Contractors & Services

The Lake Link Contractor List is compiled and periodically updated by Sara Franco from recommendations that he collects and edits from the Lake Link, and other sources. It includes summaries of virtually all recommendations made on-line on the Lake Link since 2003. Any and all recommendations for contactors and other service providers are welcome. Please notify Sara Franco at: ).

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Any contributor who wants all or any part of their recommendation removed from the list will be promptly accommodated (notify Sara Franco at ).

Negative comments are not included except with the explicit prior approval of the recommender. Categories of services with negative comments are highlighted in red type. Contractors with negative comments are identified by a red star before their names. Contact Sara for details on service categories and individual contractors who may have negative comments.

Note: This list represents the opinions of Lake Barcroft residents based on their personal experiences. No attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of these statements.

More extensively researched and compiled evaluations of a broad range of area service providers are provided on a regular basis in the "Washington Consumers' Checkbook" which is available at the Fairfax County Library branches on Knollwood (Woodrow Wilson) and George Mason.