Lake Barcroft  


Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

October 14, 2015

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 PM by Board President  Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Bill Lecos, Anne Cullather, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo, Pat Payne, Frank Phillippi, Betsy Washington, Shane Oleson, Todd West, Sara Franco, Sarah Mattingly and Rick Aldrich.  Board member Kevin Kampschroer joined the last half of the meeting.    Guests attending the meeting were Jake McKitrick and Holly Hazzard.


Pat moved to approve the September minutes as amended; Betsy seconded the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously by the Board.


Waterway Traffic Calming
Jake McKitrick addressed the Board regarding traffic calming issues and concerns near Waterway Drive and Cavalier Corridor.  He mentioned that a car had rolled into his yard two years ago; a cat had been killed by a car, and kids are endangered by speeding cars.  There are blind spots and a bus stop that increase the danger.  There are currently 7 children on the block with another 3 next year. He requested Board support to install two stop signs along Waterway Drive – one at the corner of Cavalier Corridor and another at Crosswoods, controlling traffic in both the north and south bound lanes on Waterway Drive.  The Board discussed the need for community outreach on the proposal to ensure community support for the project.

Deer Population Control
Holly Hazzard discussed a deer population control program that is under consideration by Fairfax County in which the Lake Barcroft Community could participate.  The program would use contraceptive darting rather than lethal hunting to control the deer population in the community. Bill Lecos made a motion that Holly proceed to develop a proposal for a study area that would include Lake Barcroft.  Betsy seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously to approve the motion. 


The community calendar was reviewed and there were no changes made.


Nominating Committee update – Jim, Pat and Sarah have been discussing the process for soliciting new candidates for open Board positions. The Board needs to vote on a nominating committee. Sarah is soliciting members; there needs to be a Chair, Vice-Chair, and representatives from the north, south, and middle sections of the Lake community.   Board members will provide Jim with suggestions for Board candidates.

Budget Committee – Todd reported that he has received estimates for next year’s budget from the respective Board members, and noted that there is no significant difference from this year’s current budget.  His sense is that LBA won’t need to increase the fees for the upcoming year. 

7-Corners Development – Bill Lecos provided an update on the county-wide zoning amendments, reporting that many of the issues that were raised by the Lake Barcroft Community have been clarified or dropped.  There is a November 6 Planning Commission meeting and then a December 8 Board of Supervisors Meeting.  The last remaining issue relates to the FAR:  a FAR of 5.0 for multiuse planning districts is intended to apply only to transit planning areas.  The zoning amendments should be clarified to reduce the FAR cap to 4.0 in non-transit areas.  Comments are due by November 6.  Jim will circulate a draft letter to the Board once the next round of revised documents are available from the planning commission.

LBA Civic Affairs Meeting – scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, the meeting will include presentations from Mollie Loeffler and Penny Gross, candidates for Mason District Supervisor, Sandy Evans, and candidates for the State House and Senate districts that include Lake Barcroft. 

LBA Service Awards – The Board decided to target the awards for September, 2016. A subcommittee needs to be formed to identify candidates. Board members should send Jim an email if they are interested in serving on the sub-committee. 


AirBnB in Lake Barcroft – the Board has received two complaints regarding homes being advertised for short-term rental through AirBnB, one on Grass Hill Terrace and a second on Cavalier Corridor.  The ads on the websites represent that all the amenities of the Lake are available.  Neighbors have expressed concern regarding traffic, number of cars parking, loud activities, and security.  Pat will review the LBA covenants and provide a legal analysis for the Board.  She also mentioned that Fairfax County has rules that apply to B&Bs that should be examined.  Andrew made a motion that Jim send a letter to the two homeowners notifying them that complaints have been received and that it appears their advertising publishes access to amenities that appear to violate LBA rules and, potentially, Fairfax County rules.  The motion was seconded by Bill Lecos and passed with a unanimous vote of the Board. 

Pat suggested there should be a follow-on motion for the President to appoint an ad hoc committee to recommend a policy to the Board regarding short-term rentals. The Committee should examine how and if the covenants would impact the use of a home for short-term rentals.    The ad hoc committee should also recommend, if this kind of short-term rental is in violation of the covenants, what the enforcements options are and whether the Board should take enforcement action.  Kevin made the motion which was seconded by Frank and it was passed unanimously by the Board.

Robert’s Lot Consolidation –  The Association had received notice from the County that Roberts, the owners of several lots by the dam, wanted to re-consolidate two of them.  Jim determined that there was no basis to object to this, and notified the Board that he had not filed any objection with the County.


IMPROVEMENTS: Frank reported that a tree limb fell on the boat rack at Beach 2 and that repairs are in progress.   Betsy has looking into the issue of planting neighborhood trees as memorials as there seems to be interest in the community.  

Jim reported that WID is taking over maintenance of the Community Garden area, as WID owns 85% of the land.  LBA owns the causeway, between Waterway and Lakeview Drive.  Jim consulted with George Waters, Frank and Betsy and they agreed it would be a workable arrangement, saving LBA $5-6K/year.

ARC: Rick reported that 8 new applications had been received; 7 have been approved and 6 are pending neighbor comments. He noted that several projects had been completed before the paperwork was submitted.  .  Bill Lecos raised an issue regarding the home at 6322 Beachway, which has a dumpster on the lot, causing concern regarding runoff to the lake.  Rick agreed to investigate.

WATER SAFETY:  Andrew is waiting for the end-of-season-report from Kevin Hardy, and hopes to have it for the next Board meeting.  He summarized a great season for the lake, noting that there was a shortage of staff in mid-august as lifeguards started to return to school. The limited staff availability impacted Beach 5 party rentals. 

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Sara reported that the Card Board Race event was a big success, with 12 boats in the competition.  All age groups were represented.  Of the 12 boats, 3 sank and one didn’t get off the dock.  A great time was had by all!  Sara also reported that nearly 150 neighbors attended Movie Night.  The next event will be a holiday lighted boat show.  She noted that signs have been posted for the LBA Civic Affairs meetings. Finally, Sara indicated that she has identified new coordinators of the annual ice cream social, thanks to volunteers Pat Payne, Nancy Firestone and Sally Determan.

COMMUNICATIONS:   Shane reported that the newsletter is progressing fine with the transition to new leadership.  He had received quotes for additional community directories as we only have about 50 left to distribute to new residents.  On the new community emergency notification system, he reported he plans to have Bill, Jim and Kevin do training on the system first. There is free 30-60 minute training available.  Regarding the community website, Sarah Mattingly will update data from members and Bob Gonzalez is working on the contractors list.  Shane has met with our consultants to establish a timeline to complete the project.

Shane also mentioned that he has old LBA directories going back decades and asked where they might be stored.  He also thought they may be a good subject for a newsletter article.

SECURITY:  Kevin has plans to re-invigorate the Neighborhood Watch program and will post a notice on Lakelink.   He will meet with Kim Smith next week to review what had been previously done in this area.  Regarding traffic calming, Kevin will recirculate the recommendations from the previous traffic calming committee regarding waterway stop signs. 

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy reported that all residential trees have been planted, and a river birch will soon be planted at Beach 5. Kevin Hardy has raised concern regarding the safety of the Geese Peace boat, which has a crack in the fiberglass causing the foam in the boat to become saturated and heavy, presenting a risk to our volunteers.   LBA needs a new boat to support the program.   Davis Grant and Kevin Hardy are looking for a replacement boat.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Todd reported the 2016 budget will be similar to 2015 with no anticipated dues increase.  The audit has been initiated and will proceed as planned. The Board will vote on the 2016 budget at the next board meeting.

MEMBERSHIP:  Sara reported that $350 had been collected. 10 lots remain unpaid, and 1,035 have paid.

LEGAL:   Pat is continuing to work with the County regarding residual issues regarding a  quitclaim deed that LBA had given for a property on Beachway.

ADMINISTRATIVE: Bill Lecos made a motion to add Todd West, remove George Waters and keep Chris Lawson as authorized people to access the LBA Bank of America Account. The motion was seconded by Frank Phillips and approved unanimously by the Board. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Cullather