Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:31 PM by President Sally Determan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Sally Determan, Warren Russell, Regina Derzon, Diane Smalley, Eva Kosztarab, Pat Payne, Shane Oleson, Frank Phillippi, Diane Davidson, Marty Mandelberg and Betsy Washington.  Cindy Waters and Jim Kilbourne were not present. 

The minutes of March 14, 2012 were approved as corrected.  

The calendar was reviewed.


CONGRESSIONAL SCHOOL UPDATE:  Warren gave an update on the activities of the Congressional School’s plans for expansion and possible sale of some of their property.  Eva reported that Stuart Feldstein, Ralph Smalley and Betsy Washington have agreed to serve on a committee to monitor the situation.   Another member will be added to the committee once a person from the affected area is selected.

ENCROACHMENT UPDATE:  Eva reported that letters are being sent to the two individuals regarding their Beach 3 encroachments, giving each 30 days’ notice to acknowledge, sign and date a letter and return to LBA.  If they do not respond, the Board will send a letter requiring removal of the encroachments on LBA property. If the encroachments are not removed, the Board will subsequently remove them.

LOCKED GATES AT BEACHES:  Frank has reviewed this issue and questioned the value of locking gates at beaches since people can walk around the gates.  However, it does prevent cars from parking in the lots at night. He has discussed this with the prior Security Chair, Kim Smith, who felt they should remain locked.  Warren argued that the gates should be kept unlocked so that residents can use the parking lots off season, however, he acknowledged that it is a manpower issue to open and close the gates each day and there is no present solution for that.  Presently the gates are locked when life-guards are off duty to avoid giving access to trespassers.  It was agreed that we would continue the current policy of keeping the gates locked during off-season and after the lifeguards leave during beach season.  The Board will revisit this policy in light of summer 2012 season experience.

RULES REVISIONS:  Sally has taken all of the Board comments into account.  The Board discussed a few of the issues, including boating rules regarding boats too close to swimmers (agreed to minimum of 30 feet); age of children at beaches unaccompanied by an adult (it was agreed that persons 12 and over can accompany younger children); definition of a house guest to whom beach tags can be transferred (agreed to leave as is).  Sally will incorporate the discussed changes and redistribute the policies to the Board and ask for a vote via e-mail by Friday.  Agreed upon rules will then be posted on the website followed by an announcement on Lake Link. 

A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Regina to finalize the rules and changes and to vote electronically.  All voted in favor.

BEACH 5 PAVILION PROJECT UPDATE:  Warren stated that the special committee, (George McLennan and Kevin Howe and Warren), are looking into the feasibility of an open-sided structure for Beach 5.  He has prepared an article for the May NL stating that they are researching this along with the cost and associated logistics, and will make a presentation at the Fall Civic Affairs meeting.  Warren said that the Committee has a meeting scheduled with Supervisor Penny Gross.  He explained the history of this area as it was created from dredge spoils.  The Committee will develop cost projection for a pavilion with once they meet with the county. 


RESERVE ACCOUNTS:  Sally discussed that she and the Treasurer will be meeting to review the LBA asset inventory that was done in 2007 and a committee will be named to update the inventory.  The LBA bookkeeper and accountant will be consulted to determine a prudent replacement reserve for LBA assets.  She added that a proper amount for the replacement reserves account must be determined first prior to allocating funds to any large capital expenses.  Because the Treasurer will be required to work on this issue, she has asked Regina, who has an accounting background, to become the Treasurer.  Marty has agreed to resign as Treasurer, and to serve as Secretary.

A motion was made by Diane Davidson and seconded by Betsy to elect Regina as Treasurer.  All voted in favor.

Regina resigned as the current secretary.

A motion was made by Regina and seconded by Diane Davidson to elect Marty as Secretary.  All voted in favor.

COMMUNITY GARDEN JOINT TASK FORCE:  Diane Davidson reported that the Community Garden Joint Task Force had their first meeting and did a “walk around” of the community garden and reviewed what changes were proposed in the past.  She added that the next step will be working with two designers and getting two proposals that will respect the wetlands.  The Task Force consists of Chuck de Seve as Chair, Diane Davidson as Vice Chair, Stephanie Perez and Nancy Firestone.  Advisors to the committee are Rusty Metz, Rich Aldrich, Betsy Washington, George Waters and Mike Niebling.  She will report back to the Board on behalf of the Task Force with updates.


ARC:  Sally reported on Jim’s behalf that 3 ARC plans were recently approved.

WATER SAFETY:  Pat discussed upcoming events and will work with Chris.

MAINTENANCE:  Diane Davidson said she had not met with George Waters but understood that work to repair the vandalism at Beach 5 has been completed.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Diane Smalley discussed the upcoming Sand Day that is run by resident children and that Newcomers will supply food for sale again.  The July 4 parade is being handled by Jeannie Meyers.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Shane distributed his written report (to be attached hereto when posted) and will forward it electronically to the Board.  Auto password resetting has been quite involved due to blocks by internet providers.  He has met with Mark Cavich several times about the site and will be getting some estimates regarding various issues. He will work on the online directory as well as a minor face lift to include a search capability.  He will start working on the next directory in May.

MEMBERSHIP:  Sally reported on behalf of Cindy that presently there are 28 lots (out of the 1045) that have not paid their 2012 fees.  Nine have additional past due amounts owed.  There are 3 lots making installments, 1 lot that paid this year’s fee but has an outstanding balance from prior years, and 8 lots that have outstanding legal fees for a total outstanding of $24,778.40.  She thanked Cindy and Chris for all of their hard work. Warren explained the process involving notification by letter per requirements of the Virginia Homeowners Association Act which allows owners to present their case at the May 9 Board meeting should they request an appeal.  Eva explained that liens were filed last year on six properties and LBA does not have to re-file every year.  She added that the LBA legal counsel contacted her to inform her that they had received a call from a son of one of the delinquent owners stating that he was mailing in a check for the $3,000+ that his mother owed.  Eva stated once received, the attorneys will be contacted to release the lien and that this legal fee will need to be added to total amounts due in the future.

SECURITY:  Frank met with Fairfax County Police Officer Murphy, who stated that he is on board with the summer police patrol.  The previous Security chair had supplied him with the number of hours previously worked and that extra patrols can be added if needed.  On the first of May, patrols will start and will cover after school hours, due to the potential of after school trespassers, until the beaches are officially open. Up to three officers will work the July 4 fireworks.  Frank will shortly get the prior chair’s files regarding the Neighborhood Watch volunteers.  He reported on the recent vandalism to the gazebo at Beach 5.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy said Earth Day is scheduled for April 29 and the plans are coming along nicely.  Eighteen different workshops will be offered.  The initial barge tours booked up quickly so an additional tour is being added.  Beavers are continuing to be an issue and causing damage.  A Girl Scout troop will be working on Earth Day on Recreation Lane.

A motion was made by Betsy and seconded by Diane Davidson requesting $500 from the replacement reserve account to help replace and replant some trees..  Warren asked if this funding shouldn’t come out of the tree replacement program.  The motion passed with Warren and Marty voting “No.” 

Betsy reported that a tree will be donated in memory of a resident’s daughter who passed away and planted at Beach 5.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Delayed until next month because of late financial records.

LEGAL:  Eva informed the Board of a change in LBA’s insurance carrier.  She reported that the new agent has matched the exact current coverage at a premium reduced by $18,000.  The proposed insurance coverage was reviewed by a resident insurance specialist.  The Board thanked Eva for all of her hard work on this issue.

Eva explained the new rules regarding obtaining VDOT permit for our parades and other street closings.  She has created a master form and given it to Jeannie Meyer for the July 4 parade and Halloween Parade.  A permit is not required for the 1 mile run on Labor Day. A permit will be secured by Kevin Howe for closing part of Stoneybrae for LBA fireworks.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Martin Mandelberg, Secretary