Thursday, February 18, 2010

The annual membership meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:36 p.m. by President Cindy Waters at Belvedere Elementary School, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Steve Klein, Kim Smith, Kevin Howe, Joel Gregorio, Dave Goslin, Eva Kosztarab, Mark Cavich, Bill Herz, Jerry Mendenhall and Warren Russell.

1) Introduction of LBA Board Members and LBA Candidates Nominated for Board

2) Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes from 2009

3) Introduction of School Board Candidates and our U. S. Congressman
Gerry Connolly-representative for U. S. House of Representatives spoke, followed by Samantha Rucker and Sandy Evans, both running for School Board representative for Mason District.

4) President's Report:
a) Cindy Waters recognized the four LBA Board members who are leaving: Bill Herz, Jerry Mendenhall, Kevin Howe and Dave Goslin.
b) Cindy reported that 98 % of dues were paid last year. A dues increase was necessary this year after 6 years with no increase. Water Safety reported an excellent year with no incidents. A new crew agreement was signed for this season. Improvements Co-chairs Peter Downs and Aras Butas have done a good job this year. The Community Garden update included completion of the Butterfly Garden under the direction of Kim Smith and rebuilding of the pond under the direction of Luis Fernandez. The LBA Special Events: Ice Cream Social, Fireworks and Labor Day games went well. Barcroft Beach Inc. was folded into LBA at a savings of about $2800 per year.

5) Treasurer's Report:
Steve Klein reported that in 2009 LBA had to dip into reserves by $50,865 to cover the deficit in our operating expenses. The total in the reserve fund is about $300,000. 2008 audit results were good. BBI's assets and liabilities are being transferred to LBA by the end of June.

6) Proposed By-Law Change:
Stuart Feldstein explained that due to a re-channelization of the lake which occurred in the 1960's some waterfront lots were subject to accretion as the spoils from the dredging were dumped at the end of the lots thereby increasing their size. Consequently, the current lot surveys did not match the original lot surveys from when the lots were dedicated in the 1950's. This created a title issue for a recent lot owner desiring to sell. The by-law amendment would give the LBA Board authority to rectify these types of title issues for waterfront lots as deemed necessary by the Board.

7) Futures Committee:
a) Jerry Mendenhall reported that the final report was posted on the
b) the report made recommendations for records management for catastrophic issues.
c) the report recommended a renovation of the Community Garden based on the community survey results.

8) Security/Neighborhood Watch:
Kim Smith said she is moving the name from "Security" over to "Community Watch" to encompass other programs next year. In the last year, 200 people have signed up and received training for community watch. Kim is keeping records of "incident reporting" with names, license plate numbers and gangs being tracked. New car magnet signs have arrived. She is continuing to review 2008 and 2009 crime statistics for LB. For 2010, Kim has other ideas for expanding community watch which would include victim assistance, four wheel drive assistance during storms, emergency preparedness measures such as sand, community shovels, etc.

9) Watershed Improvements District Report:
a) Chuck De Seve introduced George McLennan, WID trustee, and Davis Grant, Operations Director.
b) Chuck said the WID budget had been submitted to the state for approval. Reserve funds have built up for the past few years for repair of the dam. WID now does its own dredging after buying the equipment. In the Spring they will dredge the Tripps Run end of the lake and in the Fall the Holmes Run end of the lake. In the past year WID helped LBA with repair of the Beach 3 path, dock and seawall. WID also helped with the Community Garden work and did the Beach 5 seawall replacement. WID's annual meeting will be April 28 at Fortune Restaurant. WID's major announcement was that their 50 lb. bags of no phos fertilizer would be provided free to Lake Barcroft owners and would be delivered for free!

10) Traffic Calming Task Force:
Kevin Kampschroer, chair, said the committee had a setback because the County said no to the two requested traffic circles. The Task Force has requested the engineering reports from the County.

11) Community Input and Q&A
a) Ron Martinson thanked the LBA Board members for their service.
b) George Erikson expressed reservations about the broad powers granted to the board by the proposed by-law amendment.

12) Community Service Awards:
Cindy Waters presented the awards to Kevin Howe and Dave Goslin for their 6 years of LBA Board service.

13) Election Results:
Cindy Waters announced the winners of the LBA Board elections. Returning Board members Mark Cavich, Kim Smith and Steve Klein were re-elected. New members Betsy Washington, Rick Clayton, Pat Payne and Jim Kilbourne were elected to the Board. 243 votes total were cast in the election. The By-law amendment passed with 200 yes votes and with 12 votes opposed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Eva Kosztarab, LBA Secretary