May 12, 2010 
The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Mark Cavich, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Jim Kilbourne, Betsy Washington, Rick Clayton, Pat Payne and Eva Kosztarab.  Kim Smith was not present.  Ralph Smalley arrived at 8:10 pm to make a presentation.
Cindy suggested having a list of action items included with every set of minutes. The minutes of April 14, 2010 were approved as amended.   
MASTER CALENDAR:  The calendar was reviewed and revised.   
IMPROVEMENTS:  Warren asked committee members to update the Board with a larger term view of what they are doing. 
Joel discussed providing handicap access at Beach 3 and addressed issues regarding the current ramp.  An angled walkway ramp to the picnic area will be constructed.  The other ramp will be to the boat rack area.  He is waiting for a price quote on these items and will report back. 
Joel asked Luis Fernandez to demonstrate his leak solution for the pond area.  Joel followed Luis’s recommendation and the leak has been repaired.  The pond will be painted this weekend.  Stone work will then be done.  Permit issues were discussed.   
Joel requested that board members and residents email him with maintenance issues.
DUFF DRIVE PROPERTY:  Stuart updated the Board on a lot that residents have complained about due to a number of commercial vehicles that were parked out front and the many people that were seen going in and out.  The renter was notified. He has moved his commercial vehicles and equipment and will no longer dispense his workers from the house but from a new location outside of Lake Barcroft. 
LAKE BARCROFT T-SHIRTS: Steve presented a sample of the T shirt with the LB name that will be offered to residents for purchase through the website. 
MASON DISTRICT COUNCIL: Warren reported that David Feld has agreed to be the LBA representative to the Mason District Council and will report back as needed. 
PUBLICATIONS BUDGET:  Mark requested a salary increase for the editor and the layout person of the newsletter.  Rick asked if we wanted to create a CPI process.  Steve stated that there is now a budget for publications since it falls under LBA instead of BBI. 
A motion was made by Stuart and seconded by Cindy that the publications budget be approved and moved into the LBA budget and the requested salary increases be approved.  All voted in favor. 
THURGOOD MARSHALL SCHOLARSHIP:  Warren introduced Ralph Smalley, chair of the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, who reported that this is the 16th year they have given these scholarship awards.  He explained the Lake Barcroft Foundation’s role, history and establishment of this award.  Recipients have to be a student of JEB Stuart High School, be scholars, demonstrate need and have provided service to the community.  This year the committee received 21 applications.  Stuart Feldstein, Cindy Waters, Chris Lawson, Vince Lawson, Neil Eisner and Sandy Augliere were on the committee.  Ralph read one of the essays.  Two scholarships will be awarded this year: one for $6,000 and one for $4,000.  Ralph announced that Vince Lawson will be the new chair for this committee and will promote it more.  Ralph would like to perpetuate the legacy of Thurgood Marshall.  Approximately $6,000 to $7,000 is raised annually but fundraising has never been encouraged outside of the voluntary donation on the annual LBA dues bill.  He explained that 1/3 of the money is put into a money market account, 1/3 in bonds and 1/3 in stocks.  It was suggested that the fund publish articles in the LBA newsletter along with pictures of the recipients.  Sally suggested it would be nice to obtain a personal statement from the recipients if possible.  An LBA newsletter article about the fund prior to mailing the annual bill was also suggested. 
BEACH TAGS AND FEE PAYMENT:  Warren discussed outstanding fees and that approximately 100 residents had not paid their 2010 covenant and service fee. Additionally another 47 residents had past due balances ranging from $10 to $2000.  He said that he would like to look at a range of actions to encourage residents to pay their dues.  Steve reported the impact delinquent dues have on the budget and all programs and activities.  Stuart discussed the legal ramifications, emphasizing that delinquency notice letters eventually go out from the attorney.  Stuart discussed the Property Owners Association Act (POA) and according to the 2003 amendments that LBA, as a POA had the authority to collect additional fees beyond those stated in the restrictive covenants to provide maintenance and services for the community
A motion was made by Stuart and seconded by Sally that only those residents who pay their full annual assessment for the current year will be issued beach tags or boat stickers.  All voted in favor. 
Sally made a motion that beginning in January 2011, any payment received for assessments will be credited first to any past due balance, then credited to current balances, all of which must be paid in full before beach tags and boat stickers will be issued. Motion was seconded by Jim. Stuart opposed. All remaining members voted in favor.
Action Item. Rick/Chris.
Make contact with every resident who has not paid fees in 2010 requesting payment.
Make contact with all residents with past due fees, advising them of the LBA policy and requesting payment.

Action Item. Warren.
Send letters to those residents who made a partial payment explaining the board’s position.
Prepare a June newsletter article that explains the Board’s intent to be fair by providing beach tags / boat stickers to those residents who have paid their fees in full and the board’s position on late fees beginning in 2011.
GREAT AMERICAN BACKYARD CAMPOUT:  Betsy presented her proposal to have a Great American Campout on June 26 in the evening at Beach 5.  Eco barge tours of the lake would take place.  Residents would then come back, have a camp fire, listen to night animal sounds from a cassette, listen to a story teller and conclude around 10 PM.  Stuart said we need to check to see if a permit is required for the camp fire. Concerns were expressed regarding an open fire and ending at 10 pm, but Betsy requested the Board grant permission regarding these two points as it is an LBA event.
A motion was made by Stuart and seconded by Sally to allow Betsy to move forward with the open campfire and run the event until 10 pm on the condition she obtain any county permits that are necessary.  All voted in favor. 
SAFETY DRILL: The Fairfax County Dive Team requested use of Beach 4 for a safety drill on May 27.  The Board approved the request. 

Action Item. Sally. Notify the life guard supervisor to determine impact to swimming on Beach 4 that day.
Post a message on Lake Link advising residents of the police training and requesting their support.

PUBLICATIONS:  Mark is updating the website and eliminating references to BBI.    The Wikipedia entry for Lake Barcroft needs to be updated.  Mark is looking at a PayPal function and “search” function for the website that would allow residents to pay their membership fees on line. 
WATER SAFETY:  Sally reported that WSS Kevin Hardy has most of his staff lined up for the upcoming season.  She added that she has walked the beaches with Joel and that the two lifeguard stands at Beach 4 need attention.  The beach clean up went well.
MEMBERSHIP:  Rick reported that one $100 transfer was collected in April. 
ENVIRONMENTAL:  Betsy presented the Board with a Friends of Tree award that was received from Fairfax County.   
Earth Day was a success considering the weather.  Several volunteers signed up.  Eight “weed warrior” volunteers cleaned up the invasive plants at Beach 5. Over 100 trees were given away and $180 was raised in the raffle. 
ARC:  Jim reported that 4 applications were recently reviewed.  Committee discussed ARC rules.  Jim has received a complaint regarding a collapsing deck and he will be visiting the property to check on it.  Outdoor generators were briefly discussed. 
SPECIAL EVENTS:  Pat has lined up the band for the ice cream social.  Budget is okay.  Sand day went well.  She was asked by a resident whether LBA could become more involved in the Sand Day event and control it.  Board consensus was Sand Day should remain an event “by kids for kids.”  Next year, 6-8 weeks out, Pat will request a group of kids volunteer to organize the event.
IMPROVEMENTS:  Joel presented a written report that he discussed. 
TREASURER’S REPORT:  Steve reported that the BBI account will be closed shortly. 
LEGAL: No report other than the Duff Drive report which was already presented.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Eva Kosztarab, LBA Board Secretary