April 13, 2011

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Warren Russell at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. Those present were LBA Directors Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Steve Klein, Sally Determan, Betsy Washington, Pat Payne, Regina Derzon, Eva Kosztarab, Kim Smith and Jim Kilbourne. Mark Cavich attended by teleconference. Diane Smalley was not present. Improvements Chair George Waters was also present.

The minutes of March 9, 2011 were approved as presented.


CALENDAR REVIEW: The calendar was reviewed. Cindy still needs Board committee descriptions.

WEBSITE PROGRESS REPORT: Mark e-mailed his report to the Board. Directory search is done. Working with Trestle on the database export. PayPal has been an issue that he is trying to resolve. Steve discussed issue of an online form that needs to be sent to Chris along with payment info. Trestle is waiting to work on the contractors list. Cindy added that Diane Weeks is working with Bob Gonzalez on cleaning it up prior to turning it over to Mark. Sally suggested not keeping listings more than 3 years old on the list.

INVASIVE PLANT MANAGEMENT PLAN RENEWAL: Betsy said the plans have been submitted to the county regarding work done in the community common areas that are within the RPA. She is waiting for approval.

BEACH TAGS FOR ALL – NO EXCEPTIONS: Sally discussed rules regarding house guests and that they would be required to show a tag at the beaches. Warren added that this simplifies the duties of the lifeguards as well as security.

A motion was made by Sally and seconded by Kim to adopt the rule that everyone must display a beach tag at the beaches. All in favor.

COMMITTEE CHAIR ASSIGNMENTS REVISITED: A discussion ensued. Kim expressed concern regarding liability issues/insurance issues if a committee is chaired by a non Board member.

A motion was made by Sally and seconded by Pat that Betsy chair the Environmental Committee and George Waters will chair the Improvements Committee. All voted in favor.

ACTION ITEM: Eva will look into the insurance issue.

Eva said that a resident, Walter Buzzetta, who works as insurance defense counsel has offered to review the Lake Barcroft insurance policies. He will e-mail his recommendations to Eva to pass onto the Board.

Warren reported that Rick Clayton has resigned from the Board. He asked the Board their feeling about appointing someone to the Board. It was agreed that another Board member would be helpful. Warren said he would call the board candidates that had received the next highest number of votes to see if they would agree to serve. Cindy has agreed to chair the Membership committee in the meantime. Cindy discussed the volunteer list and said that it was out of date. She suggested having another form included in the LB newsletter asking for new volunteers.

A motion was made by Regina and seconded by Pat to select a person from those who ran for, but did not win election to, the Board to succeed Rick Clayton for his term. All voted in favor.


DRAFT LETTER FOR DELINQUENT PAYERS: Cindy will prepare a letter and send to Warren.

PARCEL A ENGINEERING: George distributed a report on the Parcel A retaining wall. Dave Goslin has agreed to assist in this process. An engineering firm and a firm that handles repairs will look at the retaining wall.

BEACH 5 SIDEWALK & RAILING: George gave a brief update stating that Betsy and Davis have been working on this. George felt we need to put pressure on VDOT to correct this as soon as possible. He requested a letter from the legal committee pointing out the dangers. It was agreed that he should try another approach first. Eva suggested cones and tape be erected around the area to warn of the hazard in the meantime.

FUNDING FOR TREES: George reported that there is not enough money in the tree maintenance area of the budget. Recent tree removal at beach 5 cost $1,900 and the budget only allows up to $2,000 in expenditures. Steve said he could use other portions of the overall Maintenance and Improvements budget for tree removal and then cross level within the M&I committee, just so long as he did not exceed the total amount in the M&I budget.

DEANGELIS UPDATE: Eva reported that she took pictures of the downed tree showing it was a healthy tree and e-mailed them to the insurance company. She gave a brief report. The insurance adjuster has asked DeAngelis’s attorney for proofs regarding their claim but he has not heard anything yet.

LAKEVIEW STEP REPAIR: George reported on the steps on Lakeview Drive. He indicated that he didn’t think they needed a large scale replacement and that the nearby neighbors did not want a large project. He said both sets of steps needed new railings and he presented a plan that would do that and would also extend the tread (depth) of the set at the bottom of Quaint Acres by an inch. He recommended that the Board approve the plans as contained in the attached documents and allow him to get bids for this work. There was some concern expressed about spending much money when these steps were not on LBA owned land and were not an LBA responsibility. There was also discussion about the serious drainage problems of water coming down and across the median from the upper part of Lakeview Drive to the lower part both at the steps and elsewhere. It was felt that the problem starts with a drainage issue up on Quaint Acres Circle and other points and that VDOT needed to be involved. George indicated that WID had offered their help and that he wanted to get VDOT and WID together if possible. Regina suggested fixing the rails now and then figuring out what VDOT’s responsibility is. Kim suggested bundling the Beach 5 issue with the Lakeview step repair when contacting VDOT. George urged that at the least news railings should be installed and that they could be installed inexpensively. The Board agreed to allow railings to be installed as a part of basic maintenance.

ACTION ITEM: George to report back to the Board in May on his proposed way ahead.

ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT AND EARTH DAY 2011: Betsy emailed the Environmental Committee Report to the Board in advance of the meeting and it is attached to these minutes. Betsy encouraged Board members to attend Earth Day.

RESIDENT REQUEST FOR SIGN – CHILDREN PLAYING: A resident expressed concern about children playing in the ditch on her street. Edgewater Drive has a blind corner that is of concern to the resident. A Fairfax County inspector came out and looked at the situation. They can put signs in at Blair and Beachway but this does not really help. The resident was asked to express her concern to the neighbor about their children’s safety in an effort to get parental involvement and avoid a potentially dangerous situation.


SPECIAL EVENTS: Pat stated that Sand Day is the next event in May and the Ice Cream social will follow in June. Warren informed the Board regarding new requirements imposed by the Fire Marshall for the fireworks permit. A larger area around the fireworks would have to be evacuated. We are looking at options to conduct the fireworks safely.

Action. Kevin Howe will meet with the Fire Marshall and will report back.

COMMUNITY WATCH: Kim reported that trespassing is picking up. Cars racing at night are causing some concerns in the community.

WATER SAFETY: Sally is working to line up Beach Clean Up Captains.

PUBLICATIONS: Mark said the new website has more space available. Daphne is blogging on the website. The newsletter is doing well. Icons are being developed for Lake Link footer messages.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve gave his report. One longtime resident with delinquent dues has paid up.

MEMBERSHIP: Cindy reported that $300 was collected in transfer fees in March.
Warren sent out a notice on Lake Link reminding people to pay by April 15th. He also sent 67 emails to the individuals who haven’t paid their 2011 association fees yet. Cindy volunteered to call the list of residents who have not paid at all this year (dues and late fees). Chris and Eva to draft a letter to residents who have paid dues but did not pay late fees.

ACTION ITEMS: Chris and Eva will work on a letter regarding payment of late fees. Cindy will call past due residents.

ARC: Jim was thanked for his recent efforts regarding recent construction matters and other issues. He discussed a property on Crosswoods Drive that needed to move their fence due to title insurance issues in order to go to settlement. A chain link fence has been removed on Dockser Terrace. 7 applications are being considered.

LEGAL: Eva stated that Warren has signed the 7 lien letters against the properties who had a long history of failure to pay their annual association fees. They will be returned to our outside counsel to be filed with the county soon.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:27 PM.