Police Service Areas

As part of the Police Department's community policing initiative, Police Service Areas (PSAs) have been established throughout the county. These PSA are staffed with "permanent" force of patrol officers. Permanent means that these officers are assigned long term to their PSAs and are not periodically rotated to other patrols. Having the officers assigned permanently allows them to get to know the businesses and the residents in each neighborhood.

The Mason District is divided into 11 PSAs as shown in Figure 1. Lake Barcroft is split among three PSAs, 401, 420 and 470, as shown in Figure 2. (Map)

One benefit that this new system offers all of us is improved communications between Lake residents and the Police Department. Under the old system, if you had a problem in your neighborhood, you would call a central number and probably ask for the Chief of the Mason District Station. The Chief would pass your request down to his subordinates, who would in turn pass the message to their subordinates. Your message would eventually reach a patrol officer, who was not likely to know you or your neighborhood and he would make an attempt to address your concern. Then he would be on his way not to be seen or heard from again.

That was not a very efficient way to handle calls from the community. Under the new system, each PSA has a supervisor that you can contact directly. I have listed below the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the supervisors for the three Lake Barcroft PSAs. Call them when you have a concern or a problem in your neighborhood.

PSA 401
Sgt. Mike Wall
703-256-8035 ext. 5201
PSA 420
2nd Lt. Brian McAndrew
703-256-8035 ext. 2258
PSA 470
Sgt. Craig Copeland
703-256-8035 ext. 5170

(Please do not call the PSA Supervisors in the event of an emergency or regarding something that needs immediate attention. Call 911 or the central dispatch number: 703-691-2131.)

All of the patrol officers want to get to know you and they want to give you the opportunity to get to know them. One way for you make that happen is to call the PSA manager for your area and invite them to your block parties and neighborhood events. Last month, six officers came to a Greentree Drive block party. They were a bit shy but with a little encouragement from the residents they met a lot of people, had dinner, and really seemed to enjoy themselves. So did the people on Greentree Drive.

An additional benefit of all this is that as the patrol officers get to know us, the will pass through the community more often on their patrols. In addition, they will get to know the beaches by name and their locations, and, in emergencies, they won't lose time in trying to find an address. That personal relationship we should try to establish is going have a big payback for us in terms of safety, security and a nice warm feeling about where we live.