Date of Walk:
June 25, 2009

The Task Force participated in its entirety. Observers’ names were collected by Clara Pizana of Supervisor Gross’ office. Observers were: Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, John Frank, Bill Cook, Chris Pablionia, Ramon Garcia, George Erikson, and Kim Smith. The two Fairfax County transportation people were: Steve Knudsen and Bill Harrell. The transportation official from VDoT was Guy Mullinax.

The TF presented the proposals by targeted area while walking along the road. The following is a summary of the proposals, keyed to the nearest intersection.

Potterton Bridge and Waterway Drive:

TF Concept/Proposal: Create an island at the intersection that would require a more defined left turn from the bridge onto Waterway Drive. The island could be triangular in shape, so that traffic entering Waterway Drive would make a much more defined turn, rather than the curve there now. Add a crosswalk across Potterton at the intersection, with appropriate pedestrian crossing warnings, and use of differentiated paving (impressed brick pattern & different color, for example). According to the guidelines there is sufficient room in the intersection for a traffic circle. The island (circle) could be small enough to cause people to slow down and still have room to turn the corner.
Transportation Comment: A better solution would be a three-way stop. In addition to the existing stop sign from Waterway Drive onto Waterway Drive, add stop signs on Waterway Drive travelling NW (toward the bridge) and on Potterton at the end of the bridge. Install a crosswalk between the two ADA ramps already in the sidewalks on either side of the street. The DoT believe this would provide more traffic calming.

Waterway Drive and Stoneybrae Drive:
TF Concept/Proposal: Install a crosswalk between the two sidewalks on the side of Stoneybrae and on the lake side of Waterway. Use differentiated paving (impressed brick pattern & different color, for example). Install curve and pedestrian crossing warning signs.
Transportation Comment: The crosswalk might be possible, but would be difficult, potentially impossible within the guidelines. A stop sign at this intersection would not be possible if there is a tree-way stop at the Potterton/Waterway intersection. DoT would not consider the two intersections one intersection for purposes of pushing the stop sign on Waterway back from the Potterton intersection to the Stoneybrae intersection (i.e., a three-way stop on Waterway (existing), Potterton (new) and on Waterway at Stoneybrae going toward the bridge (new).

Waterway Drive in front of Beach 5:
TF Concept/Proposal: Differentiated paving to show likely pedestrian activity. Alternatively, street painting to show the same.
Transportation Comment: Will look at possibility of warning signs.

Waterway Drive before curve (both directions) at the intersection with Waterway Place:
TF Concept/Proposal: Curve signs are not visible before entering the sharp curve. Add warning signs from both directions.
Transportation Comment: VaDoT will come back & make a complete safety assessment of Waterway Drive. Seemed receptive to improving curve warnings.

Waterway Drive and Crosswoods Drive:
TF Concept/Proposal: Install traffic circle at the intersection, allowing much safer turns from Crosswoods onto Waterway, particularly going in the direction of the lake (on Crosswoods). This avoids stop signs, improves safety, signals the almost blind intersection (as viewed from waterway travelling from Beach 5 toward Beach3), and avoids putting impediments coming uphill on Waterway.
Transportation Comment: Problem with the utilities in the street (sewer access manhole and two water cut-offs. Proposed speed table. Concerned about the turning radius. Rejected three-way stop (as only 4-way stops are allowed) (TF does not want to consider requiring a stop coming uphill from Cavalier Corridor to Crosswoods.

Waterway Drive between Cavalier Corridor & Half Moon Circle:
TF Concept/Proposal: The TF asked for advice from the transportation officials, because we had identified problems on both sides of the divided road, but none of the traffic calming methods identified in the traffic calming guidelines seemed to address the problem, or seemed to be possible given the road configuration.
Transportation Comment: An option would be to install speed tables on each side of the road, at the crest of the hill, in front of 6359 and 6358 Waterway. Could not construct chicanes, move the roadway, alter the intersection (with Cavalier Corridor) or otherwise change the road. Did not see possibility of adding anything to slow traffic at the intersection with Half Moon Circle (either intersection).

Waterway Drive at Beach 3 & Stoneybrae:
TF Concept/Proposal: Add painted crosswalks on both sides of Stoneybrae Drive. Use differentiated pavement.
Transportation Comment: Crosswalks would not be allowed, but the existing one—which would not be permitted under current rules because there is no sidewalk on the side of the street—will likely be re-painted the next time the street is re-painted.

Other ideas from the task force:
1. Only two speed limit signs on the whole of Waterway Drive, one actually on Dearborn; add speed limit signs.
2. Increase signs on the road warning of curves ahead.
3. Add $200 additional fine for speeding.
4. Signs for blind entrances, driveways, intersections.
5. Other ideas from the transportation officials:
6. Posted signs at the entrance of the neighborhood that reinforce speed limit as 25 (not 35), residential nature, and children present. Also school bus stops.

Prepared by Waterway Drive Traffic Calming Task Force 6-29-9