June 9, 2010

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Eva Kosztarab, Stuart Feldstein, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Jim Kilbourne, Betsy Washington, Rick Clayton, Pat Payne and Kim Smith. Mark Cavich was not present. Also attending were lake residents George Erikson, Ramon Garcia and Steve Veroneau.

The minutes of May 12, 2010 were approved as presented.

TRAFFIC ENGINEER: Steve Veroneau briefed the Board on the status of the traffic calming committee. The TCC thought it had an agreement for a pork chop shaped traffic circle at the base of Waterway Drive next to the Potterton Bridge with VDOT and FCDOT. However, VDOT and FCDOT are now not approving it. Presently the committee has two options: accept the rejection or get a traffic consultant to evaluate the pork chop option further and re-propose it to VDOT and FCDOT. Veroneau asked the Board on behalf of the TCC if the Board would be willing to pursue this by funding a consultant to come in and give an opinion. Discussion took place. The fact that there was no money in the Fairfax County budget for traffic calming devices was noted. It was decided that Penny Gross’s office should be consulted. Warren asked Stuart and former chairman of the traffic committee, George Waters, to contact Penny Gross. Warren added that the Board needs to be better informed about our options before a decision can be made.

ACTION ITEM: Stuart F. and George Waters to contact Penny Gross and report back to the Board as soon as practical.


The action items were reviewed.

MASTER CALENDAR: The calendar was reviewed.

OUTSTANDING MEMBERSHIP FEES: Chris said that past due notices have been sent out. We went from 87 that had not paid their 2010 fees down to 51 over the last month. She added that this was the norm as people realize they haven’t paid once the beaches are officially open. Warren said that he had sent letters to the two owners that only paid the $60 covenant fee.

GREAT AMERICAN BACKYARD CAMPOUT: Betsy said 28 people have signed up for the barge tour. Story teller will bring animals as well. Music will be performed by the Martinsons. The current plan is to use a fire pit.

Cindy reported that every year we give $300 to the PTA of the 5 local schools. J.E.B. Stuart sent a thank you card from the four ESL students who purchased eye glasses with this money.

MASON DISTRICT BOARD: Warren reported that David Feld is going to be the LBA representative to the Mason District Board and added that he will be a real asset to the group. Warren asked Board members to keep David informed of what the Board is doing.


BEACH PARTY RESERVATIONS: Parties held at the beaches were discussed and whether there was a need to open up other beaches for parties. It was agreed to keep the status quo with parties at Beach 5 for main events and with Beach 2 used for smaller events of 20 or less. This allows a beach on each side of the community to be used for parties without interfering with resident’s regular use of the beaches. Joel suggested increasing the lifeguard fee or having a charge for each party to cover the additional maintenance expenses due to parties. Sally agreed to look into the question of fees for parties and to make a recommendation to the Board in October for inclusion in the 2011 budget. Kim suggested some of the funds could go to maintenance for the beaches or for water safety training.

ACTION ITEM: Sally to propose a party fee structure to the Board by the October meeting.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL: Pat is all set for the ice cream social. She presented an apron that the scoopers would be wearing. Kim will have a table for volunteer sign up for Neighborhood Watch. Joel will supply a table. Joel will do posters for various committees and sign ups which will include: Geese Peace, Neighborhood Watch, Campout, Community Garden, July 4, etc. New signs advertising the Ice Cream Social were placed throughout the community. The volunteer list will be given to Rick to maintain. Pat plans to meet with Ralph Petta regarding the Labor Day Games.

ACTION ITEMS: Joel to bring table to Ice Cream Social and create posters for the sign ups. Kim to sit at the volunteer sign up table. Pat to meet with Ralph Petta about the Labor Day Games.

4TH OF JULY PARADE & FIREWORKS: Everything is on schedule. Kevin Howe has posted a request for volunteers on Lake Link.


WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE: Sally asked for authority to remove a canoe at Beach 3 with no lot number or boat sticker which is interfering with access to the path. The owner of a sinking party barge on Stanford Circle has been notified and is working with the WID to assist in removing it for repair. Sally said the WID did a fantastic job cleaning up the lake after a storm on Memorial Day weekend.
Kevin Hardy distributed his report. Season is off to a relatively smooth start. Memorial Day weekend storm did cause problems. Beach 3 walkway suffered a washout. Staff is similar to last year. Staff of 24 regular personnel with the average age of 19 ½, oldest is 51, youngest is 16. Majority are in their 2nd or 3rd year here. Basic Lifeguard training and CPR are required. Kevin further certifies them for waterfront lifeguarding and this is done through in service training. CPR class was just completed. Kevin is working again with the fire department and police department on practice drills that involve the guards. Kevin would like to offer two water safety training classes. He has hired someone as a WSI swim coordinator. Bobby Broome will be back offering boating classes again this summer. Supplies have been ordered. Kevin spoke of a recent accident on the beach involving a lifeguard who cut her foot. He needs a bin for storage at Beach 1. There is a broken rack at Beach 4 that Richard Hardy will fix. Four signs that say “limits of swimming area” are missing and are being replaced. Kevin said he would like to have more equipment for swimming lessons and USLA training.

MEMBERSHIP: Rick reported 2 membership transfers were received in May.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Betsy reported Geese Peace is going well and has a list of 30 volunteers. The boat is going out twice a week and at last count there were no geese present. New cover for the boat was purchased but it is not working too well. She is working with Mark on landscaping articles for the LBA website.

ARC: Jim reported that at the May meeting four applications were reviewed. Three applications were approved. One application requested a 6 foot fence and was only given approval for 5 feet. That owner indicated that she wanted to appeal the decision to the Board. When contacted to attend the Board meeting, she informed Jim that she had already installed the 6 foot fence. The Board will send her a letter notifying her of the violation and ask that the fence be removed or cut down. The Board will sanction her for not going through the appeal process. Jim would like to have a discussion with the resident and the ARC committee and then come back to the Board next month with a recommendation. Stuart reported on the due process procedures which are on the website under Governing Documents. Fines can be up to $10 per day for up to 90 days. An unpaid fine becomes an assessment and liens also could be filed against the property.

ACTION ITEM: Jim to contact resident regarding 6 foot fence violation and report back in July of the ARC action being taken and any additional action required by LBA.

COMMUNITY PATROL: Kim said that it has been quiet. She briefly discussed the recent robbery that took place on Barger Drive. She was happy to report that Section 7 is now active because of it.

MAINTENANCE AND IMPROVEMENTS: Several projects are underway. Joel reported that Greg Pedersen is helping with some of the work on the beaches and will sand and paint the bins. Lifeguard stands to be sealed after Labor Day. New post and gate for Beach 2 to be installed. Joel received a proposal for Beach 2 for play equipment in the amount of $14,000. It was felt that the beaches were not designed to be a playground. However, if someone wants to raise funds to replace an existing swing set that was acceptable. Joel will contact the owner regarding the Board’s view. Beach 3 walkway ramp washed out at the end. WID to repair erosion damage and runoff swale to be regraded along Waterway Drive, plus regrading and installing pipe to drain water away from the parking lot to beach walkway. Sand has not been delivered because the boat rack needs to be moved. The pond at the Community Garden has been painted dark grey and filled with water. Leak testing to be performed next.

ACTION ITEM: Joel to send email to resident re: the swing set.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve reported that the BBI account has been closed. Statement revision is underway as we figure out a way to merge year-to-date profit and loss data from two entities that file separate tax returns. Seven orders have been received for LB merchandise. At the ice cream social, cards were provided that had the web address for ordering LB merchandise.

PUBLICATIONS: Warren spoke to Daphne about a series of call outs such as costs to run the lake. For example, “Did you know…how much it costs for insurance?”

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 PM.