About the Website

Lake Barcroft is a community of approximately 1025 homes in Falls Church, Virginia. Our homeowners organization, the Lake Barcroft Association, provides this web site as a service to the community through its Publications Committee.

For general matters about the Lake Barcroft Association contact Jim Kilbourne, Association President or contact the LBA Management Office. The mailing address is below or call 703-941-1927.

Lake Barcroft Association
P.O. Box 1085W
Falls Church, VA 22041

Site admin and content managers are Mark Cavich and Shane Oleson, please contact them if you wish to update or expand the site content, have a question or administrative matter, or would like to be part of the site operation.

We also owe Michael Ward our thanks for having the foresight to lock up the lakebarcroft.org name early on and for contributing the costs associated with name registration to the community. This site owes much to the previous site, developed and maintained by Charles Turner. A great many features were created by him, thanks!