April 14, 2010

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:31PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Mark Cavich, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Jim Kilbourne, Betsy Washington, Rick Clayton, Pat Payne and Kim Smith. Eva Kosztarab was not present. Also attending was lake resident Kevin Howe.

Warren emphasized the desire to get through the agenda on a timely matter.

The minutes of March 10, 2010 were approved as amended.


MASTER CALENDAR: The calendar was reviewed.

AUCTION UPDATE: Sally reported that $1,246 was made at the boat auction and 11 boats were sold. Kevin was the auctioneer and George Waters assisted. She thanked those that participated and helped out.

QUITCLAIM DEED: Stuart stated the deed was passed for the property located on Beachway. He is still in the process of reviewing other affected properties and letters have been sent to them. He will update the Board accordingly. Stuart stated that he was shown pictures of the original waterline prior to the dredging.

LBA ITEMS: Steve presented merchandise items that have the LBA logo on it. He informed the Board that the company would set up a link on our website for purchases. LBA will pay a $200 set up fee up front and then we would receive 20% commission quarterly on sales. He asked if there would be enough interest in the community. Pat reminded the Board of how popular the T- shirts were years ago.

A motion was made by Stuart and seconded by Mark to accept Steve’s proposal as outlined and supply the company with the LBA logo and pay the $200 set up fee and tell them to go ahead. All voted in favor.
Action: Steve to provide logo, pay the set up charge and provide information to residents on how to order.

TRAFFIC CALMING: Stuart reported that the report has been received from the county and is being reviewed by the traffic calming committee. He will update as required.


BOAT STORAGE: Sally discussed her memo regarding the boat racks. She will continue sending lakelink, the blog and NL requests for people to remove their boats off of the racks if not used. She emphasized that space is limited for building new racks on the beaches. She suggested kayak racks as an alternative. Sally informed that Board that calling residents will no longer take place. The goal for 2011 is to hold the auction in June - 6 weeks after stickers have been mailed. Notices will be placed on lakelink and in the newsletter, reminding residents on enforcement of boat stickers. Jim expressed a concern that some type of notification should take place before removing. Stuart suggested putting something on the billing form. Cindy stated putting something on the back of the bill.

MASON DISTRICT COUNCIL: Warren reported that he and Mark attended the recent Mason District Council meeting which included the President of the Parklawn association. Warren thanked the volunteers of Lake Barcroft for all of their help and support on the various committees. Mark has offered to help in setting up some web information for some surrounding communities. Warren added that the Broyhill President was interested in doing a joint Trips Run clean up. Warren will attend another meeting in May and will give the Board an update. Sally expressed a concern of LBA getting involved with taking positions on behalf of the Board and community. Kim stated that CAC has a meeting every month which includes guest speakers for those interested.

FIREWORKS TRAINING: Pat discussed the recent proposal. It was suggested to send volunteers for training but expressed concern of how this would be financed. Kevin explained the history that three years ago the person doing the fireworks was stepping down. Faced with a $2,500 increase by having Zambelli shoot them off, Kevin and Walter Cate agreed to take it over. He reported that this past July 4, he had the most volunteers ever with approximately 50 people volunteering. He added that the State of Virginia will be requiring training over the next few years for anyone involved with the process. This years class is being offered in Woodstock, Virginia. Six people are interested in taking the $100 course plus lodging at approximately $200 per person. Sally felt it was very important to send these six people to a safety course.

A motion was made by Stuart and seconded by Sally that the Board approve the expenditures necessary to send 6 people to the training session at approximately $300 per person. Rick amended the motion to authorize 8 people since the training would take place in Virginia. Sally seconded. All voted in favor.

WID DIALOGUE: Warren discussed a recent meeting with the WID associates. A list was supplied to him of duties the WID performed and assisted with LBA on. Warren asked Board members to review their list for comments. Betsy (primary) and Rick (alternate) will be the WID liaison(s). Cindy suggested having a WID representative occasionally attend an LBA meeting. It was stated WID Trustee, George McLennan, made a strong appeal for LBA to reinstate the tree replacement program throughout the community. It impacts the total ecology that supports the lake. Betsy reported that LBA won the “Friends of Trees” award from Fairfax County. Betsy indicated if LBA would fund $2,000 for private tree replacement, the WID will match it. Kim thanked Betsy for applying for the award and informed the Board that Betsy was awarded an individual award for her outstanding education work.
A motion was made by Sally and seconded by Kim that we amend the budget to add $2,000 to the line item in the Maintenance Committee budget for tree restoration on LBA common property and $2,000 to the Environmental Committee for the private property tree program if WID provides a $2,000 match. All voted in favor.

Warren agreed to attend a WID meeting along with the LBA liaison.

Action: Cindy hopes to work on a standard procedures instructions for new Board members to help inform them of their committee responsibilities, and including required functions and time lines.

BEACH TAGS: Kim expressed concern of residents sharing their tags with non-residents. Her question is should the Board send a letter to a resident and what should we do regarding future situations? The rules were read regarding guests. Pat suggested an informational letter should go to the owner regarding verbal authority to use the beach at any time and subsequently gave their tag to them.
Action: Clarification letter will be prepared by Kim to be signed by Warren.
Action: Warren will prepare a letter to go out with the tags.
It was mentioned that an outsider was helping himself to the mulch at beach 5 as he knew when the gate would be open. Kim mentioned the recent posting on lakelink asking that landscapers get the tags from the owners and should we encourage this? Sally suggested having the owner give a note to their landscapers to have on them if questioned.

Warren commented on the LBA website and how informative, user friendly and appealing it was.
Action. All Board members should check their committee areas to ensure currency and accuracy. Please provide update to Mark Cavich, as determined.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Sally stated beach clean up day is May 1. Beach 1 and 2 are taken care of. Sally can take care of beach 4 but needs volunteers for beaches 3 and 5.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark asked for web updates. Directory is in process. Sally requested all BBI references be removed from the upcoming directory and on the website.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Kim informed the board that the beaches have been very active. Asked for assistance in contacting neighbors whose boats are sitting on the shoreline. Police responded to reports of trespassers.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Pat will work with Janet Kerley on the Ice Cream Social. Pat expressed concern about money in the budget.
Action: Pat will send out a proposal to the Board prior to the next meeting.

IMPROVEMENTS: Joel is working closely with the Environmental Committee. He recently dealt with the tree at beach 4 which was removed. A tree on private property that is leaning over onto one of the beaches needs to be removed and the resident said she would be removing it. Working on leak at the pond. He is also working with Delfino to power wash it prior to painting it.

MEMBERSHIP: Rick reported that six $100 transfer fees were received recently.

TREASURER: Steve reported that the NL budget has been drafted since BBI has been folded into LBA.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Betsy reported that Earth Day will take place on April 24 from 11-2. There will be a movie shown in the evening. Pat agreed to help Betsy coordinate getting tables.

ARC: Jim reported that the architectural committee met. The lake received a letter regarding a subdivision of lot #391. The notice was for a sidewalk waiver. The new lot would have to pay the annual fee. He mentioned a recent posting on lakelink regarding a fence issue. Jim met with resident complaining and agreed to meet with resident who has the wire fence and will update the Board. Stuart stated that the resident was in violation of installing a fence prior to approval and that the Board could fine him.

LEGAL: Stuart informed the Board that transfer of BBI to LBA has been recorded. Chadwick will be holding another meeting on May 4 at the Fairview Marriott. The second meeting will be held on June 8 at the Hilton Arlington for Board members interested in attending. Stuart informed the board that he had received a call regarding a house on Duff Drive. There is a problem of businesses being operated out of the house and that there are half a dozen vehicles parked there. He is looking into a possible home business violation. Stuart will update the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Chris Lawson, Acting Secretary