Real Estate Sales Signs

Last year (2001) the LBA board established a policy for signs in the LBA community. We also sent a letter to Real Estate agents explaining this policy. If any member of the community has a problem with a sign in Lake Barcroft, they should bring this to the attention of a board member for follow-up action.

Here is the letter we sent to to Real Estate agents.

Dear ____,

Thank you for your cooperation in following the Fairfax County regulations regarding the size and placement of signs in the Lake Barcroft Community. Over the last month many Real Estate agencies strictly adhered to the Fairfax County regulations respecting our wish to reduce the proliferation and increasing size of signs in the Lake Barcroft community. We also appreciated that most Real Estate Agencies placed directional signs only when there was an open house and removed these signs after the open house period ended.

Some realty companies have explained that the new Lake Barcroft sign policy to strictly abide by County regulations is too costly to implement in the short term since they depend on riders to supplement the for sale sign. Also, some agencies wanted time to work with Fairfax County to have the County adopt a more practical policy for the Real Estate industry or redesign their signage systems to comply with county regulations. So we have taken a second look at our policy.

Our goal is a beautiful Lake Barcroft community. We also recognize that signs provide an important function in our community. We post many of our own signs for special events and meeting. So here is our new approach to signs in Lake Barcroft. Our policy is that each member of the community and real estate agents assisting them to sell their homes use good judgment in the placement and size of their signs. For example, a rider providing the name and phone number of the agent seems to be reasonable. When special circumstances require a second rider to convey important information then this too may be acceptable, but we hope you will show some restraint in this regard. Please place directional signs only during an open house and then remove the signs after the open house. If a member of our community has a problem with a sign, they will contact the County or ask the Lake Barcroft Association board to review their complaint. If we find the sign to be particularly egregious we will write you a letter or call you to let you know about the problem. Our expectation is that you will make the necessary adjustment or remove the offending sign.

My hope is that you and other real estate companies will work closely with Fairfax County to develop sign standards or designs that meet our objective of a beautiful Lake Barcroft recognizing the practical needs of the real estate industry to provide information at the site to potential home buyers. I will be happy to work with you on this project.

Again, thank you for your cooperation.

With kind regards,

M. David Feld
Lake Barcroft Association

CC: Supervisor Penny Gross