Traffic Calming Task Force for Waterway Drive


September 1, 2008

After being briefed by VDOT representatives in the office of Supervisor Penny Gross, the county-developed Traffic Calming Task Force for Waterway Drive has conducted a meeting to determine how to proceed with our mission. Members of this Task Force are: Steve Veroneau, Kevin Kampschroer and Donna James (representing the “affected area”), Kimberly Wilkins (representing the “impacted” area and Samuel Rothman (representing the “naysayers”). All members were in attendance and Stuart Feldstein attended as a non-voting liaison from the LBA Board.

At this meeting, the following decisions were made:

Kevin was elected chair.

Donna agreed to serve as secretary.

Sam will serve as liaison to the LBA newsletter.

Sam will check on the newsletter schedule for submissions and mailing.

Stuart will ask if another “naysayer” can temporarily sit in for Sam while he is on vacation Sept. 6-24.

The Task Force is a short-term entity of Mason District tasked with reviewing the “devices” available from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for traffic calming and providing information to the community on which if any are possible to implement. The Lake Barcroft Association takes no position regarding the Task Force.

The Task Force has also decided to look beyond VDOTs limited menu of options to include any and all additional feasible traffic calming methods (if and where needed) whether or not VDOT supports and/or will pay for such improvements. This includes reviewing and possibly recommending solutions from surrounding jurisdictions and from web searches of innovative solutions. This may include appropriate signage, increased beautification, and other remedies. Some of these remedies are beyond the scope of the Task Force, but can be recommended to the LBA Board as action items for our community.

The Task Force will provide early, significant and ongoing opportunities for community input prior to and in addition to implementing the minimum requirements for community input required by the county. The Task Force requests that questions and comments be in writing and submitted to the Task Force via e-mail to kevin.kampschroer@GSA.GOV or mailed/delivered to Kevin Kampschroer, 6404 Waterway Drive, Falls Church, VA 22044. The Task Force will review all questions and comments and reply in writing to the correspondent. Please realize that the Task Force will answer as a group and that this may slow our response. As needed, responses will be shared with the 402 households recognized as being in the “affected” and “impacted” area and through Lake Link. Additional methods of community involvement may include community surveys mailed or delivered to the 402 households. Also, the Task Force will hold the first community meeting approximately three weeks following the publication of the next LBA newsletter. This meeting may be held at the Mason District Government Center.

Community input is immediately sought on specific traffic calming ideas for Waterway Drive, including exact locations of problem areas and possible remedies. These ideas will be taken into consideration. We fully realize that there are many opponents of speed humps, so please take the time to recommend specific other remedies from personal signs in your yard to official traffic signs to mirrors for blind areas of the road. Also, please identify by address whether you would permit or not permit something (be specific) on or adjacent to your property. This will save us a lot of time.

Next meetings:

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 5 pm, 6211 Waterway Drive, to walk Waterway Drive for our initial inspection

Thursday, Sept. 4, 8 pm, 6404 Waterway Drive, to debrief the walk

First community meeting, TBA