Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) board was called to order at 7:35 PM by President Sally Determan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Sally Determan, Warren Russell, Jim Kilbourne, Pat Payne, Eva Kosztarab, Betsy Washington, Diane Smalley, Rick Aldrich, Shane Oleson, Diane Davidson, Frank Phillippi, Anne Cullather and Lee Price.  Lake residents Kevin Howe, George McLennan, Peter Ege, and Holly Hazard were also present.

The Board expressed its deep sorrow, concern and affection for George and Cindy Waters. Sally informed the Board that Chris has ordered a gift basket that will be delivered to them to take to Baltimore and requested authorization for the amount spent which the Board agreed to.

The Board expressed its gratitude for our neighbors who were willing to serve on the Board -- Deepak Bhattasali, Bob Farrell and Liz Rawlings -- and its hope that they will become active volunteers.

Sally welcomed Anne Cullather and Lee Price to the Board.  

The minutes of the February 13, 2013 meeting were approved as presented.

The minutes of the annual meeting on February 20, 2013 were approved as presented.


BEACHWAY SPEEDING:  REQUEST FOR LBA ACTION:  Peter Ege was introduced and addressed concerns about speeding on Beachway Drive.  He explained that the system for securing desirable "$200 fine for speeding" signs begins with a request to the County for study and action by the relevant homeowners association.  He presented a letter that he had prepared for the LBA President to send to Supervisor Penny Gross requesting County action. Sally said she would like the request posted on Lake Link to inform residents what the Board proposes to do prior to sending the letter. Shane said he could also have a link on the website to the county’s site regarding their process for requests.

CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.

ANNUAL MEETING AFTER ACTION REVIEW:  Warren commented on the turn out and content of the meeting that took place on February 20.

BEACH 5 PAVILION – ANY NEXT STEP?  Sally informed the Board that she felt there were two options for the Board concerning the concept of a pavilion at beach 5. The Board could decide they have heard enough from the community and there is not sufficient support to pursue it further. Alternatively, the Board could decide to actively solicit broad community input on whether to move forward.  If the Board chose the latter course, she proposed using the newsletter as well as Lake Link to solicit input from everyone in the community. If the latter option was chosen, it would be made clear that the board had made no decision on whether to proceed. 

A motion was made by Diane Davidson and seconded by Rick to thank the Special Committee for its work and to end further consideration of the pavilion. This motion was rejected by a vote of 5 to 7 with one abstention. Those voting in favor of the motion were Diane Davidson, Pat, Jim, Rick and Anne. Those opposed were Sally, Eva, Diane Smalley, Frank, Shane, Betsy and Warren. Lee abstained. 

Members of the Special Committee described their latest planning for a pavilion. They shared a satellite photo of the Beach 5 peninsula with the proposed location of the pavilion. They explained that, were the board to approve going forward, the county permit process would require an application fee of $4,000 and a geological engineering study of the suitability of the soil for the pavilion at a cost of $5,000 to $12,000. Although the county could ultimately decide to deny a permit, the committee was optimistic that the county would ultimately approve the proposed pavilion based on their discussions with county officials. 

A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Betsy to authorize Sally to appoint a small committee consisting of Board members and others to work on gathering information and to come back with an action plan.  All voted in favor.  

Shane, George McLennan and Betsy agreed to serve on this committee and to come up with a plan for outreach to the community.  The Board will take no further action until feedback from the community has been received.

FOOTBRIDGE REPAIRS:  Sally noted the recent communication from George Waters indicating that up to $2,500 would be required to repair the footbridge. She said that board approval is needed for the committee to move forward.  

A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Frank to authorize up to $2,500 for repair of the footbridge. All voted in favor.

COMMUNITY GARDEN:  Sally gave a quick update.



A motion was made by Eva and seconded by Betsy to elect Lee as the new Secretary and to re-elect Sally as President, Warren as Vice President and Jim as Treasurer.  All voted in favor.

Anne agreed to an appointment as the Membership Chair. All other committee positions will remain the same.

GEESE PEACE STATUS:  Holly Hazard discussed 4 issues regarding the Geese Peace program in the community.  The program needs a new volunteer coordinator and a dog.  Costs for a new trained border collie could be around $4,000.  Discussion took place regarding the various options.

A motion was made by Diane Davidson and seconded by Diane Smalley to try to identify a candidate for a Geese Peace dog within the community but if it doesn’t work out, authorize the expenditure of up to $4,000 for purchase of a trained dog if necessary.  All voted in favor.

NEWCOMERS REQUEST:  Sally discussed a request from Newcomers for an upcoming event they would like to have on beach 5 on Saturday, June 22.  The request involves extending the permitted party time from 8 PM to 9 PM, use of fire pits and tiki torches and whether they needed to obtain an alcohol license for the event.  Eva informed the Board that the Woman’s Club carries insurance for their events that they host on LBA property and that Newcomers does not have liability insurance.  The sense of the board was to extend the party time to 9 PM for this one event.  As for permitting fire pits and torches on LBA property, Newcomers must contact the Fairfax County fire marshal to determine requirements.  Obtaining a liquor license was discussed as well.  We should advise Newcomers to obtain their own insurance. Eva will contact Newcomers President, Nomi Taslit to discuss the need for fire marshal approval, a liquor license and to recommend they obtain liability insurance.

MEMBERSHIP:  Chris reported that there were five transfer fees received in February for a total of $250.  Presently 958 lots have paid their 2013 fees and 87 are unpaid.  She has deposited $329,741.08 in fees since January 1.  Warren reminded the Board that April 15 was approaching and that delinquency due process letters will need to be sent to those that have not paid.  He asked Anne as Membership Chair, to contact him to update her on the process.

ARC:  Rick gave his report of recent submittals.  A NL article regarding the ARC will appear in next month’s issue.  There will also be an “ARC Corner” that will publish approvals and submittals in the newsletter.

WATER SAFETY:  Pat reported that Kevin Hardy will be coming back and she will work with Sally on his contract.  She reported that the lawsuit against LBA for removing boats without current LBA stickers from beach boat racks and auctioning them off was dismissed with prejudice after the plaintiff, Angela Suarez did not appear.    

PUBLICATIONS:  Shane is working with Gary Jewell on the upcoming telephone directory and Elaine Lindstrom is working on the networking list that will be included.  Chris reported $12,920 has been sold to date in advertising.  The website updates are moving forward.

SECURITY:  Frank presented his written report.  Lighting and recent vandalism were discussed.  Frank is going to try and schedule a class for Neighborhood Watch.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jim said presently we are doing well.  Funds are coming in.  The accountant will correct a few categories when received.  

LEGAL:  Eva gave a brief report.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy is working on Earth day.  Questions regarding whether a liquor license is required for the JEB Stuart Crew Boosters’ (parents would sell the beer) sale of alcohol at events was discussed. See attached Committee Report for other updates.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:49 PM. 

Respectfully submitted by,

Lee Price, Secretary