Community Forum

To make it easier for community members to bring their ideas and concerns to the LBA Board, each Board meeting will begin with a Community Forum. You are invited to participate by making a brief, informal presentation at any upcoming Board meeting.

You will be allotted time on the agenda. After your presentation, the matter will be assigned to an individual or committee for detailed review. No action will be taken at that meeting. If it is determined that Board action is appropriate, a motion will be brought before a meeting of the full Board at another time. The responsible Board member will keep the person initiating the proposal, as well as the Board, apprised of findings and possible actions.

The guidelines are outlined below.

When: You must get on the agenda by calling Chris Lawson seven days prior to the meeting, which is held on the second Wednesday of each month. Call her between 9am and 5pm at 703-941-1927. The Forum will be the second item on the agenda after the reading of the minutes. (We don't actually read the minutes so this part usually doesn't take long.)

Number: We will start with two presentations per meeting. This might be changed in the future based on our initial experiences.

Format: Each presenter will be allowed five minutes plus some time for questions. Please be prepared, brief and to the point.

Handouts: A written version of the issue must be given to Chris seven days prior to the meeting. The handout may be any length, however, if it is more than two pages, please include a cover sheet with summary. If at all possible please email to Chris at