August 11, 2010 

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Sally Determan, Joel Gregorio, Steve Klein, Betsy Washington, Rick Clayton, Kim Smith, Mark Cavich, Eva Kosztarab, Pat Payne and Jim Kilbourne.  Stuart Feldstein was not present. 

The minutes of July 14, 2010 were approved as amended.   

WATER SAFETY REPORT:  Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy reported that July was our busiest month.  Five rescues took place of which four were children but none required emergency service.  Guards have been enthusiastic about training and have performed over 200 hours of in-service training.

New life guard stand on Beach 4 with the second one to be built before the end of the season.

The fire department has conducted a few joint training events with the lifeguard staff.

Two sessions of group swim lessons have taken place. Boating classes, one for pontoon boats and one for paddling were also offered.

Kevin taught a life saving class and certified 5 lifeguards.  All ordered first aid equipment has arrived.

Though the staff is winding down for the season with school beginning, Kevin anticipates that all beaches will remain open through Labor Day.
Sally both suggested and agreed to write an article for the NL detailing what Fairfax County does to support our safety in Lake Barcroft. 

Action Item:  Sally to work with Kevin to write an article for the NL on Fairfax County’s rescue boat that is used for LB’s emergency response.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed. 

ACTION ITEMS REVIEW:  Stuart to prepare letter to our attorney giving the list of delinquent payers.  Cindy suggested revising the list and having completed items on the bottom of the action item list. 

QUIT CLAIM DEED #2:  Eva discussed the need for a Quit Claim Deed for waterfront property at 6314 Crosswoods Circle which is under contract for sale. The back lot boundary line does not extend to the water line due to dredging spoils being placed at the end of the lot in the 1970’s. Our outside attorney has stated that the excess land is owned by the lot owner, not LBA. However, to satisfy the title insurer, LBA will have to execute a Quit Claim Deed to the current owner of the lot.

A motion was made by Eva and seconded by Joel that the Board approve the LBA President to sign a Quit Claim Deed for 6314 Crosswoods Circle with the Seller bearing all costs associated with the matter.  All voted in favor. 

  Betsy reported that there have been 7 violations in the community recently, but not all involving trees.
Betsy will have an article for the NL on what owners need to do to comply with the RPA regulations. There will be an insert in the September NL issue.  Joel suggested including a copy of the RPA guidelines with the October Civic Affairs mailing in addition to posting the guidelines on the LB website.  It was also suggested to put the guidelines in the HOA packets for new owners. 

Action item: Betsy to prepare RPA guidelines article. 


LETTER TO THE BOARD:  Warren addressed Kaye Kory’s request of the LBA Board to be more transparent to the community.  Eva reported that the April, May and June minutes have been posted on the website.  It was suggested to have a boxed item in the NL stating that people can go to the website to obtain the minutes. It was also agreed the date of the meeting will continue to appear in the NL; however, last minute changes to the agenda does not make it practical to publish agendas in advance of the meeting.  Respectful consideration was given to her letter and it is being taken under advisement.  Cindy has agreed to respond to Kaye.   

LETTER TO BOARD:  Eva updated the Board on a letter sent by Warren to a resident regarding past due fees.  The owner had his attorney send the LBA Board a letter.  LBA’s attorney has responded to the Board suggesting certain due process rules be added to such letters.  A new form letter to those with delinquent dues will be created for future use.  Eva added that lots owing outstanding dues should not be able to vote. 

Action item: Stuart and Eva to draft a new form letter for use with delinquent payers.

LAKEBARCROFT.ORG REVISITED:  Mark did a Drupal presentation on a computer screen for the Board. He would like to propose implementing a custom content management system (CMS).  This would allow various people to update their given fields on the website.  Online payments would be an added convenience. Anticipated cost to set this up is around $3,500.

Advertising on both the site and the blog are options to help cover the costs.  PCI compliance was questioned by Pat who expressed concerns regarding illegal information access. Kim asked for more of a breakdown on the costs and future maintenance costs. Mark agreed to supply the Board with an anticipated cost schedule.

A motion was made by Sally and seconded by Cindy that we approve the expense of $3,500 to move forward on this project. All voted in favor. 

Action item: Mark to prepare cost breakdown, timeline and security compliance to present to the Board by the Sept. 7 meeting. 


SPECIAL EVENTS:  Pat is proceeding with the planning for the Labor Day games and is looking for additional volunteers.  Jean Meyers has requested reimbursement for flags for July 4th parade.  The Board has agreed to reimburse her. 

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy is getting bids on trees for the tree replacement program.  Her email request to the Fairfax County Chief of DPWES Stormwater Management was declined in which she had asked him to allow LBA to continue with its weeding and removal of invasive seedlings in the common area gardens. As a result, Betsy and Joel are preparing a formal proposal to obtain an annual permit based on the Fairfax County Park Authority waiver. Betsy attended the WID meeting and gave the Board a brief update.  The WID is working with engineers regarding various dam issues.  They have worked on drainage issues at Beach 3.  Approximately 12,060 cubic yards were dredged from the lake.  Debris pick up machine is working well. 

PUBLICATIONS:  Mark is working on finalizing the directory.  He is also working on getting the NL out earlier each month. 

Action item: Mark to finalize directory.

ARC:  Jim reported 9 applications were reviewed.  Tentative approvals to 7 pending the grace period for response from the neighbors.  Two are still under review.

Further discussions regarding recent fence violation.  Resident has agreed to reduce height of fence to 4 feet.

Jim discussed a floating dock request.  Owner already has several boats which raises a concern.  The committee will be reviewing this. 

MEMBERSHIP:  Rick reported that eight $100 transfer fees were received in July. Only 26 lots are behind on dues at this point

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY:  Kim informed the Board about a young adult swimming in the dark who was almost struck by a pontoon boat.  He also appeared on a recent police report from our off duty patrol.  A letter was sent out to his parents.  The mother has contacted Kim and has addressed this with her son.  She is a realtor and expressed concerns about bringing clients to common properties and wanted clarification that this would not be a problem.  She also asked that if her son was with a resident, would he be allowed to use the facilities?  She also pointed out that a certain realtor has been observed swimming in the lake who is not a resident.  It was agreed a letter would be sent to the non-resident realtor who is trespassing.

Kim has approached several kayaks and boats that are not residents and asked for the Board’s advice as one kayaker used a resident’s name giving him permission.  Joel suggested contacting the resident by phone to make them aware that someone is using their name.

Our off duty police officer stated that Beach 4 has not been as active as in the past.  Local residents state that there has been quite a bit of activity.  Three arrests were made by police at Beach 4 at 1:20 am one night recently for trespassing, etc. Some residents apparently have the combination to the gate at Beach 4 so Joel is going to change the lock combination. 

National Night out was pretty successful.  Beach 2 and 4 had a fair number of people for a total of around 60 people. 

Action item: Kim to send letter to non-resident realtor who is trespassing.

IMPROVEMENTS:  Joel discussed the Beach 3 pathway drainage situation.  The WID has provided much assistance for free.   They have helped in diverting the water in other areas as well.  Graffiti has been cleaned up in the community using Motsenbocker’s Liftoff 4. Broken picnic table at Beach 2 has been removed. Joel will be purchasing 95 gallon trash cans.  Beach 1 boat rack to be repaired. One boat at Beach 3 is stuck on the rack. Community Garden pond is still leaking. Expenditures for this year are mostly for Delfino’s expenses.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Steve stated the budget is looking good.  More service fees and past due fees have been collected than what was budgeted.  He asked committee members to start working on their 2011 budget expenses.  He will send everyone an electronic version for their use. 
Cindy raised the issue regarding “unrestricted funds” in the Lake Barcroft Foundation and asked that this be identified to read “restricted for Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund.” 

Action items: Steve to send committee members a sample budget.  Steve to contact bookkeeper to revise account title on the LBF financial statement. 
Jim mentioned a concern about the house on Duff Drive.  Pat has agreed to go by the property to check on the reported activities. 
The meeting was adjourned at 10:36 PM.