March 9, 2011

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.
Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Steve Klein, Sally Determan, Betsy Washington, Pat Payne, Mark Cavich, Diane Smalley, Eva Kosztarab, Kim Smith and Jim Kilbourne. Board members not present were Rick Clayton and Regina Derzon. Lake resident George Erikson was also present.

Warren congratulated and welcomed the incumbents and new board members. The minutes of February 9, 2011 were approved as presented. The minutes of the annual meeting of February 16, 2011 were approved as presented.

A motion was made by Kim and seconded by Betsy to nominate Warren Russell as President. All voted in favor. A motion was made by Eva and seconded by Steve to nominate Cindy as Vice President. All voted in favor. A motion was made by Kim and seconded by Sally to nominate Steve as Treasurer. All voted in favor. A motion was made by Eva and seconded by Kim to nominate Diane as Secretary. All voted in favor.

Warren stated he had proposed a slate of committee assignments three weeks ago and since then there had been several board members who had expressed strong reservations. While there were a number of issues raised, the main point seemed to center around non Board members chairing a committee. He asked for the Board's thoughts and positions. Some felt that a Board member must chair the committees especially since a budget is involved and committee chairs should be present at all meetings. Betsy added that the RPA has become a lot stricter and she expressed concern about a non Board member chairing the Maintenance committee without the requisite technical expertise.

There were also questions on whether to have two committees – maintenance and improvements. A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Steve that the following committee chairs except for environmental be accepted:
Architectural Review: Jim Kilbourne
Beach Maintenance/Water Safety: Sally Determan
Community Watch/Security: Kim Smith
Finance/Audit: Steve Klein
Improvements: Betsy Washington
Legal: Eva Kosztarab
Membership: Rick Clayton
Publications: Mark Cavich
Special Events: Pay Payne
The Environmental Quality chair will be decided next month. All voted in favor. A special resolution was made thanking George Waters for all of his recent hard work and his willingness to chair the Improvements committee. Seconded by Kim. All voted in favor.

OLD BUSINESS CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. Several additions were made.

Warren asked everyone to review their Board responsibilities and get them to Cindy by next month. Cindy reported that Regina wants to work on historical items for the Board book as well. Warren went over outstanding items on the list.

ACTION ITEM: All members review and return their individual committee responsibilities to Cindy by 13 April

WEBSITE PROGESS REPORT: Mark reported a lot of updates have been done to the website. Training has taken place on accessing the online directory. He is working on a single source database. Advertising for the website is available. Daphne is working on the community blog. Steve commented on adding the treasurer's report to the website.

ANNUAL MEETING REVIEW: Warren stated approximately 200 people voted at the annual meeting. He would like to get more community involvement.

NEW BUSINESS ARC VIOLATION – TRAILER ON HALF MOON CIRCLE: Jim reported that he had prepared a letter from the board to the resident in violation of ARC Guidelines. The resident has until tomorrow evening to remove the trailer or appeal or he will be in contempt of the LBA rules. Jim went on to describe the process: 14 days notice of a hearing date is required. A special Board meeting would be called. A question was asked if he has violated the ARC rules as well as the covenants? Since the trailer sits on the street and not on the tract, it is questionable if there is a covenant violation. From an ARC Guideline, it was noted that he did not include the trailer in his submission. A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Jim that if the Board does not get a response by tomorrow evening, the LBA will impose a fine of $50 the first day and then $10 a day up to 90 days or $900 maximum along with all potential sanctions per the Virginia Homeowners Association Act. Mark voted no. Motion carries.

ACTION ITEM: Jim to prepare a letter notifying the resident of the board's course of action.

INVASIVE PLANT MANAGEMENT PLAN RENEWAL: Betsy discussed the renewal of the invasive plant management plan and its status.

Sally raised the issue of residents giving their tags to their house guests and how anyone can say they don't have a tag because they are a guest. She would like to amend this rule and require the resident with a beach tag must be present with their guests for access to all common areas. Warren asked Sally to come back next month with a proposal and revised wording.

Sally provide recommended revised wording for beach access before the next meeting. Warren read a note from the Sleepy Hollow Elementary School PTA thanking the Board for the $300 donation.

Jim said the committee received one new submittal for a fence. He received notice of a 6' high chain link fence that has recently been installed . He will follow up.

LEGAL: Eva reported that Pat, Jim and Sally agreed to serve on the legal committee. Starting next month, she plans on presenting a "bylaw of the month program" for the Board to review and recommendations will be made to bring the by-laws and rules into the 21st Century. The hope is at the end of the year, to put forth the entire slate for review. Warren discussed a tree that fell from the common property onto a resident's property. Eva stated that when a tree falls, according to Virginia law, the owner of the property where the tree fell is responsible for removal. She noted that the WID's policy is different and will discuss this with them and report back. The committee is going to pursue filing liens against residents who have past due membership fees . There currently are 6 homeowners with large past due amounts accumulated over numerous years. Sally said the community expects the Board to file liens and suggested without disclosing their names, this board action should be put in the NL for community awareness. Eva added that expenses in the Legal budget were primarily for legal fees to collect delinquent membership fees.

COMMUNITY WATCH/SECURITY: Kim reported on recent graffiti at beach 5 and possible vandalism at beach 3 regarding trees and shrubs. There is also vandalism at beach 2 to the plexiglass on the information stands. She noted that there has been trespassing at the community garden and signs are needed. She informed the Board that she had received a call from someone who regularly fishes below the dam and noticed there were no trespassing signs posted and graffiti. He wanted to know why it was just now posted and she provided answers.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Betsy said Earth Day planning is coming along well. Several experts will be presenting interesting talks on various environmental programs. She is working with Marie Reinsdorf of Friends of Tripps and Holmes Run regarding clean up and will contact businesses upstream about to encourage their cooperation.

Mark said the newsletter is back on track. Carol Donlan is back as the editor.

TREASURER: Steve asked Board members to pay attention to their expenditures.

WATER SAFETY: Sally said an article will be appearing in the April newsletter regarding recent rule changes. She added that Kevin Hardy's WSS contract will be finalized shortly.

Pat has identified youth leadership for Sand Day and Sand Day will occur this year.

IMPROVEMENTS REPORT: Warren stated that a report from George Waters is included in the packet for the Boards review. George Erikson raised traffic calming in the Ravenwood area. He asked the Board to take control of the traffic issue outside of the lake that will affect everyone such as the road off of Sleepy Hollow and Patrick Henry. He expressed concern regarding the process with the county and procedures not being followed properly. He has asked the board to reexamine this next month.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted by, Diane Smalley, LBA Secretary