January 12, 2011

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:34 PM by Vice President Cindy Waters at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Steve Klein, Betsy Washington, Pat Payne, Mark Cavich, Eva Kosztarab, Rick Clayton, Kim Smith and Jim Kilbourne. Board members not present were Warren Russell. Sally Determan attended by teleconference.

The minutes of December 8, 2010 were approved as presented.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed.

ACTION ITEM REVIEW: Action items were reviewed. The party fee structure has been completed by Sally and should be removed from the list.

WEBSITE PROGRESS REPORT: Mark said the online bill payment has been set up and payments can be received shortly. Mark is working with Bob Gonzalez on the contractor list. Mark will offer a series of training sessions to groups of ±10 at his studio, as well as continue to give individual support to users of the website.

LBA BOARD ELECTION UPDATE: Cindy reported that the annual meeting notice has gone out. She added that two more candidates were found to complete the slate.


ANNUAL MEETING: Cindy went over the previous annual agenda. It was agreed that Sally would give a water safety report and Betsy will talk about the RPA.

LEGAL ISSUE: Stuart reported on a recent lawsuit filed by one neighbor on Lakeview Drive against another neighbor regarding property line and fence issues. Stuart said that although there have been three previous ARC fence requests that were granted for this resident by the ARC, the recent legal issue with this resident does not involve these previous approvals. He further explained that the suit involved three counts. The first count says a portion of the split rail fence is alleged to be on the neighbor’s property. The second count involves a portion of the split rail fence that is on part of the other neighbors’ property but regarding the section down by the shoreline. The third count is that the party has not complied with fence height regulations. It says the portion of the fence that is a four foot fence is too high, the six foot fence portion is too high and a particular tree has never been removed. Kevin Howe has submitted an affidavit as requested by the defendant. The Board then went into executive session and a discussion ensued. Kim asked the Board to appoint a committee to create a “good neighbor” policy to post on the LB website and to give the Board authority to send a letter to residents, as needed. Cindy suggested Sally’s article on being a good neighbor which will appear in the upcoming newsletter should also be included in the HOA packet. Eva suggested a strong Lake Link moderator is needed to address on line etiquette. Cindy tabled the discussion regarding the “good neighbor code of conduct” until the new Board comes on in March.

ACTION ITEM: Warren to put “good neighbor” committee idea on the March agenda for the LBA Board meeting.

IMPROVEMENTS/MAINTENANCE CHAIR: Cindy reported that Warren has asked for someone to step in to take the Improvements Chair position until the new Board is appointed in March. Pat has volunteered in the interim and Betsy will assist.


COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Kim reported on an incident on Greentree Drive. Kim will compile a report on overall crime to distribute to the LB community.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark reported that Carol Donlan will be the new editor of the LB newsletter effective in March and Daphne Butas will be assistant editor.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve discussed the year end statement for 2010. Unaudited results were as follows. Total income exceeded the budgeted amount by $19K, including an additional $9K from Newsletter and Directory ads. But expenses were also $14K higher than budgeted, resulting in a net income of $5K higher than budgeted.

ARC: Jim received two new applications. Four others are still under review. There was a discussion regarding a double lot that was listed for sale that might want to subdivide into two lots. The new lot that is created will owe a $3500 membership fee.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Pat clarified that Sand Day is not an LBA sponsored event but that LBA will encourage attendance and will post a notice on Lakelink and put signs up. Food is supplied by Newcomers.

MEMBERSHIP: Rick reported that there were three $100 membership transfers received in December for a total of $300. Presently there are 1035 members, 3 non-members, 1 partial payer and 5 outstanding transfers.

IMPROVEMENTS: Betsy reported that the RPA garden has a new bluestone path. A new bilingual sign has also been placed at the entrance to Beach 2. It was noted that the Spanish version has a word missing. Mark will look into correcting this.

Stuart reminded the Board that he will have completed six years on the Board as of next month and thanked everyone for their dedication. He stated that “it has been very rewarding and has been a pleasure” working with everyone and serving the community.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:32 PM.