Lake Barcroft  


Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

March 15, 2016

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:32 PM by President Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virgnia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Bill Lecos, Anne Cullather, Todd West, Rick Aldrich, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo, Sara Franco, Kevin Kampschroer, Brian Allen, David Emmerson, Susan Escobar, Kevin Howe and George Waters.  Sarah Mattingly was not present.  Lake Manager Chris Lawson was also present.  Lake residents George Erikson, Marilyn Finley, George McLennan and Andrea Podeschi attended. 

Introductions and welcome of new Board members took place. 

MINUTES:  The minutes of February 10, 2016 were reviewed.  Kevin made a motion to approve as presented, which was seconded by Sara Franco and agreed to unanimously by the board.

The minutes from the annual membership meeting of February 23, 2016 were amended to add Todd’s name to the treasurer’s report.  The minutes will be presented for approval by the membership at the next annual meeting.

CALENDAR REVIEW:  The community calendar was reviewed without modification.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  George Waters made a motion for the following slate of officers:

Bill Lecos as President, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo as Vice President, Anne Cullather as Secretary and Todd West as Treasurer.  The motion was seconded by Kevin.  All voted in favor. George thanked Jim on behalf of the Board for all of his years of service to the community and Jim turned the gavel over to Bill.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS:  The following committee assignments were made:

Architectural Review Committee Chair:  Kevin Kampschroer
Community Watch/Security Chair:  Susan Escobar
Environmental Quality Chair:  Kevin Howe
Finance/Audit Chair:  Todd West
Maintenance/Improvements Co Chairs:  George Waters & Brian Allen
Legal Chair:  Dave Emmerson
Membership Chair:  Rick Aldrich
Publications/Communications Chair:  Sarah Mattingly
Special Events Chair:  Sara Franco
Water Safety/Beach Maintenance Chair:  Andrew Casolini Dal Bo


TRAFFIC ISSUES:  George Erikson discussed two issues with the Board:  1) 3 speed tables that are to be installed on Patrick Henry and 2) the principle of fairness in addressing traffic issues, with the board representing ALL residents and providing fair notice and a fair process to engage residents.  Regarding the Patrick Henry speed tables, Mr. Erickson   asked the Board to send a letter to Fairfax County Transportation requesting that LB residents in the middle section of the community be included in the ballot area for voting on the speed tables.  A lengthy discussion took place. Under the current rules, 37 LBA residents on Beachway and Potterton will be included in the ballot area since their homes are close enough to Patrick Henry to be in the ballot area; Mr. Erickson’s proposal would expand the ballot area to include 300 homes in the middle section of Lake Barcroft. Several board members advised that LBA should defer to the Ravenswood homeowner’s association on this issue since they have been working the issue for their neighborhood for the past two years and it would be unfair to change the rules as the end of the process. It was also noted that LBA should defer to Ravenswood for the best solution for their neighborhood given the safety issue for their residents. It was the sense of the Board that no letter should be sent regarding the speed bumps planned for installation on Patrick Henry.

Regarding community engagement, Bill added engaging the membership is important and discussed the best way of doing this.  He said he would like to post the draft agenda on the website a week before the Board meeting.  Bill discussed electronic voting which requires a unanimous agreement to vote electronically.

He discussed when matters come up with issues on both sides, that all sides are given fair notice. Anne raised a question about exploring ways to shorten the timeframe for Board approval of meeting minutes so that they can be published electronically on the website – possibly by using electronic approval procedures.  The issue was suspended and Bill asked all members to reflect on ideas over the coming month so that the issue can be revisited at the April Board meeting.

WID REPORT:  George McLennan stated that dredging would begin this week beginning with Tripp’s Run and then Holmes Run. He also provided the Board with an update on the project to replace the Hydraulic Cylinders on the dam.  Engineering and Design will take place from November, 2015 – June 2016; Procurement and Manufacturing, 2016-July, 2017; and installation in 2017-2018.  WID is soliciting expressions of interest from hydraulic manufacturing companies including 9-10 fabricators, manufacturers, and/or system integrators.  George also updated the Board on the renovations to the neighborhood sewer pumping stations at Beach 3 and also at Crosswoods Circle. Kickoff on this project will begin shortly. Bill Lecos mentioned that neighbors had expressed concern about the contractor cleaning their equipment with high-pressure hoses, and George Waters raised an issue regarding landscaping.  George McLennan indicated that the county has a landscaping plan for the two stations. 

George McLennan informed the Board that Chuck deSeve is stepping down as a WID Trustee, creating a vacancy. The WID has issued an open call to the community for a new trustee, and candidates are invited to attend the WID monthly planning meetings.  He reviewed the job criteria with the Board.   A committee will be formed consisting of two representatives from LBA and two from the WID.  George Waters asked to review the old minutes that defined the selection process for trustees, and George McLennan and Bill Lecos will work together to provide those details. The actual appointment is made by the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District.  Finally, George mentioned that the annual WID meeting is scheduled for April 14 at Fortune Restaurant and invited all Board members to attend.

TAX ASSESSMENTS:  Dave addressed the issue of the recent real estate tax assessments and the increase in taxes.  Significant analysis would be required to make a case that the community was taxed unfairly. It was felt this was not a Board issue but an individual homeowner issue. 

AirBNB – Lake resident Andrea Podeschi addressed the board regarding her concerns related to security issues related to AirBNB operations in the lake community.

LBA NEWSLETTER - Marilyn Finley discussed the newsletter, requesting feedback from board members on the newsletter.    She would like to post the newsletter to the LBA website and plans to change who is doing layout and production of the newsletter.  Bill will schedule a follow-up meeting with Marilyn to discuss the details. 



TREASURER’S REPORT:  Todd gave his report.  Our income slightly trails from last year. Transfer of funds to the asset replacement reserve account will be discussed with the accountant. The last element to finalize the audit is pending Jim’s review.

MEMBERSHIP:  Chris reported that 5 membership transfer fees were received in the month of February for a total received of $250.  Currently 954 lots have paid their 2016 fees and 91 are outstanding (which compares to 104 this time last year).

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW:  Kevin Kampschroer gave a brief report. There were no new applications received; one pending application was revised for a seawall and deck project.

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE:  Andrew and a team have been working on the replacement of the geese peace boat as well as a lifeguard boat.  They have identified options and are in the process of obtaining quotes for boats and motors. A Honda motor and a Lowe roughneck boat have been looked at.  $8,500 is one quote received, which includes a trailer, and he is waiting for a second bid.  He was given Board approval to move forward. Marilyn indicated the high school crew team may be interested in one of LBA’s old boats for their crew coach; Andrew will evaluate the safety of the vessel for such use.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Sara reported she is recruiting new volunteers for Sand Day.  Kevin Kampschroer reported that his daughter is working on a new launching pad for the fireworks. She is developing a mock-up, which will be tested with a small group before purchasing the equipment needed to retrofit the racks for the Fourth of July.    Kevin Howe will put a notice on Lakelink looking for volunteers for the fireworks show.

COMMUNICATIONS & PUBLICATIONS:  Bill discussed the amount of work involved on this committee.  A meeting will take place on Monday to discuss transition issues with Sarah, Shane, Bill and Chris.

IMPROVEMENTS:  George Waters reported a minor repair that he made to the boat rack at Beach 3.  He also reported on erosion at the Beaches.  He also discussed storm sewer flooding that impacted homeowners and his request to VDOT to clean out the area in front of Beach 2.  He will have a meeting at Penny Gross’ office with state and county officials to discuss options.  George will coordinate with Andrew, Brian Allen and Davis Grant on a potential solution to propose to VDOT.  Rhetorically he suggested LBA might consider whether LBA and WID should mitigate VDOT budget constraints by contributing towards the repair of a median that is not owned by LBA but is owned by VDOT. He is also talking to VDOT about sponsoring a demonstration project within LBA to address storm water issues that are impacting street deterioration.  The possibility of finding a grant to fund such a project was discussed.

SECURITY:  Kevin Kampschroer discussed the Neighborhood Watch and traffic slow down signs that will be obtained from the county. He has received approximately 35 requests for such signs.

Marilyn thanked the Board on behalf of the JEB Stuart crew team.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Kevin Howe reported that Earth Day will be held April 24.David Grant will join the barge cruise and the Jeb Stuart crew team will be selling food.  Marilyn thank the Board on behalf of the crew team for being allowed to use the lake for practice.

LEGAL:  Dave reported that he met with Pat and Bill.  Bill updated the Board about the recent requests for Quit Claims regarding waterfront properties that, due to dredging back in the 60’s, had soil placed on the edge of their property that expanded the property lines.  He informed the Board that future issues will be handled on an individual case basis.


Anne made a motion that was seconded by Todd, for the Board to enter in Executive session for the purpose of discussing 1) ARC enforcement issues and 2) Air BNB issues. Once the Executive Session was adjourned, the following votes were taken by the Board regarding issues discussed in Executive Session:

Kevin Howe moved that the Board accept the ARC recommendation to bring in homeowners for a hearing consistent with the policy and procedures of ARC and the Board, which hearing will be scheduled once a letter has been sent to the homeowners involved.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Andrew made a motion to authorize an expenditure of up to $5,000 for additional legal advice to the Board on the Air BNB issue; the motion was seconded by George Waters and approved unanimously.

Bill concluded the meeting with a discussion of scheduling a Board Pot Luck dinner.  Susan Escobar offered her home, and a date will be scheduled.  The Board meeting adjourned at 10:55 PM. 

Respectfully submitted by,

Anne Cullather