Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The minutes of May 8, 2013 were approved as presented. 

WSS REPORT:  Kevin Hardy discussed his report. He said that the spine board that had been missing since some vandalism at Beach 3 was still not found (N.B. It was later found by Shane Oleson).  He addressed the issue of storm water management and what happens to the beaches and swimming areas because of erosion after heavy storms. Not only does it change the shoreline but it also causes the lake bottom to rise in some areas but drop off sharply nearby.  This is particularly a problem at Beach 3. He suggested professional evaluation of whether to regrade swimming areas. Betsy noted that, when this issue was looked into several years ago, they found that regrading the lake bottom would be expensive.

Most of this summer's life guard staff are residents and returning from last year. Because they are more experienced, they will cost more this year but this will be better for safety.

Frank questioned whether guards should immediately call the non-emergency police when vandalism is noticed or should they go ahead and clean up the area. He referenced a recent situation regarding broken glass.  It was felt vandalism issues should be reported to police upon discovery but that glass needed to be cleaned up immediately. 

A question was raised about boats running aground in the shallow area at the point across from Beach 4. Kevin said that there was one buoy there, but that they should probably put three or four there because of the lengthy shallow area there.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.


REPORT FROM THURGOOD MARSHALL FUND COMMITTEE:  Ralph Smalley reported that the committee recently reviewed and made decisions on applications for the scholarship awards. The caliber of the students was higher than normal, including two applicants with straight A’s for their entire time in high school.  He read the names of the committee members.  He added that this was the first time the committee was able to view the applications on line.  

This year 6 students were selected: 2 will receive $4,000 each and 4 will receive $3,500 each.  The awards will be announced at the school but payment will be made directly to the universities.  He read a few segments from the student applications to the Board.

Pat questioned the amounts and whether it was reducing principal.  He explained the breakdown of the Foundation account and that their policy was not to reduce principal.  Sally noted that new contributions had declined in the last year. She encouraged Ralph to write stories about the award and recipients both for a NL soon and again in November as a reminder prior to the LBA bills going out.  The Board thanked Ralph and the committee for their work.

CHILDREN’S ART PROJECT:  Sally asked permission to have Lake Barcroft children paint the metal gate and lifeguard boxes at each of the five beaches.

Policy for when the gates at the beaches should be locked was discussed and it was agreed to continue the discussion at the next meeting.

A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Eva to proceed with the art project.  Warren opposed.  Motion carried.

Pat noted that the Board had approved a 5% increase for Kevin Hardy that would bring him up to $25,200 but that the 2013 budget indicated only $25,000.  

A motion was made by Pat and seconded by Anne to amend the 2013 budget to reflect the additional $200 for Kevin’s salary.  All voted in favor.

LEGAL:  Eva is currently working on release forms for the WID to remove deteriorating boats, piers, etc., from LBA waters.  She reported that the premium on LBA liability insurance had gone down by $4,000.  She added that, although line 6003 of the budget for D&O coverage shows a zero, the coverage for D&O liability will continue. The current carrier now charges one premium for D&O coverage along with general liability coverage.  She stated that account numbers 6007 and 6008 could be dropped as well since insurance for July 4 and Labor Day are also now included in the general line. 

Eva and Sally said that they were still working on language for sexual predator policy and thought that language would be ready for the next meeting.

MAILING LABEL REQUEST:  Chris informed the Board that she had received a telephone message from a member of the Lake Barcroft Village requesting mailing labels for members of the community.  She stated that she needed direction from the Board. In the past, this information has not been given out to other groups. Warren stated it was a privacy  and work effort issue; we should not provide the labels.  Others felt that names and addresses were public information unlike some other information in the directory and that sharing it with an organization within our community was acceptable. There was also a discussion of charging a fee to cover costs. It was agreed that the Board did not have enough information to make a decision.  Chris was asked to contact the person and request a written proposal of what they would like, how often and for what purpose. Based on that information, Chris would estimate the cost in time and materials to supply the labels. 

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy reported that Geese Peace was winding down for the season and that they had 13 volunteers.  Julie Mueller has been the coordinator and doing a wonderful job. The dog used this year did a good job, but the owners have not decided whether to continue next year. (N.B. The owners have since advised that they are happy to have Geese Peace continue to use their dog).  Betsy and Holly Hazard have contacted a couple of breeders for next year and will continue to pursue.  Approx. 10 geese are left on the lake at this time.  There were 33 nests at some point this year.

Betsy is starting the tree replacement program and the tree cost is going up a little.

Betsy raised an issue of major reshaping of land in a waterfront property. It did not go through the RPA process and has had considerable erosion. Apparently, the county had given Merrifield permission to do the landscaping, but the county did not send it for RPA approval even though it was waterfront property. Betsy will look into whether the county can improve its process so that this does not happen in the future.

WATER SAFETY:  Pat informed the Board that Kevin Hardy’s contract has been signed. She also said that plans were on track for the ice cream social June 15.

SECURITY:  Frank said it has been pretty peaceful overall.  Security is in full force and trespassers and drinkers have been asked to leave. Three men were arrested for vandalism just across Columbia Road. He is hoping that they were the parties involved in recent LBA community car vandalism. 

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jim said the budget is looking in good shape.  Income is only two thousand dollars below projections for the year. He noted that the reserve account for capital improvements is showing a minus $1,058.15 because of expenses for the garden and website. He suggested that the Board could consider shifting budget amounts among various reserve accounts. He added that he and Chris would be meeting with the accountant to go over matters and will report back to the Board.

PUBLICATIONS:  Shane hopes to have a draft of the directory in the next few days.  Printing costs will be less than the prior publication. 

Website revisions are ongoing.  He distributed sheets of the proposed new look of the website for Board comment. It will have rotating pictures, longer welcome text, a standard ad size, and function on iPads, iPhones, and Android phones.

ARC:  Rick reported 15 applications were submitted recently of which 11 have been approved. The ARC received its first request for approval of lighting. It also received complaints about excessive light, smoke, and construction noise. The ARC is still working on a situation involving a trailer not on a driveway. Legal to draft some consent forms for the WID to remove dilapidated piers, pontoon boats, etc.  Next ARC meeting will take place on the water to consider issues from that perspective.

MAINTENANCE:  Nothing new to report at this time.

MEMBERSHIP:  Anne stated that there are currently 21 lots unpaid, 10 fewer than last month. Non payers will be removed from Lakelink shortly and she will contact them privately.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 PM.  Respectfully submitted by, Lee Price, LBA Secretary