction income.” Expenses for beach lighting and portable restrooms were increased slightly. Other minor adjustments were made. Chris noted that the monthly fee of $110 paid to Holly Hazard for geese peace was not included in the budget 

Stuart moved and Kevin seconded motion to approve the budget with the adjustments discussed.  All in favor. 


WATERFRONT PROPERTIES/BBI:  Stuart discussed recent title issues regarding a waterfront property.  Because of some arguable ambiguity in the county property records, a title company would not assure the buyer that the seller owned the portion of the lot abutting the waterfront.  Although LBA believes that the seller does, in fact, own the property, LBA’s bylaws prevent the LBA Board from taking timely action to clarify the title issue.   Proposal to do an amendment to the by-laws to give the Board limited power to rectify such a situation was suggested.  He proposed the Board approve putting this on the ballot for the February meeting.  

The last sentence of the first paragraph in Article V, Paragraph K, would be amended to read: "These provisions are not a bar to negotiations or conveyances of real property as may be necessary to resolve questions of title to land along the shoreline of homeowner waterfront lots."

Motion by Warren and seconded by Kim to accept the proposal.  Steve did not vote.  All voted in favor. 

ACTION ITEM: Stuart to draft one page explanation for membership on the proposed Bylaw amendment.

It was explained that in the waterfront title issue the potential buyer would be willing to accept an easement.

Motion made by Kevin to grant a perpetual easement one time only to this particular property, if necessary.  Kim seconded.  Jerry and Steve did not vote.  All in favor. [Ultimately there was no need to grant an easement as the contract was declared null and void between buyer and seller].

Stuart reported on the recent status of BBI’s corporate entity.  All Lake Barcroft real properties are titled in BBI.  Research has shown that BBI is defunct.  It was a non profit, non stock corporation.  Since 2004, the State Corporation Commission dues and annual report have not been filed.  The time period to revive the corporation has expired.  Stuart will explore whether a new BBI should be created or we should just transfer the real property to LBA.  

ACTION ITEM: Stuart to research BBI issue.

IMPROVEMENTS:  Jerry stated progress is being made. Beach 2 steps need to be replaced.

COMMUNITY WATCH:  Kim said residents took food to the police station for Thanksgiving and she will make the same request for Christmas. 

MEMBERSHIP:  Two $100 membership payments were received in the month of November. 

PUBLICATION:  Mark reported that the community blog is busy.  Clarification was made that Lakelink is controlled by George McClennan and that non-residents cannot sign up for it. 

The meeting was adjourned at 10:39 PM.