Lake Barcroft Association - Annual Membership Meeting

The annual membership meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by President, Warren Russell at the Belvedere Elementary School.  LBA Board members present were Betsy Washington, Steve Klein, Kim Smith, Mark Cavich, Jim Kilbourne, Regina Derzon and Diane Smalley. 

1. Warren welcomed all in attendance and introduced the members of the LBA Board and the LBA Candidates running for election.  The ten residents running for the LBA Board were Betsy Washington, Jim Kilbourne, Pat Payne, Liz Rawlings, Frank Phillippi, Shane Oleson, Martin Mandelberg, Diane Davidson, Rick Aldrich, and Anne Cullather.  Of the ten candidates, seven will be elected to the board. 

2. Minutes of the annual meeting on February 16, 2011 were approved. 

3. President ‘s Report : 

Warren Russell reported that 1033 residents had paid their dues for 2011.  As of this date, 921 residents have paid their 2012 dues.  There were no fee increases for 2012. 

Warren reviewed each Board committee’s highlights over the past year in a Power Point presentation. 

Warren reported that Congressional Schools is considering selling a parcel of their land to a developer and have contacted Warren regarding membership in the Lake Barcroft Property Owners Association..  Lake Barcroft residents are concerned about how the future residents of this parcel of land would access their property off Waterway Drive and the affect it would have on traffic in our neighborhood.

Warren presented plaques to Mark Cavich and Steve Klein and thanked them for their years of service on the LBA Board. 

Based on feedback at the annual meeting, beach tags and boat stickers will be sent to homeowners before May 1st.

4. Treasurer’s Report: 

Steve Klein reviewed the end of the year budget for 2011 and presented the budget for 2012.   He reported  the increase in the Lake Manager’s salary based on the position going from part time to full time. He also went over the moneys in our reserve accounts. 

5.   Environmental Happenings:  Betsy Washington presented a power point review of environmental plans for the year and reported on plans for the grant funding received by Lake Barcroft for this year.  

6.   WID : Chuck de Seve reported that the dam will be resurfaced this year and the concrete will be restored as well as the center re-grouted.  The estimate for these improvements is $936,940. Improvements will take place in the spring and fall so as not to disturb lake activities in the summer.

7.    Other Reports: Frank Sellers reported that the Seven Corners Revitalization group is working on plans to clean up and possibly alter the shopping center in the future. 

8.    Waterway Traffic Calming Task Force: Kevin Kampschroer reported on recommendations to Fairfax County based on the community’s vote on traffic calming. Both recommendations passed and the county should approve the request in March, after which work can begin.  One recommendation is to install a painted crosswalk, from sidewalk to sidewalk at the Potterton Bridge.  Another measure is at Waterway Drive, from Cavalier Corridor to Half Moon Circle, the divided portion of the road is proposed to have painted lines to narrow the travel lanes in both directions.

9. Community Input:

Kim Mills reported that the Newcomers Club is open to all residents and is a fun social club for all.

Jennifer Talati reported on the upcoming Woman’s Club plans for a home and garden tour in May. Since Roxanna Douglas could not attend the meeting, Jennifer reminded residents of the Barcrofter’s activities open to all Lake Barcroft women.

10.   Board of Election Results: 

Warren Russell announced the winners of the LBA Board elections. Returning Board members: members:  Betsy Washington, Jim Kilbourne, and Pat Payne. New members elected to the board were: Martin Mandelberg, Diane Davidson, Shane Oleson, and Frank Phillippi.

The proposed amendment changes to the Association bylaws passed. 

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Diane Smalley, Acting LBA Secretary