Lake Barcroft  


Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

January 13, 2016

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:32 PM by President Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Bill Lecos, Anne Cullather, Pat Payne, Frank Phillippi, Sara Franco, Shane Oleson, Todd West, Rick Aldrich, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo, Sarah Mattingly and Kevin Kampschroer.  Betsy Washington was not present.  Lake residents Ron and Wanda Martinson, Bill Cook, Ralph Smalley, Jytte and Bob Gibson and Sara Ratliff were also in attendance.


The minutes of December 9, 2015 were reviewed, and Pat made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Bill.  The Board unanimously approve the minutes as amended.

The Board calendar was reviewed and clarifications were made regarding the Women’s Club Home and Garden Tour, the Women’s Club wine tasting event, and the Newcomer’s Club Chili cook-off scheduled for February 20th.


WATERWAY – STOP SIGNS:  Jim reviewed the history of the Board’s prior consideration of a request by concerned residents that the Board ask VDOT to install stop signs at certain Waterway intersections for the safety of children going to and from designated bus stops, a request first made at the October Board meeting; the subsequent petition received from these neighbors and further discussion that occurred at the November Board meeting where other residents supporting the petition appeared; the December 14, 2015 letter that Jim wrote to VDOT at the Board’s direction requesting VDOT to examine the issue and install stop signs if VDOT deemed it appropriate; and Ron Martinson’s January 5, 2016, letter to the Board asking the Board to rescind its December 14 letter or have VDOT suspend consideration of the request while the community considered other alternatives.  Lake residents attending the meeting in opposition to the stop signs included Ron and Wanda Martinson, Bill Cook, Ralph Smalley, and Jytte and Bob Gibson.  Jim then introduced Ron to speak.  Ron summarized the letter he had sent the Board in opposition to the installation of stop signs along Waterway.  Photos of the intersections were circulated. Bill Cook proposed an alternative to the stop signs – trimming bushes  at one of the intersections which blocked sight-lines as they are on VDOT property.    Ron asked the Board to rescind the letter LBA had sent to VDOT and convene a community meeting to discuss the issue.  Wanda addressed the process that took place by the Board.  Ralph Smalley noted that under general highway safety guidelines, stop signs should not be installed at these intersections.  Jim indicated that he would like to complete discussions with VDOT to see what they would recommend to address the safety issues along Waterway.  Discussion of the issue went on for approximately 50 minutes.  Ron thanked the Board for its consideration of the matter and then he and his group left. 

BEACHWAY DAY CARE:  Because the Board had received a number of questions from Lake residents regarding whether the new day care operation on Beachway Drive was operating lawfully, Bill Lecos discussed this issue with Supervisor Penny Gross. It was confirmed that the residents had received a county permit to operate a day care business.  One compliance issue was identified by the County, which was the yard sign they had erected; when it was identified to be in violation of the County rules, it was taken down.  There was a question as to whether there is a resident in the household, or whether the home was being used as a daycare center with no one actually living in the home. The County will re-inspect the center to ensure there is a resident  in the home, and LBA will await the outcome. 

AIRBNB UPDATE:  Pat spoke to LBA counsel who is preparing a legal analysis for the Board..  Letters have been sent to the 4 residents advertising on AirBNB to notify them that they were in violation of the community covenants.  Three have responded and agreed to immediately remove their ads from the AirBNB site.  The fourth resident is developing a response which should be forthcoming this week.

BROOKS PLACE DEVELOPMENT UPDATE:  Jim gave a quick update to the Board.  A trial has been held in early November and an oral decision issued. A new Judge assigned determined there was no violation of the Malbrook covenants..  The Malbrook owners plan to appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court.


PREPARATION FOR ANNUAL MEETING:  The LBA annual meeting is scheduled for February 16.  The agenda for the annual meeting was discussed.  Officer O’Leary will be asked to address security.  Sarah requested Sandy Evans discuss the recent school budget issues.

HOMELESS SHELTER:  Sarah raised the issue of what will become of the homeless shelter currently located within the “Southeast Quadrant” development site located on the east side of Columbia Pike near Bailey’s Crossroads.   Bill reported on recent county meetings on the subject that he had attended.  Integral to the development moving forward is a land swap between the county and a private developer.  This requires relocation of the existing homeless shelter.  The county has said that the shelter will be relocated, not closed.  There are three sites under consideration for interim or permanent location of the shelter, all within Mason District.  

STOP SIGN ISSUE:   The Board resumed discussion of the issues regarding additional stop signs along Waterway.  Pat discussed what the Board has been asked to do:  Suspend the letter or have VDOT suspend activity.  Jim suggested asking VDOT for their opinion on safety issues.  

A motion was made by Kevin and seconded by Andrew to maintain the letter as sent to VDOT and await their response.  The motion passed unanimously.

BOARD MINUTES:  Jim noted that several lake residents who had come to prior Board meetings to raise issues of compliance by other lake residents with county law or Association covenants were concerned that their names were appearing in Board minutes even though they had not asked to speak to the Board in confidential manner.  The Board discussed and determined that since the Board meetings are public meetings, it was appropriate to identify residents who speak at Board meetings without any prior request for confidentiality. 


IMPROVEMENTS:  Frank reported that he is under budget for the year.

ARC:  Rick reported 2 applications have been received since last  month.  A total of 72 applications were received in 2015.  The ARC is receiving more complaints about non-compliance issues especially regarding seawalls and docks.  Rick also mentioned that several homeowners have recently made significant modifications to house designs  after ARC approval has been given without seeking approval for the new modifications.  He indicated there are three offenders that he will refer to the Board.  Two ARC committee members are leaving the committee so he has posted a notice on lakelink requesting volunteers to serve on the committee.

WATER SAFETY:  Andrew reported that Kevin Hardy submitted an amended year-end report. 

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Sara reported the holiday caroling and boat lighting event was a success. 

PUBLICATIONS:  Shane reported that reprints of the current directory are expected to be completed in the next several weeks (these will buttress our supply until the new 2017 directory is available).     Shane is also working on getting a workable online payment system set up for the LBA website.

SECURITY:  Kevin gave a brief report.  He relayed concerns about recent incidents to the police.  

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy was out-of-town, so there was no report. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Todd said dues payments have been coming in, so income receipts are doing well.  .  Chris reported that she had deposited over $150,000 in December alone from annual dues payments.  The audit is still underway.  Andrew asked about the status of the reserve accounts and whether the auditor has any concerns regarding them. .  Jim stated LBA has 3 different reserve accounts in the amount of approximately $400,000.  Jim asked Todd to check with the auditor.

MEMBERSHIP:  Sarah reported 583 lots paid at this time up from 497 last year.  $200 received in $50 transfer fees.

LEGAL:  Pat referenced the recent situation in which the county has refused to allow the recording of a quitclaim deed from LBA to a lakefront homeowner because the county attorney deems it to be a subdivision of LBA property.  Bill has raised this issue with Supervisor Gross’ office, which is looking into the matter.  The homeowner has not yet asked LBA to pursue the subdivision.  We would expect the homeowner to pay the cost of subdivision if that becomes necessary.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:51 PM.