Humane Wildlife Services’ Beaver Activity Assessment and Wildlife Conflict Solutions

Humane Wildlife Services LogoNote: In late fall of 2012 HWS provided an initial comprehensive assessment of the LBA community shoreline and became familiar with the site, structures, habitat, and associated beaver activity. Based on this and our continuing consultation with the Environmental Committee we offer the following service to residents of Lake Barcroft. Find out more about Humane Wildlife Services.


Initial phone call /Consult

  • Phone consultations with residents are free of charge.
  • Discuss the wildlife conflict and available solutions.   
  • Residents experiencing suspected beaver damage to their property and activity are encouraged to submit a picture of damage/activity that is a concern.
  • Setup appointment if necessary with HWS personnel.

Site assessment/inspection

  • HWS will provide a written assessment and estimate for the solution to the conflict. There is a fee for this service:   Initial inspections/assessments begin at $95 for the first hour and large inspections and/or time intensive inspections will be prorated. 


  • In order to confirm damage and species as well as discern loafing from active food cacheing or lodge building, monitoring with remote camera may be necessary.


  • Prevention of tree damage:  HWS will install tree trunk fence cylinders that are approximately 30 inches high and made of 2" x 4" mesh in green or black vinyl coated fence depending on best match for tree bark color.  They are installed leaving a 3 – 6 inch gap between the wire mesh cylinder and the tree trunk to allow for future trunk growth. The cylinder may need to be anchored to the ground and extended if there is significant sloping ground, or to protect prominent roots from chewing. Periodic monitoring is necessary to check for corrosion or in order to make room for tree growth.   Closely clustered trees may be treated as one large tree.  Price of service dependent on number of trees needing protection.  Tree trunk cylinders are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Prevention of access to property from shoreline:  HWS will install fencing at the shoreline to fence out/inhibit beaver access to property.  (May be installed along with tree fence cylinders).  Fencing will be approximately 30 inches high and constructed of 2”X4” mesh in either black or green coated vinyl. Length of fencing, fastening methods, number of door panels, and price will be site dependent.  Fencing will be guaranteed for 5 years.  
  • Custom under dock exclusion:  In order to prevent cacheing or other activity it may be necessary to screen out access to underside (under the waterline) of dock.  Materials used will be site dependent, but galvanized wire and or coated wire may be employed. Exclusion wire will be fastened and or staked and care in design will be taken to prevent the possibility of interfering with dredging equipment.
  • Dock and sea wall protection:  Call for information about protecting dock edges and other wooden-built structures from gnawing activity.  

 For more information and resources on solving conflicts with Beaver go to:

Wildlife intrusion into house:

HWS wildlife removal and damage prevention services:  Our animal removal and exclusion services get animals out and keep them out of homes and buildings humanely.  The average cost for a full solve (animal inside a house void) starts at $350 and includes the initial assessment site visit, return visits, installation of a 1-way eviction device, removal of animals and young from inside home, and exclusion of the entry point.  Other entry points, vents, or chimneys that need to be excluded or protected are additional.  This price applies to most wildlife removal situations except for bat jobs and deck, porch or stoop exclusions (in the case of burrowing animals).  We offer customized exclusion and animal proofing for any situation and guarantee our work against re-entry.  We are price competitive and the most humane service provider in the region. See our website for more information about our services and see videos of our work around the region.

Service Call Process
Conflict Assessment

  • Our comprehensive site assessment provides identification of animal(s) that have gotten into the home or are the source of conflict, their associated damage and all entry points and potential entry points. 
  • Written estimates and consultation for the solution to your wildlife conflicts are provided on site.

Conflict Resolution

  • Removal of wild animals from structures using species-specific techniques
  • Retrieval of offspring (if present)
  • Reunions of offspring and mothers (which is not only humane, but prevents further damage by a mother who thinks her young are still within the structure.)

Conflict Prevention
Installation of custom animal-proofing for all entry and potential entry areas , including 

  • roof sheathing and trim gap
  • roof vents
  • attic vents
  • exhaust vents 
  • chimneys 
  • decks 
  • porches 
  • sheds 

Quality and Effectiveness Guaranteed
We are fully licensed and insured and abide by strict health and safety standards. We employ only the highest humane standards, and all exclusion materials and workmanship are guaranteed against animal re-entry.

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