January 13, 2010 
The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:32 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Eva Kosztarab, Dave Goslin, Jerry Mendenhall, Joel Gregorio, Kevin Howe, Bill Herz, Warren Russell, Mark Cavich and Kim Smith.  Steve Klein and Sally Determan were not present.  Also attending was lake resident George Erikson and Lake Manager Chris Lawson.
The minutes of December 9, 2009 were approved as presented. 
MASTER CALENDAR:  The calendar was reviewed.  The boat auction was added to the end of March. 
TRAFFIC CALMING:  Stuart reported that the two traffic circles requested by the Task Force had been turned down. The Task Force is going to ask for further explanation and will seek a meeting higher up in VDOT. In place of the traffic circles, visual markings are being suggested between Half Moon and Waterway and multi-way stop signs are being suggested at the Potterton Bridge/Waterway Drive area by FCDOT and VDOT.  
BBI UPDATE:  Stuart updated the Board explaining that the BBI assets would be transferred to LBA.  BBI has two types of assets – the publications account and the real properties.  The attorney for the association is working on this.  Stuart said that sale fell through for the property requesting the easement so the easement did not need to be granted.  The upcoming ballot for the annual meeting has a proposed bylaw change to help the Board address these issues.  George Erikson stated he had concerns regarding LBA owning the real property rather than BBI from a limitation of liability perspective. 
NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Warren reported that the final slate would appear in the January issue of the LB newsletter. 
MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  Cindy reviewed last year’s agenda and updated it for this year.  Kim and Betsy will have a visual presentation in the back of the room regarding the community garden and pond area.  Cindy discussed the volunteer list from the community survey results and said that she had thanked everyone who had volunteered.  She stated that she would like to see the Membership Chair take over this list, maintain it and contact the people who volunteered as needed.  Kevin added that he used the list successfully for recruiting volunteers for the fireworks.   
FIREWORKS:  Chris reported that the 2010 fireworks have been paid for and that the fee of $6,600 remained the same as last year.  She added that this fee also includes the $400 Fairfax County permit that Zambelli takes care of for us. 
PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE COOK BOOK:  Mark discussed Daphne Butas’s proposal to publish a community cookbook.  The proposal was for any proceeds over and above the production to be treated as profit with Daphne and Dominique Cavich each requesting 40% of the revenue for doing this.  Cindy explained how the Woman’s Club had done their cookbook and how all remaining funds went to charity.  Concerns were raised about this being done “for profit” under LBA’s name.  It was suggested to contact the Woman’s Club to see if they are interested in publishing a cookbook. 
ACTION ITEM: Eva to check with the Woman’s Club whether another cookbook is being contemplated by them.
IMPROVEMENTS:  Jerry handed out and reviewed a report summarizing the work the maintenance committee has done.  He added that the committee has been very busy and active throughout the community.  Warning signs have been placed around the beaches to stay off the ice.
Dave mentioned road erosion on Dearborn Drive in two places.  Kim mentioned another area between the footbridge and Beach 2 on the waterside side of the street on Lakeview Drive. Cindy agreed to call VDOT.  
ACTION ITEM: Cindy to call VDOT about the three road erosion issues.
SPECIAL EVENTS:  Nothing new to report at this time. 
WATER SAFETY; Cindy reported that the WID installed a solar powered fan on top of the LBA sea container at no charge to LBA for the labor. 
TREASURER’S REPORT:  Cindy called attention to the financial statement in the packets. Kevin asked about a category labeled “Penalties and Fines.” Dave noted $16,000 of the deficit was for the lifeguard wages that were not budgeted for. 
ARC:  Nothing new to report at this time. 
COMMUNITY WATCH:  Kim went to a training class on emergency preparedness.  She reported on the overall crime statistics for 2009 that she compiled from the police reports for our area.  Kim is going to do an article for the LB Newsletter.
ACTION ITEM: Kim to write newsletter article on the LB crime statistics.
ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Bill asked about street sweeping to prevent toxic nutrients from entering the lake. It was mentioned that when the WID had done street sweeping in the past it was done through a $5,000 grant that they had received to cover the costs.  
MEMBERSHIP:  Warren reported that two membership transfer fees were collected in December. 
PUBLICATIONS:  Mark is currently working on a LakeLink problem with Yahoo groups.    
George Erikson stated a concern about the proposed bylaw change and urged the Board to be cautious.  He would like to speak at the annual meeting about this as well as on the issue of wakes on the lake. 
The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 PM. 
Respectfully submitted by,

Eva Kosztarab, LBA Secretary