To: President George McLennan & LBA Board

From: LB Traffic Committee

Date: August 11, 2003

Re: Traffic Solutions


The traffic committee would like to engage the LBA and President George McLennan in relieving the neighborhood traffic worries. Our concerns are many but we believe the following 3 areas are of high concern and low in disagreements. The following actions are therefore requested:


         1. Stop Sign & Crosswalk at Beach 3; currently there is a stop sign at Stoneybrae and Waterway but not for the Waterway traffic. Beach 3 happens to be the most populated by the community as a whole and with many children, families and elder residents using this area it is best to look after their safety. The blind spots 50 yards in either direction of Beachway (Stoneybrae intersection) are a source of concern, by placing a stop sign and marked crosswalk, the LBA will ensure the communities safety.


         2. Stop Sign & Crosswalk at Beach 2; Although there is not a cross street at Lakeview/Beach 2 ; many residents have complained about the need for a reduction in speed as well as safe area to cross to and from the parking lot. Lakeview’s curves and hills place a great deal of blind spots at/near Beach 2 crossing, assisting drivers and residents alike in placement of a stop sign will help both. Placing a stop and marked crosswalk will give clear defined areas for walking and allow the drivers to slow the pace on Lakeview.


         3. Stop Sign at Edgewater and Beachway; this area has a history, recent and past regarding speeding, and driver error. Belief is that a stop sign at the bottom of the hill with street markings will prevent some of the carelessness. The Beachway study was done some years back and had difficulty in passing a majority for the local residents. However the neighborhood has had dramatic changes in demographics in the last 4 years and our belief is that this is the time to introduce such a measure. This, we believe, would also be the least obtrusive to the surrounding neighborhood.


a.    The Group would also like to have LBA consider Speed Tables on Beachway either with or instead of stop sign. The main reason is that the hill on Beachway and the traffic pattern to the high school during the school year warrants the use. Speeding along the street has produced several well advertised accidents as well as incidents of driver mishap.

b.    Speed Tables are much more accommodating to calming traffic as opposed to stopping. The driver can engage at 20-25 miles per hour with out jarring, (table Not a hump). This has been successful in OldTown Alexandria and Arlington. The information can be reviewed on the web at .


We welcome LBA’s advice on proceedings and actions.





Moe Jafari

Traffic Chair