Traffic Calming Task Force for Waterway Drive

The following are emails sent from Clara Pizana of the Mason District Suporvisor's Office and William P. Harrell of FCDOT


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"Mason BOS Email" <> 12/29/2009 06:05 PM
Subject: Waterway Drive Engineering Review and Follow Up to November 5 Meeting

Good afternoon Mr. Kampschroer. This e-mail will inform you of recent developments pertaining to your community's request for traffic calming on Waterway Drive, which includes the results of the engineering review that was conducted following the November 5, 2009, meeting of the task force with transportation staff.

Attached is the correspondence our office received with the results of the engineering review. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like for me to coordinate a follow up meeting with transportation staff.

Thank you for your time and leadership on behalf of your community. I hope you enjoy a peaceful New Year's weekend with your family and friends.


Clara Pizana
Office of Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross

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To: "Pizana, Clara" <>
cc: "Suliman, Kamal S." <>, "Mullinax, Guy M." <>, "Knudsen, Steven K" <>
Subject: Traffic Calming - Waterway Drive

Clara –

On Thursday December 10, 2009, Steve Knudsen, Guy Mullinax, Kamal Suliman and I completed our review of the proposals for traffic calming devices along Waterway Drive. Below are the results and recommendations of our review.

At our meeting with the task force and other community members on November 5, 2009 we were asked to look at three suggestions.

1) The task force requested a review of the section of Waterway Drive between Half Moon Dr. and Cavalier Corridor for the possibility of pavement markings to help reduce the operating speeds of vehicles using this section. As a result of our field review we are recommending that the pavement cross section be reduced to two eleven foot travel lanes in each direction. This will not only reduce the available travel width, but will afford those residents living along this section of Waterway Drive a little more sight distance when leaving their driveways.

2) The task force also requested that the intersection of Waterway Drive and Crosswoods Dr. be re-evaluated for a traffic circle. Because of the approach grades on all approaches to this intersection, a traffic circle cannot be recommended. If a traffic circle were to be installed, the resulting traffic paths around the circle would be super elevated the wrong way which would result in a loss of control on the drivers part and may create the possibility of the vehicle rolling over. At this time, without a major reconstruction of the approach grades to this intersection nothing can be recommended through the traffic calming program.

3) We were also asked to review the intersection of Waterway Drive and Pottern Dr. Because of the geometry of this intersection, (the approach angles of the intersecting streets) we are unable to retro fit the intersection with a traffic circle, or any other channelization devices and still maintain all turning movements in the intersection. We are recommending to the task force that they reconsider a multi-way stop control for this location.


I would appreciate your forwarding this to the task force members. If additional information is needed, please advise.

At the locations that were reviewed for a traffic circle, we used the specifications developed as shown below.

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