Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:34 PM by President Sally Determan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Sally Determan, Warren Russell, Jim Kilbourne, Lee Price, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Eva Kosztarab, Diane Davidson, Rick Aldrich, Shane Oleson, Frank Phillippi and Anne Cullather.  Board member Diane Smalley attended by teleconference.  A lake resident attended by teleconference but asked not to be named.

The minutes of April 10, 2013 were approved as presented.  Shane discussed posting of reports to the website and it was agreed that we would do so.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.

BEACH 5 PAVILION PLAN FOR MEMBER INPUT:   Sally explained that a committee would prepare the materials to present in the October newsletter to explain the details, pros and cons of building a pavilion at Beach 5. Warren is chair and the other members are Sally, Jim, Anne, Kevin Howe and George McLennan. Shane and Betsy are advisors to the committee. Diane Davidson will do an initial draft of the "cons" statement. The committee will decide what to present and how to obtain community input, subject to Board approval.

BEACHWAY TRAFFIC SIGN UPDATE:  Sally gave a brief update that the county is expected to conduct its review this spring.

WOMANS CLUB COMMUNITY GARDEN UPDATE:  Sally said the garden is coming along and plantings will begin shortly around the pond.  WID will be working on the paths after its dredging work is completed.


SECURITY DISCUSSION:  A lake resident who wishes to not be identified raised a concern that an area resident and convicted sexual predator is scheduled to be released from prison in November. That person would have access to our private beaches while such access would not be permitted for public playgrounds in Virginia.

In an effort to provide the same protections  at our private beaches from sexual predators as Virginia provides at public playgrounds, Eva  circulated a draft rule intended to impose similar restrictions with respect to LBA property as Virginia imposes on playgrounds, athletic fields and gyms for sexual predators. A lengthy discussion raised a number of concerns about the authority of the Board to adopt and enforce a rule regarding a resident's access to LBA property, the effects on private property owners if a prohibition applied 100 feet beyond community property (as provided in the Virginia statute), how best to track the Virginia statute, and how to communicate a new policy to the community and convicted sexual predators. Eva explained that LBA by-laws give the Board authority to regulate the use of its common property. She will redraft the language and send it out to the Board for review.

Frank discussed recent activity at and near the Women's Club Community Garden. A lake resident has complained that the problem of nonresident swimmers and boaters entering the lake at the garden is getting much worse. It was noted that in a recent email Kevin Hardy had objected to asking the lifeguards to police nonresident entry there, although he did agree that non-residents did seem to be increasingly entering the lake there. The Board discussed a number of other responses, such as encouraging surrounding neighbors to call the police and using pairs of volunteers. Sally would like to see how interested the community is in this issue.  Anne raised the risk that these boats could bring contamination to our lake from other bodies of water.  Board members were asked to contact Frank if they observe or learn of trespasser access at the Garden.


ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW:  Rick explained that seven applications had been approved and four others had been tentatively approved. There was one issue with a fence on the lake. He also explained that, while the ARC usually accepts county restrictions, the county has recently allowed a trailer to remain in a front yard if it is on pavers. The ARC will draft a rule to close that loophole here.

SECURITY:  Frank said that police had arrested 3 people on Beach 2 in an incident that involved public drunkenness and marijuana in a car. One of the persons was a resident.

LEGAL:   Eva, Sally and Lee attended the recent legal seminar sponsored by the association’s law firm.  Eva added that as of July 1, a late fee is limited to 5% of the annual fee.  A motion will have to be made to change our late fee at a later date.

Eva stated that another new Virginia law will prevent LBA from restricting the installation of solar collectors.

A seminar presenter observed that insurance companies increasingly object to insuring homeowners associations that control Neighborhood Watch programs.

Eva informed the Board that Newcomers will not be selling beer at Sand Day as implied on a recent posting on LakeLink. 

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy reported that Earth Day was a big success.  WID has gotten the boat ready for Geese Peace and there are two volunteer coordinators and several volunteers signed up.  A dog from Lyric Lane will be used.  David Feld will do a training workshop for the volunteers.

NVWSCD had donated 100+ seedlings of native plants to replace invasive plants and volunteers and Delfino have potted them all up for use in common areas.  The tree replacement program will start soon.  Several beaver problem areas have been reported around the lake.  

WATER SAFETY/BEACH MAINTENANCE:  Pat reported Kevin Hardy will be joining us again this season.  He has already recruited a good core group of lifeguards and will be getting ready for opening day May 18. Two lifeguard classes will be offered in June and either July or August.  Swim lessons will be taking place and notices will be posted for residents.

Beach cleanup day went extremely well.

The Board discussed enforcement of stickers on barges. There are almost as many barge stickers sold as there are houses on the lake. Sally said the WID is looking into a mechanism to remove sinking, dilapidated boats.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Nothing to report at this time.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jim reported just under $700,000 is now in our accounts.  This is a point in the year when most dues have been paid but big expenses are still to come. Compared to 2012, annual fees are under a bit and boat fees are higher. Overall, the budget seems on track.

PUBLICATIONS:  Shane said the directory is in production.  He hopes to have it out in early June.  Anne agreed to help proofread the directory if needed.  Website company has someone new working on our site.

MAINTENANCE:  Diane Davidson discussed maintenance work on the foot bridge and the issue of existing bird nests. Minor safety repair has been done. The remaining work can be delayed until fall so as not to disrupt nesting.

MEMBERSHIP:  Anne stated that 31 lots remain unpaid for 2013. She has emailed all of those for whom we have email addresses.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:23 PM.  Respectfully submitted by, Lee Price, LBA Secretary