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The Lake Barcroft Watershed Improvement District (WID) is a Virginia government agency, with boundries coincident with the Lake Barcroft community, devoted to conservation and environmental responsibilities. WID and the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) have a common constituency made up of the property owners and residents of the Lake Barcroft community. Essentially, WID specializes in natural resource matters and LBA has many interests and responsibilities including recreation management. In the interest of simplicity, WID background information is being included in LBA's web site.

WID differs from LBA in several ways. It is managed by three resident Trustees. WID has a staff, consultants, contractors and other resources and specializes in functional operations concerning the Barcroft Dam, the lake and the watershed. Many of the WID Bulletins listed here describe various interests and activities. WID staff, consultants and contractors operate and the maintain the dam.

WID has had a six year EPA grant for the purpose of identifying and demonstrating urban Best Management Practices (BMPs). They are quite varied and may consist of structures, programs, practices or policies. Nationwide, BMPs usually consitiute beneficial systems which tend to improve water quality. Regionally, there is great emphasis on preservation and rehabilitation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Locally, WID is concerned with water quality of Lake Barcroft, discharges from the Barcroft dam and the environmental integrity of the watershed above Lake Barcroft.

A particular concern is Watershed Retrofit in which improved stormwater management facilities and processes can improve water quality, reduce flooding, risk, inconvenience and environmental costs. Certain BMPs provide temporary stormwater detention. Others eliminate pollution or serve useful environmental objectives.

Current WID contacts are:
Charles W. de Seve - Trustee Chairman (703) 333-3020
George McLennan - Trustee Treasurer (703) 354-6351
Peter Silvia - Trustee Secretary (703) 750-9440
Davis Grant - Operations Director (703) 820-1300
Ken Kopka - Staff Director (703) 820-1300
Sam Ellis - Dam Superintendent (703) 820-1300
Jennifer Grant - Office Manager (703) 820-1300
Emergency (Davis Grant) (703) 209-2080
Mail: 3650 Boat Dock Drive
Falls Church, VA 22041
(703) 820-6657