Lake Barcroft Association - Annual Membership Meeting

The annual membership meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:36 p.m. by President Warren Russell at Belvedere Elementary School, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Cindy Waters, Stuart Feldstein, Steve Klein, Kim Smith, Eva Kosztarab, Mark Cavich, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Sally Determan, Jim Kilbourne and Rick Clayton.

  1. Introduction of LBA Board Members and LBA Candidates Nominated for Board Warren Russell presented a plaque to Stuart Feldstein thanking him for his six years of service on the LBA Board.
  2. Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes from 2010
  3. President’s Report:
    a)    Warren Russell reviewed membership dues status and said there would be no increase in dues for 2011.
    b)    Warren reviewed each Board committee’s highlights over the past year in a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Treasurer’s Report:
    Steve Klein displayed the 2010 end of year budget and reviewed the 2011 budget. He also went over the moneys in our reserve accounts as well as the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund account. The total in the reserve accounts, not including the Parcel A retaining wall reserve, is about $295,486.00 for 2010.  2009 audit results were good.
  5. Architectural Review Committee:
    Jim Kilbourne gave a summary of how the ARC functions. Whenever a homeowner makes a change on the outside of their property, they need the get ARC approval. Fences and auxiliary structures are the most common items reviewed. Generally, the ARC will not approve fences more than 4 feet in height. Auxiliary structures include generators, sheds, patios, decks and retaining walls. The committee meets once a month. Last year they reviewed 45 applications.
  6. Water Safety/Beach Use:
    a)    Sally Determan reported that Kevin Hardy will return as Water Safety Supervisor for the 2011 season.
    b)    Major accomplishments this past season include the two new lifeguard stands at Beach 4, the improved path at Beach 3 and repair of boat racks.
    c)    Sally said there would be a new policy in 2011 regarding boats on boat racks without current stickers.  If a boat does not have a current sticker by June 1 it will be sold at the boat auction.
    d)    Fairfax County police are now authorized to come onto our common areas and enforce the County leash laws.
    e)    In 2011 there will be modest charges for parties held at Beaches 2 and 5, including a cancellation fee if someone does not cancel their reservation in advance.
    f)    May 7 is beach cleanup day and Beaches 2, 3, 4 and 5 all need Beach Captains.
  7. Environmental Committee 2011:
    a)    Betsy Washington said she will do the tree planting programs again in 2011 and that 120 free tree seedlings will be given away at Earth Day.
    b)    The 120 trees and shrubs that are planted in the RPA Garden have all been posted on the Lake Barcroft website.
    c)    A new garden has planted at Beach 3 by the WID.
    d)    The LBA Invasive Plant Management Plan will be posted on the website.
    e)    The Geesepeace program is doing well.
    f)    April 16 will be Earth Day and the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia will bring its raptors for an educational talk.
  8. Watershed Improvements District Report:
    a)    Chuck De Seve introduced George McLennan, WID trustee, and Davis Grant, Operations Director.
    b)    Chuck said the WID on average removes 1 ton of debris per day during the swimming season. WID now does its own dredging in house after buying the equipment. Refurbishment of their equipment is presently under way.  WID’s annual meeting will be April 27 at Fortune Restaurant. 
  9. Lake Barcroft Clubs:
    a)    Kim Mills of the Newcomer’s Club said they have a new policy in which all newcomers to Lake Barcroft are automatically given one year of free membership in the club. The club has 10 events planned for this year. She reviewed the contents of the Welcome Bag given to all new residents which includes a copy of the “Lake Barcroft History.”
    b)    Jennifer Talati of the Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club said the club is a service organization. It puts on the July 4 parade, Halloween parade and the Easter Egg Hunt. The club also does a fundraising event to benefit 3 local charities. This year they will be holding an Artist and Artisan’s Tour on May 1.
    c)    Roxanna Douglas of the Barcrofters group said this was a ladies lunch group that met once a month for lunch, wine, mimosas and champagne. The lunches are held in someone’s home and they are purely social.
  10. Waterway Traffic Calming Task Force Update:
    Kevin Kampschroer, chair, said the committee is recommending three items that Fairfax County has indicated they would approve. First, at the divided portion of Waterway Drive, they will paint stripes on the road to give the impression that the road is narrowing thus causing drivers to slow down. Second, at the Beach 5 area a “Watch for Children” sign will be installed. Third, at Stoneybrae Drive and Waterway Drive a crosswalk will be painted on the street from sidewalk to sidewalk. He said a large neighborhood meeting will be held soon for the community to vote on these measures.
  11. Community Input and Q&A
    a)    Kim Mills asked Jim Kilbourne about the RV parked on Half Moon Circle. Jim said this was being addressed.
    b)    George Waters asked if the Lake Barcroft History Book was still included in the Newcomers Bags. Kim Mill said yes. Mark Cavich said the entire book was posted on the Lake Barcroft website.
    c)    Bill Lecos thanked Lake Barcroft for its support of the JEB Stuart Crew Team.
    d)    Waldo Freeman wanted to know whether the common area below the dam with trash dumped on it could be cleaned up. Davis Grant promised to work with him on the cleanup.
    e)    David Feld mentioned that community cleanup day was approaching.
  12. Election Results:
    Warren Russell announced the winners of the LBA Board elections.  Returning Board members Cindy Waters, Eva Kosztarab, Sally Determan and Warren Russell were re-elected. New members Regina Derzon and Diane Smalley were elected to the Board. 

    The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted by,
    Eva Kosztarab, LBA Secretary