Traffic Calming Task Force for Waterway Drive


September 30, 2008

All members and Stuart Feldstein were in attendance.

The meeting began at 7 pm and ended at approximately 9 pm. It was held at 6404 Waterway Drive.

The Traffic Calming Task Force for Waterway Drive met September 30, 2008 to continue gathering information for an upcoming community meeting. The Task Force notes the concern of members of the Lake Barcroft community that meetings be open and open community meetings are indeed planned. The first such meeting will be Monday, November 17, 7:30 pm at the Mason District Government Center. This was the only time a convenient large public place was available for this type of meeting. In addition, the Task Force will make arrangements for observers to attend any Task Force meetings that involve decision making: those that go beyond gathering information and fact finding. No decision making meetings, beyond appointing a chair person, have been held.

At the upcoming community meeting, the Task Force plans to present information on a section by section basis regarding Waterway Drive focusing on intersections, crossing the road at Beach 5 and areas considered “trouble spots.” Those traffic calming devices that are technically feasible based on measurements, steepness, existence of sidewalks, drains, etc. will be listed. Those devices that are technically impossible will also be mentioned. The community will be asked which devices seem to be worthwhile actually considering. In addition, ideas will be presented outside the VDOT traffic calming devices. Suggestions from the community will be solicited on these ideas as well. The Task Force is determining who may be able to get these other ideas implemented: the LBA board, elected officials, state level transportation officials?

The Task Force wants to be clear that 1) no decisions of any kind have been made, and 2) the community will be presented information and asked what, if any, measures are desired. One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes time for the official community vote on which, if any, VDOT devices are desired, the community must vote for or against the whole plan, not pieces of it. This is a built in safeguard that any Task Force proposal has received extensive community review and buy-in before coming to any vote.

Next meetings:

October 6, 7:30 pm, 6404 Waterway Drive.

October 14, 7:30 pm, 6404 Waterway Drive.

Community Meeting, Nov. 17, assume 7:30 pm, at Mason District Government Center

Note: Steve will be out of town from November 14- December 1.