Lake Barcroft  


Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

December 9, 2015

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:35 PM by Board President Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Bill Lecos, Anne Cullather, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Shane Oleson, Todd West, Frank Phillippi, Sarah Mattingly, Kevin Kampshroer and Rick Aldrich.  Board Member Sara Franco was absent.     Chris Lawson was also in attendance.  Guests attending the meeting were Eva Koszarab, and Maintenance Co-Chair George Waters

Pat moved to approve the November minutes as amended; Andrew seconded the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously by the Board.

The community calendar was reviewed, and updates were made regarding the December 12 Newcomer’s club holiday party and the February 20th Chili cook-off.


Quit Claim Deeds-- Pat Payne and Eva Kotzarab informed the Board that Fairfax County has refused to record a quitclaim deed that LBA granted to the owners of 6323 Beachway Drive transferring to them a strip of lakefront property formed when LBA’s predecessor deposited dredged spoils on the shoreline many years ago.  The County views this transfer as a subdivision that requires an accompanying survey of the property.  Pat estimated the costs associated with this “subdivision” could range up to $2,000 per property.   It was noted that the matter does not arise in all sales of lakefront properties, often depending on the requirements of the title insurance company. There seemed to be a consensus that until a systemic address of the issue can be developed that the problem would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and that costs associated with any resolution would be the responsibility of the property owner and paid in advance.  Following discussion, the Board agreed to initiate contact with Penny Gross’ office to assess whether there were any other possible approaches the Board could take with the County.  The Board will give further consideration how to deal with this unexpected dilemma. 

Lenid Day Care on Beachway Drive – Board members had received complaints from the community regarding a day care facility operating in a home on Beachway Drive. Questions were raised whether this operation violates the LBA covenants, which limit the use of homes to private, single family residences and impose limitations on the operation of businesses in homes in the community.  Bill Lecos recommended that the first step should be for Fairfax County staff to ascertain whether or not the property is in compliance with the county code. 

AirBnB – continued complaints have come in from neighbors regarding the listing and advertising of short-term rentals by residents of Lake Barcroft.  A cease and desist letter will be sent by Pat to the homeowners in the community who are listing and advertising  their homes  for short-term rentals in AirBnB.  Pat reported that she will continue to work with the LBA's outside legal counsel regarding possible enforcement actions that should be considered by the next incoming Board.

Nominating Committee update – The Nominating Committee submitted a slate of 10 candidates to run for 6 open Board seats in the February election.  The candidates are:  Mike Mitchell, Kevin Howe, Brian Allen, Susan Escobar, David Emerson, Matt Bush, Moe Jafari, Alfredo Aunon, Bill Lecos and George Waters.  Bill moved to approve the slate of candidates which was seconded by Kevin and approved unanimously by the Board.

Additional Stop Signs on Waterway Drive -- Kevin provided Jim a draft letter to send to VDOT regarding the safety issues along Waterway Drive and the need to install additional stop signs.  Bill and George participated in the review and editing of the letter.  Jim indicated the letter would be sent on 12/10.


February Annual Meeting – the Board agreed the annual meeting would be schedule on Tuesday, February 16, 2016.  Chris has space reserved at Belvedere Elementary School.

Pine Tree Parking -- The Board discussed the issue of commercial and other vehicles being parked on Pinetree Terrace, creating problems for the residents on that street.  Andrew indicated that a survey is in progress with the neighbors in order to calculate the number of cars/trucks on the street and the space they occupy.  Andrew will draft a letter for LBA to send to the County at the appropriate time in support of any permit parking restrictions the residents request. 

DMV at Barcroft Plaza -- Kevin provided a summary of the community meeting held on 12/3 with representatives of DMV as well as county and state officials to discuss community concerns regarding the location of a new DMV service center at Barcroft Plaza.  We will continue to participate in ongoing discussions on this issue.

ARC Report -- Rick reported the ARC has received 4 new applications; 5 pending applications had been approved and one is still pending.  Rick is writing a newsletter article reviewing the new ARC guidelines and the experience of the Committee since in implementing those guidelines.  

Rick also reported that he had received a letter from Lark Lovering regarding drainage issues being caused by nearby renovations in their neighborhood.  Jim received the same letter and he, Pat and Rick will discuss how to respond.

Rick closed his report with an update regarding the property on Greentree where a large tent has been erected on the driveway.  The County had declined to intervene in the situation.  The ARC had sent a letter to the homeowner and trustee but has not received a response.  Rick will continue to pursue. Rick reported that there are 3 other ARC violations for which he is preparing notice letters to the homeowners.


Water Safety - Andrew reported that Kevin Hardy’s year-end report has been finalized and submitted to the Board.

Membership - Sarah reported that $350 had been collected in transfer fees. Only nine lots remain unpaid. Bills for this year’s dues have been mailed.  The due date for payment of 2016 fees is  January 1, 2016.

Special Events -   In Sara’s absence, Jim reminded the Board regarding the December 20th caroling event and holiday boat parade.

Communications -    Shane updated the Board on efforts to schedule training for Board members on the emergency notification system, and progress on the website upgrades. 

Security -   Kevin reported that he has had discussions with police regarding their responsiveness to neighborhood issues.  He also spoken with Kat O’Leary in the police department regarding neighborhood watch initiatives, and the department will be scheduling a meeting after the holidays.

Environmental Quality -  Betsy had no  updates to report.

Treasurer’s Report – Todd reported that the expenditures are tracking close to last year, with a projected surplus of $75,000 by the year end.  The audit has been completed and Todd is awaiting receipt of the report.  Taxes have been filed. Todd reported on a situation with the Bank in which one payroll check was cashed twice -- once at a teller and a second time at an ATM machine.  The bank issued LBA a credit, however it raised a discussion of the benefits of establishing direct deposit arrangements for our lifeguard staff. The cost is $1.85 per check, and the Board directed Todd to move forward and establishing the direct deposit arrangements for processing lifeguard paychecks. 

Legal - Subsumed under the prior reports under Old Business.

Improvements  - George reported that a new stone retaining wall has been installed at Beach 1, and that a tree fell on a canoe and boat rack at Beach 2 and the boat rack is being repaired.

The meeting adjourned at 10:24 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Cullather