Lake Barcroft  


Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

September 9, 2015

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by Vice President Bill Lecos at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Bill Lecos, Anne Cullather, Pat Payne, Frank Phillippi, Betsy Washington, Shane Oleson, Todd West, Kevin Kampschroer, Sara Franco and Rick Aldrich.  Board members Jim Kilbourne and Sarah Mattingly were not present.  Andrew Casolini Dal Bo attended by teleconference.

Pat moved to approve the minutes as amended of the August 12, 2015 board meeting, which was seconded by Kevin and approved unanimously by the Board.

Movie night was added for September 26 at beach #4.  Another event was added for October 4th, which is the Women’s Club “Singin’ and Bargin” event. The Board pot luck is scheduled for this Sunday, September 13.

Bill suggested that the Board address committee reports first.


TREASURER’S REPORT/2016 BUDGET PREPARATION:  Todd requested proposed budgets from committee members.  He referred everyone to the financial statements to start as a basis.  Todd requested submissions by next Wednesday.  Todd noted that finances are on track for the year. The Auditor called and the IRS-990 is due and he will be speaking with her this week.

IMPROVEMENTS: Frank reported that a new picnic table at Beach 1 had been installed.  In addition, the memorial bench at Beach 2 has been restored.   Frank noted that requests for Memorial benches are being received and he will develop a recommendation on a policy for the Board to consider. Frank also reported that Beach erosion has been studied with a focus on Beach 4.  George Waters and Frank are working with Davis Grant of the WID and hope to provide a Board presentation next month.  There are two concerns:  1) the loss of sand, on which we spend $5,000/year, and 2) safety issues caused by the steep drop-offs that are developing at the beaches due to the erosion. Regarding budget, Frank noted that LBA spent $3,000 on tree removal at the beaches this year.  However $5,000 had been budgeted for the community garden maintenance which the WID has taken on, leaving funds available to cover the cost of tree removal at the beaches.  Frank also observed that there are boats that are not secured to the racks and the beaches and recommended that Andrew issue a reminder notice that all boats in the community racks must be locked. Finally, the grills at Beach 4 have two holes which require repair or the grills should be replaced.

ARC: Rick reported that 7 applications were submitted last month and 9 have been approved.  Rick updated the Board on a neighbor’s seawall repair project.  Rick also reported that floating swim platforms are becoming an issue.  Pat suggested that the detachable swim platform should be registered as a craft. (This would apply to swim platforms but not floating docks).   Stand up boards and small kayaks were also discussed regarding annual stickers.  Bill requested that Rick draft a policy recommendation regarding floating docks that would be included in the boating rules and provide a recommendation regarding fees that should be applied to Stand Up Paddle boards, small kayaks and other small craft used on the lake.

WATER SAFETY:  Andrew is working on the end of season report from WSS Kevin Hardy.  A new dock at beach 4 for the lifeguard boat is required.  Bill asked Andrew to ask Kevin Hardy for a summary of his needs in his report. Other issues which Andrew is addressing include:

  • Maintenance improvements at the beaches (drainage and facility items);
    New dock at beach 4
  • Process to wind down parties at Beach 5 that require Life Guards toward the end of the season.  Due to the age of the current guard work force (many of which are in college), Kevin has difficulty having a full staff after they start going back to college.  This staff reduction starts mid-way through August.
  • Brooks Place Development –Andrew reviewed the plans at Penny’s office.   The development will be connecting to public sanitary sewer, public water and will leverage off site drainage systems (in addition to retention on site) to handle storm water.   Concerns: 

a.     Public sanitary sewer – there was not a capacity study provided in the information reviewed, but this size development does not generally have negative impacts to the system unless the collection system is at max capacity.

b.     Public water – The development is connecting to the existing water system in the area.   This additional load typically does not have a negative impact.

c.      Storm water – The development will have two outlets.  One that is piped to Brooks Place.  The second which will flow overland and sheet flow south toward Dearborn Terrace thru an existing swale.   The outlet onto brooks place then leads to existing drainage along Crosswoods.  This is the area that many residents have posted concerns (even video on).T the proposed drainage for Brooks Place could add to the issues experienced on Crosswoods.  Is the drainage issue on Brooks Place the main issue for the overtopping of culverts on Crosswoods? They may not correlate.  I do believe Malbrook has flooding issues and it predates the development.  The video posted to the Annandale Blog is of flooding down Malbrook.   It is upstream of the development.  The flooding  could have the most detrimental effect on the Lake.  LBA’s  concern should be to reduce flooding and the negative impact erosion will have on the Lake.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Sara stated that the Labor Day games were a great success.  Bill complimented her on the new signs for the upcoming community cardboard race which will take place on Sunday, September 13.  Approximately 12 boats are signed up.  Movie night is scheduled on beach 4 for September 26.  A Holiday lighted boat parade will be the next new community event.  Looking ahead to the next 4th of July Fireworks display, Kevin Kampschroer addressed the fireworks racks and the need to upgrade and improve the system.  The committee will come back with a proposal.  Sara reported that she is still looking for someone to take over coordination of the annual Ice Cream Social.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Shane discussed that the Newsletter has transitioned to the new editor, and a thank you celebration for Carol and Tom Donlan took place.  The current directory supplies were discussed.  Shane will get an estimate for 300-500 extra copies.  Bill suggested paying for the additional printing out of this year’s budget.

Website work will begin this week when Shane meets with the consultant.  He is thinking of forming a website committee for future years but is concerned about recruitment of volunteers. Bill suggested that at the next Board meeting there be a discussion of ways to enlist new volunteers to support the broad range of activities the community enjoys. Shane concluded his report noting that the new Emergency notification system is still in progress and training needs to be developed.

SECURITY:  Kevin reported that he attended the Fairfax County Neighborhood Watch committee meeting. He hopes to regenerate the program. The police will support training if enough people volunteer.  There will be a Traffic calming meeting this weekend.  Sara raised the issue of dog walkers being part of the neighborhood watch program.  Lake Barcroft is in 3 different Mason District Police stations.  Sara suggested hosting  something prior to the movie night.  Patrol will continue through Sept. 15.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy reported that 35 residential trees are being delivered this week along with 4 trees for LBA common property. Betsy noted that a policy needs to be developed to respond to requests for memorial trees. WID offered to replace any damaged trees.  Betsy also reported that another dead beaver has been reported.  A Geese Peace thank you dinner is being planned and a possible presentation will occur at the Civic Affairs meeting.  Shane discussed a local company interested in supporting Earth Day and will supply Betsy with their contact information.

MEMBERSHIP:  Chris reported 5 transfers were received in the month of August totaling $350.  11 lots remain unpaid at this time.

LEGAL:  Pat discussed a recent situation regarding a VA loan and a potential bylaws issue.  Burma Kline requested amending the bylaws to include a specific provision.  Pat will confer with Eva and provide a recommendation to the Board. Pat also updated the board regarding an incident that occurred during the Labor Day Games between two children at Beach 3.


SEVEN CORNERS REDEVELOPMENT/ZONING AMENDMENT:  Bill will be meeting with Janet Hall regarding zoning.  Chris was asked to schedule a room for October 7 or 8 for another special town hall meeting.  Bill will work with Jim on a letter to be filed with the County by the 9/14 deadline, which they will circulate by e-mail to the Board for review and approval.  

A motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Shane to accept electronic voting to approve the letter that Jim will circulate.  All voted in favor.

BROOKS PLACE DEVELOPMENT UPDATE:  Pat reported that a hearing was held today on the request for an injunction.  The judge accelerated the process by scheduling a hearing on the development for November 3.  Andrew addressed storm water concerns resulting from the development. .  

CONSENT ORDER – SEWER SPILLS:  Bill reported that the final order was issued this week and the County paid $27,000.

ANNUAL CIVIC AFFAIRS MEETING DATE:  Tuesday, October 20 at Belvedere Elementary School from 7:30 – 9:30 PM.


DEER CONTRACEPTION PROJECT:  Discussion postponed to next meeting

ROBERTS PLACE – LOT CONSOLIDATION:  Discussion postponed to next meeting 

LBA SERVICE AWARD RECOMMENDATION: Discussion postponed to next meeting

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Bill led a discussion of the nominating process to fill upcoming Board vacancies.   Sally has agreed to chair the committee as past President and Jim Kilbourne will co-chair.

Sara raised the issue of parking restrictions off of Nevius.  Bill suggested raising this at the Civic Affairs meeting regarding parking permits.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:29 PM.
Respectfully Submitted by Anne Cullather, Secretary