Lake Barcroft  


Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

November 11, 2015

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:40 PM by Board President Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Bill Lecos, Anne Cullather, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Shane Oleson, Todd West, Sara Franco, Sarah Mattingly, Kevin Kampshroer and Rick Aldrich.  Board Member Frank Phillippi was absent.      Guests attending the meeting were George McLennan (WID), Maintenance Co-Chair George Waters and lake residents Joe Jackson and Veronica Angulo.

Jim opened the meeting recognizing it was Chris Lawson’s birthday and the Board wished her well on the occasion.  The meeting then turned to the issues for which guests were in attendance.


George McLennan provided the Board with an update on WID projects, including:

  • Dam Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement – The pistons are corroding and the cylinders must be replaced before they fail.  The outside engineering firm will submit a proposal to WID by mid-December.  This is estimated to be a three year project; the first year will be engineering, the second year construction and the third year installation.  The cost of the project is anticipated to be in the range of $1.1-$1.2 million, which will be covered by the reserves that have been accrued by WID.  There is no anticipated increase in the WID taxes to complete this project.
  • 6200 Lakeview Drive – WID  recently declined a request by the homeowner to abandon or reduce in size a construction easement across nearly the entire lakefront side of the lot.  The easement is needed for dam repair purposes.
  • Lilipads and Spatterdock – WID’s efforts to dig out a section of these plants proved unsuccessful, as they easily break and re-root themselves elsewhere in the Lake.   WID is hoping to identify an expert who can provide guidance on how to address the growth of this plant in the lake.
  • Sewer Pumping Stations – There are two pumping stations in the community the insides of which will be completely replaced.  The pumping station near Crosswoods Circle will be replaced February 2016-July 2016; work on the pumping station near Beach 3 is scheduled for September 2016-March 2017. The County will be replacing the inside mechanics at the pumping stations, installing generators at both sites, and installing a new roof on one of the buildings.  The County will need to take down several trees at the Crosswoods Circle site, and will replace them.  George Waters noted that the County has promised to replace some bushes at the Sleepy Hollow site, which has yet to happen and he asked WID to follow up with the County.   Bill Lecos recommended that there be frequent communication with the LBA community regarding the project.  Jim also noted that the County is installing a weir at the Sleepy Hollow pumping station to  reduce further the likelihood of overflow into Homes Run during intense rain periods. 


  • The Board continued its discussion from last month’s meeting regarding neighborhood requests for traffic controls on Waterway Drive, which would include the installation of stop signs at two locations. A petition was received from the neighbors on Waterway Drive asking to install these stop signs.  Kevin Kampschroer provided background on the issue from the prior Traffic Calming Task Force that had reviewed options for Waterway Drive. Kevin mentioned that VDOT and the County may look more favorably on a request for four-way stop signs, which are safer and less confusing than 3-way stops. Neighbors from Waterway Drive, Veronica Angulo and Joe Jackson, addressed the board regarding their safety concerns for the growing number of children and school buses on that street.
  • A motion was made by Andrew and seconded by Kevin that the Board send a letter to Supervisor Penny Gross requesting that she initiate proceedings with the County and VDOT to install a maximum of two four-way stop signs along Waterway Drive, at the following locations: intersection of Waterway Drive and Cavalier Corridor (in the northbound lane) and also at the intersection of Waterway Drive and Crosswoods Drive (in the southbound lane).    The motion passed unanimously by the Board.  Kevin agreed to draft the letter that Jim will send to Penny Gross.


Pat moved to approve the October Board minutes as amended; Kevin seconded the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously by the Board. 


The community calendar was reviewed and an addition was made for December 20th for the neighborhood caroling and lighted boat show that is planned.


Nominating Committee update – On November 5, Jim circulated an email to Board members requesting approval to hold an electronic vote to approve the members of the nominating committee.  By November 6, electronic votes had been received from all Board members approving unanimously the use of electronic voting on this issue and also approving unanimously the slate of candidates for the nominating committee, which will include:

Sally Determan - Co-chair
Sarah Mattingly - Co-chair
Jennifer Talati - Edgewater Dr. (North)
Stuart Feldstein - Dockser Terr (South)
Pat Payne - Mansfield Rd. (North)
Paul Mulligan - Waterway Dr. (Middle)

Sarah indicated the Committee hoped to convene a meeting on Monday, November 16.  Board members who would like to suggest candidates for the open Board seats should suggest them by the end of November.


Andrew provided a powerpoint presentation regarding an LBA/WID assessment of beach erosion issues and the safety issues created by the deep drop-offs that result from sand that is washed from the beach into the lake.  The erosion at Beach 4 is exacerbated by run-off from Duff drive through the parking lot and over the beach.  The LBA/WID group recommends installing curbs and swails to re-direct the water in another direction past the boat racks.  Another issue has been identified at Beach 3, where a continuously wet area impares the ability of emergency vehicles to access the beach.  Funding for the projects will come from the capital reserves, so it will not impact the expense budget. The projects will be reviewed with the community at the next annual meeting.


Pat reported that a third property in Lake Barcroft has been identified on the Air BNB website.  Pat indicated that she was working on a letter  for Jim to send the homeowners, as discussed at the last board meeting. But she has since determined that the letter should be generated and sent to the homeowners by LBA’s outside counsel.  She will also ask our outside counsel to   review the situation and, if they are in agreement that this is a violation of LBA covenants and/or county law, send a letter to that effect to the residents who are advertising their homes for shot-term rentals on AirBnB or similar sites. Pat will also ask our outside counsel to provide an advisory memo to the Board regarding Air BNB operations in the context of LBA covenants.


Based on input he had previously received from Board members, Todd presented a draft budget to the Board for its review and approval.  Regarding revenue-generating items in the budget, Todd asked the Board if LBA planned to impose boat fees on smaller water vessels, such as stand-up paddle boards and child-size kayaks. Because this issue was being raised for the first time, the issue was deferred to a future meeting.

Todd noted that $5000 was added to the budget for the ARC Committee, which desired to hire an intern to assist with the administrative processes of the Committee.  Rick indicated he would like to hire someone for 20 hours/week for 6 months during the peak season for a total of $5000 to assist in processing the paperwork associated with ARC applications.  Concerns were raised about whether the position would be an independent contractor or an LBA employee; it was determined they would be an employee of the association.  Ultimately, the Board agreed to include the increased amount in the budget for planning purposes, but with the understanding the Board would consider afresh whether such a position was warranted at a later date. 

Bill made a motion that the budget be accepted, which was seconded by Kevin.  The motion passed with a vote of 10 Yeas, 1 Nay and two absent.  


VDOT at Barcroft Plaza – Jim reported that Delegate Kaye Kory has been in Richmond meeting with VDOT, and that the location selection process is completed and it is a “done deal”.  DMV had lost their lease at their  Four Mile Run location and needed to find a new location for a center. There is a second center being opened in Falls Church to help absorb the workload, and DMV is making a concerted effort to have consumers utilize their on-line portals to obtain services rather than driving to a center location. 


ARC: Rick reported that 8 new applications had been received; 6 have been approved and one had been partially disapproved due to limitations on front-yard fences and fence height in side and back yards. The McManus family had submitted a revised application to reflect modifications they have made to the design of their planned renovation. Their neighbors continued to oppose the renovation plans and ARC approved the project over the objections. The neighbors did not appeal the ARC approval.  Regarding the issue at 3411 Greentree Drive, where a tent has been installed on the property, Rick has sent a letter to the homeowner and the trustee and is awaiting a reply

WATER SAFETY:  Kevin Hardy’s year-end report is included in the Board package.  It was recommended that Andrew ask Kevin to revise portions of the report for publication.

MEMBERSHIP:  Sarah reported that $50 had been collected. 9 lots remain unpaid. She also mentioned that Cindy Waters requested information about the volunteer opportunities be included with the annual invoices, as the Board has done in the past, when 2016 billing statements are mailed to the community.

SPECIAL EVENTS:   Sara reported that she has 2 volunteers to coordinate the holiday caroling event, scheduled for December 20.  There will also be a new lighted holiday boat show along with the caroling.  George Waters expressed concern regarding permitting smaller vessels to participate in this event at this time of the year due to temperature.  It was also felt that we needed to confirm that this event would be covered by our insurance prior to announcing it to the community.  Chris will check with our agent and will ensure that the events are added to coverage by the LBA insurance policy prior to Sara notifying the community.

COMMUNICATIONS:   Shane reported that he is working on the addendum for the LBA directories.  He is also working on the migration work required between the old and new websites. They are making progress on updating the membership spreadsheets, and he is working with Bob Gonzalez on importing the contractor’s list.    He indicated that the newsletter was going well, and he is continuing to work to identify training dates for the Swift 911 emergency alert service.  Shane anticipates that the website should be completed by the end of the year.

SECURITY:  Kevin has received Neighborhood Watch material from Fairfax County Police Officer O’Leary, which he will circulate next week.  He hopes to schedule an organizational meeting for Neighborhood Watch volunteers before the holidays.  Regarding relationships with Fairfax County police, he reported that neighbors are looking for more communication and feedback from the police in response to security/vandalism incidents. Chris reported that there are a large number of cars and commercial vehicles parking on Pinetree Terrace at night. Andrew informed the Board that the neighbors are working with Penny Gross’ office to implement permit parking requirements on that street.  

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy reported that she has raised $1500 for the tree donation program.  All trees have been planted.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Todd reported that the auditor will be meeting with Chris on Monday, 11/16, in regard to this year’s audit.  Federal and state tax returns for 2014 are being filed this week. 

IMPROVEMENTS: George reported that a new stone retaining wall has been installed at Beach 1, and that a tree fell on a canoe and boat rack at Beach 2 and the boat rack is being repaired.

The meeting adjourned at 10:24 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Cullather