March 10, 2010
The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Mark Cavich, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Warren Russell, Steve Klein, Jim Kilbourne, Betsy Washington, Rick Clayton, Pat Payne and Kim Smith. Eva Kosztarab was not present. Also attending was lake resident George Erikson.

The minutes of February 17, 2010 were approved as presented.
The minutes of the February 18, 2010 annual meeting were presented to the Board for their review.
MASTER CALENDAR: The calendar was reviewed.
ELECTION RESULTS/ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Cindy welcomed new members. Stuart nominated Warren Russell as President, seconded by Steve. All in favor.
Stuart nominated Cindy Waters as Vice President, seconded by Sally. All in favor.
Stuart nominated Steve Klein as Treasurer, seconded by Joel. All in favor.
Stuart nominated Eva Kosztarab as Secretary, seconded by Sally. All in favor.
COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: Committees were assigned.
BOAT AUCTION: Sally stated that residents had been given plenty of notice to have current stickers on their boats so now stickers will be placed on boats to be removed. March 27 will be the boat auction at 11 AM at the WID compound. Sally will post a notice on lakelink also requested volunteers.
TRAFFIC CALMING TASK FORCE: Stuart brought the new Board members up to date on the debate regarding speed humps and bumps and other solutions to speeding. He further explained that this is not an LBA sanctioned committee. Stuart added that plans were rejected by the county and the committee has been waiting for the explanation. Kim asked what can be done to spur the county into action especially with spring around the corner. Warren suggested Kim to contact the county and Penny Gross’s office.
GROWTHSPUR: Mark updated new Board members the use of this service regarding advertising. They are paid 80% once commissions are paid. Will report more at a later date.
Steve received an e-mail regarding using the LBA logo on items. Pat discussed a previous logo that was used 15 years ago on T shirts. Steve will look into this and report back.
IMPROVEMENTS: Joel will be meeting with Jerry. Cindy received an e-mail from a landscape company interested in doing work. WID will be helping residents remove their boats that have sunk. They will raise the boats and tow to beach 1 or 4 and then it would be up to the owners expense and responsibility to remove their boats. They will also be removing trees that are in the way of their dredging process and are contacting the homeowners about their trees. Instructions are on the website of what they will charge.
Kim asked about VDOT areas such as guard rails that were damaged by the recent storms and snow removal and asked if this was something that Delfino should do since we have an agreement with VDOT to maintain the median strips. Kim proposed having Delfino evaluate the damage and also supply a cost estimate.
SPECIAL EVENTS: Joel is still trying to contact Janet Kerley regarding the ice cream social. Pat stated she would be contacting the various chairs of events.
WATER SAFETY: Sally stated Kevin has agreed to come back and will be looking for a house to rent. Kevin is already in touch with lifeguards.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve reported that we are merging BBI into LBA. Step one is the legal process and merging the accounts. Two CD’s will be transferred into the checking account. Steve asked new Board members to contact him should they have any questions. BBI has been dissolved and Stuart further explained the process. Jim questioned title insurance.
George questioned contract with the WID. Stuart reported that a letter has been prepared to go to WID.
Warren reminded committee members to tract their budget and expenses.
ARC: Jim will be taking over. Joel reported that one plan was submitted and reviewed.
SECURITY: Kim reported robbery by beach 4 recently. Loose canoe with oars parked at beach 3 that she will be checking on.
ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Betsy hopes to work on a booklet. Sally mentioned posting on lakelink regarding water quality. Stuart will send an article around to the Board that Kevin Howe wrote for the NL. Kim asked about being involved in an upstream clean up.
LEGAL: Stuart reported on the change in the bylaws regarding quitclaim deeds which came up recently regarding a property for sale on the waterfront. He has received the title searches from the attorney that he and Eva will review and identify those lots that potentially have this issue at their expense. BBI to LBA transfer is being recorded this week which is step one. Quit claim deed to the resident should also be prepared this week.
Jim stated there has to be a resolution prior to the president signing the deed. (motion attached and passed by e-mail)
George expressed concern about giving quit claim deeds and needs additional review and questioned if this was the optimal way to handle the situation.
A full presentation will be given to new Board members by Stuart.
MEMBERSHIP: Rick read the membership report. One transfer received in February for $100.
PUBLICATIONS: Mark would like to be moved up on the agenda. He spoke with Gary who is ready to start on the directory. The last directory cost was discussed and an additional 20% off. Quantity will be reduced due to amount of past directories still available.
Website will be updated with the new Board and their positions.
George Erikson asked that the Board put on the agenda for next month the no wake issue and he will present something at that time. Warren asked George to send him a proposal. He added that this was discussed over the last 6 months and is reluctant to bring it up again.
The meeting was adjourned 9:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted by,
Chris Lawson, Recording Secretary