Waterway Traffic Calming Task Force
Monday, June 29, 2009

The Waterway Traffic Calming Task Force met Monday, June 29, 2009 at 7:30 pm. All members of the Task Force and Stuart Feldstein were present. Two observers were also present: George Erikson and Ramon Garcia.

The meeting was called to review the results of the walk of Waterway Drive with Fairfax County DOT and VA DOT officials on June 25, 2009. Notes from that walk were reviewed. The notes are posted on the Lake Barcroft website with these minutes.

The Task Force expressed dismay that some of their proposals were not accepted by Fairfax DOT and VA DOT, particularly the refusal to consider an island anywhere where utilities have access plates. Ideally, VA DOT will complete a safety review they proposed of the length of Waterway to improve signage of all types (speed signs, directional arrows, children at play, etc.) The Task Force also mentioned additional ideas that have come in from the community, including Ron Martisons’ suggestion that a $200 fine be added for speeding through the community. The Task Force assigned several tasks to its members to determine if the DOT decisions can be flexible:

1) ask if there is legislation allowing for neighborhoods to contribute funding to allow for more innovative traffic calming solutions [the finding was that there is no such legislation]
2) ask if a vote can be taken on each Waterway Drive section rather than on the entire Drive all at once [the finding is that the vote must be for the entire drive]
3) talk to someone higher up in the chain of command at VA DOT

One observer offered the following comments:

a) the Task Force should have been more prepared to challenge the DOTs’ recommendations
b) the Task Force should solicit the assistance of experts in the community, such as a traffic engineer, to provide engineering advice independent from that of the DOTs
c) the Task Force is going beyond the boundaries of its mandate [our response was that the Task Force always intended to make a full range of recommendations, each going to the proper entity to carry out those recommendations]