Waterway Traffic Calming Task Force
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
The Waterway Traffic Calming Task Force met Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 7:30 pm. All members of the Task Force were present. Stuart Feldstein, LBA liaison, was not able to attend. Three observers were also present: George Waters, Bill Cook, and Ramon Garcia.

At the last Task Force meeting, one of the next steps planned was to talk with a VDOT person higher up in the chain of command. That meeting took place the morning of September 15. Chair Kevin Kampschroer and Steve Veroneau met at 8 am with a VDOT official, Kamal Suliman. Unfortunately, this meeting was set up by VDOT on very short notice and there was no time to inform all the task force members or the community. The meeting was very productive. (Mr. Suliman reports to the district engineer.) He was able to approve most of the suggestions made by the task force based on our fact finding and community input. Several items that seemed undoable during the walk of Waterway Drive with VDOT and Fairfax DOT can, in fact, be done. Although VDOT is short on money, it does appear that Fairfax County DOT has set aside some money for these types of community traffic calming efforts. Lake Barcroft evidently is not your average short stretch of road looking for traffic calming. Because of the size of our neighborhood and the length of Waterway Drive, we have a little more flexibility.

At the meeting, possibilities for four sections of Waterway Drive were discussed:

1. The two intersections between the Potterton Bridge and Stonybrae can both receive crosswalks. Disability requirements can be met. The crosswalks can be painted or, with some negotiation (LBA can retain a relationship with a company that can replace the paving material if needed), can be aesthetically designed with paving material. An island can be placed where Potterton and Waterway meet. This island would allow for plantings in the center and would have tapered edges rather than a hard curb. The shape would be more circular or pear shaped than triangular. A stop sign could be placed on the lake side of Waterway at Stonybrae, stopping traffic headed towards the bridge.
2. A traffic circle can be placed at Crosswoods and Waterway. The utility plates in the middle of the intersection can be raised up with no problem. The circle can be landscaped.
3. The area with the median strip between Cavalier and Half Moon Circle is too narrow for physical chicanes, however painted chicanes, zig zag lines or tapering lines are possible. The task force leaned towards recommending the zig zag lines. Since this is a long stretch there may be different markings for entering or leaving the section and for calming traffic within this section.
4. For the section of Waterway Drive by Beach 5 using some painted markings on the road was discussed.

No speed humps or raised intersections were discussed, suggested or recommended.

The task force also noted that Waterway Drive has been painted, new directional signs have been added or better positioned (at Beach 5, before Crosswoods and heading to Potterton), and a speed limit sign was added on Stonybrae.

Next steps were discussed:

The task force will share minutes, post minutes on the website and write a short article for the LBA newsletter.

The task force will try to find a willing Lake resident to produce a graphic representation of the proposals for Waterway Drive, including 3-D images if possible. These images will then be shared on Lake Link and the Lake Barcroft website.

Neighborhood input will be solicited through LakeLink and the LBA newsletter on both the narrative and graphic versions of our recommendations. Any individuals who have to sign off (for example, if there was a physical device in front of or adjacent to their homes) will be asked for permission – although no such devices are recommended.

This graphic (taking neighborhood input into consideration) will represent the task force’s final recommendations to VDOT.

VDOT will be asked to sign off on the proposal.

VDOT will prepare a final plan and mail it to everyone in the affected area for a final vote.