Traffic Calming Task Force for Waterway Drive


September 4, 2008

All members and Stuart Feldstein attended were in attendance.

The meeting began at 5 pm at 6211 Waterway Drive. Attendees walked the length of Waterway from the Potterton Bridge to Dearborn, making notes regarding current signage, blind spots, and measuring the width of intersections. Our preliminary findings from this walk include:

  1. arrow

6214 speed sign

Trees could be trimmed by beach 5 across from 6314 and 6318 to increase visibility

6324 arrow

6402 “pedestrians ahead” sign

6404 stop sign ahead sign

6503 curve sign

Intersections measured:

Waterway and Potterton

Waterway and Stonybrae

Waterway and Rusticway

Waterway and Cavalier

Waterway and Fiddlers Green

Waterway and Crosswoods

Waterway and Half Moon (Steep hill)

Waterway and Stonybrae (Beach 3 side) 3 way stop, could repaint crosswalks

Waterway and Old Farm (arrow each direction)

Waterway and Farm Hill Dearborn and Crosswood (island, right side as you continue to Sleepy Hollow Rd.)

Much of Waterway has a double yellow line

Some of Waterway has metal guard rails

Long section has central median strip

Learned: Lake Barcroft has a modest maintenance budget for common property, such as beaches.

Questions: Where was Waterway Drive traffic monitored? What time of day? What were the results: speed? Volume?

Do we have an exact documentation of where and when accidents have occurred?

Could a pathway be added to central median strip?

After the walk, we debriefed. Our discussion included approving Kevin’s message for Lake Link regarding open meetings. We also decided not to meet until Sam is back from vacation. Task force members wanted time to visit areas in the region where different forms of traffic calming have been used including our local roads and Arlington and Alexandria. Members will also conduct web searches.

Information on our meetings so far and an announcement of the community meeting should appear in the next issue of the Lake Barcroft newsletter, deadline September 17.

Next meetings:

October 2, September 28 or October 7 TBD.

First community meeting may be November 13.

Note: Steve will be out of town from November 14- December 1.