Lake Barcroft Association - Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Location: Belvedere Elementary School

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by LBA Vice President Warren Russell. Following the introduction of the current Board members present  -- Rick Aldrich, Diane Davidson, Jim Kilbourne, Eva Kosztarab, Shane Oleson, Pat Payne, Frank Phillippi, Warren Russell, Diane Smalley, Cindy Waters and Betsy Washington (Board President Sally Determan was unable to attend) -- he introduced the candidates for the Board: Rick Aldrich, Deepak Bhattasali, Anne Cullather, Sally Determan, Robert Farrell, Eva Kosztarab, Lee Price, Liz Rawlings, Warren Russell and Diane Smalley.

The minutes of the annual meeting on February 23, 2012 were approved as presented.

FAIRFAX COUNTY UPDATE: Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross provided the Fairfax County update beginning with complimenting the LBA for its activity.  She then discussed the forthcoming budget to be released next week with indications that we have a stable residential market, county unemployment rate under four percent and that the sequestration presents a real threat to the County with effects not felt until the fall. She mentioned two major facilities being renovated or replaced – the fire station will move to its temporary facility at the end of March and into its new location in 2014 and the renovation and expansion plans for the Woodrow Wilson Library. She fielded several questions about the status of the Bloom grocery store location (the decision to close was the company’s and there is currently no new tenant), Bailey’s Elementary School overcrowding (working with School Board member Sandy Evans on a solution), status of the Columbia Pike streetcar (must prove viability at Skyline), and others including bike trails and sequestration.

AUTO BREAK-IN SITUATION REPORT: Officer Brendan Murphy, Crime Prevention Officer, discussed the efforts undertaken by the Police Department (to include bike and undercover officers patrolling, and a patrol car at Aqua Terrace entrance with mounted cameras) concerning the recent rash of car break-ins. He indicated that the Department is working to get the word out about prevention and indicated that most of those cars broken into were unlocked.  He also reminded that the Department offers a home security survey to residents.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Warren reminded that he was giving a report in Sally’s absence and that her report could be found in the newsletter.  He then presented the LBA Exceptional Service Award to Holly Hazard in recognition of her years of work with Geese Peace, followed by a presentation of a plaque to Cindy Waters in thanks for her six years of service on the LBA Board.

Warren indicated that 932 residents had paid their fees and then mentioned that there would be no fee increase in 2013. He then gave brief reports on all of the Committees and their work with special praise for George Waters and all of his work in maintenance.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jim Kilbourne began by saying that the budget was prepared with a conservative view in the amount of income as well as a cautious look at expenditures.  He then discussed the reserve accounts and indicated that the Community Garden, Woman’s Club Bridge and the website would be paid for out of these accounts. He went on to discuss our income and expense histories and, in answer to a question, explained that the Maintenance and Improvements categories were redesigned to better match the actual work being performed.

ARC GUIDELINES: Rick Aldrich described the purpose and the update of the guidelines and mentioned that the Committee has eight members. He explained that the Committee is working to expedite the fillable application form on the website, the letter of compliance for homeowners selling their properties, and that the covenants rule decisions. The Committee is trying to make things as objective as possible.

LBA WEBSITE UPGRADES: Shane Oleson gave an explanation of Lakelink, the newsletter and the website. He described the process of picking Taoti Creative for the new website and that they will be focusing on usability especially for the contractors list and online payments. Launch is expected in mid-2013.  The new directory process is starting up. He then fielded questions asking if we had thought of hiring a web content manager (answer: too expensive), what about social media for the site and whether to consider having the newsletter online instead of via mail to reduce costs.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Betsy Washington described that the beaver biting incident in 2012 fostered the creation of the Beaver Task Force which prepared the updated beaver management plan, including expanded tips for protecting property. After a survey of the entire shoreline, our beaver population is stable with two lodges. She also mentioned Earth Day scheduled for April 21 and that the tree replacement program will be returning. John Griffin of Humane Wildlife Services was introduced and he discussed assessing beaver activity in Lake Barcroft as well as wildlife conflict and removal services.

WID REPORT: Chuck de Seve introduced the Trustees and Davis Grant. He talked about the dam’s concrete restoration and mechanical upgrades, the in house dredging process (Tripps Run in March and April; Holmes Run in October and November), and that the budget has been submitted. He reminded that the WID Annual Meeting would be held on April 17. Finally, he discussed the Community Garden and the combined efforts of LBA and WID and the Task Force and Advisors and he showed a schematic of the Garden’s restoration.

LBA BOARD ELECTION RESULTS: Warren announced winners Rick Aldrich, Anne Cullather, Sally Determan, Eva Kosztarab, Lee Price, Warren Russell and Diane Smalley. 

BEACH 5 PAVILION PROJECT PROPOSAL: Kevin Howe provided a history of the concept and how Beach 5 was considered to be the only feasible location. He mentioned that the pros included a place for community events, use only by residents, and the rental possibilities. Cons included the cost and the elimination of open space. He then stated that the construction would have to follow county requirements including engineering studies as to the feasibility of building on dredge spoils. There are currently no assurances from the county that this could be built.  Costs are estimated to be approximately $75,000 for the structure plus approximately $20,000 for engineering studies.  A long question period followed: what chance will there be for community input; why are we discussing a structure that cannot be used four to five months out of the year; would there be additional costs; what are the practical considerations including, parking, toilet facilities and pathways; there are available rooms nearby for meeting, why build a new one; will this be put to the community for a vote.  Kevin indicated that further questions should be presented to the Board.

LAKE BARCROFT VILLAGE UPDATE: Ann Cook stated that the Lake Barcroft Village opened for business on January 7, 2013 with 80 members and 100 volunteers.  It is financially sound. Most services requested to date have been for transportation and computer help. More information and photos can be found on the website. 

The meeting was adjourned by Vice President Warren Russell at 10:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:  Cindy Waters, LBA Secretary