Lake Barcroft Association - Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

Location: Belvedere Elementary School

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm by LBA Vice President Warren Russell. Following the introduction of the current Board members present – Rick Aldrich, Anne Cullather, Diane Davidson, Jim Kilbourne, Shane Oleson, Lee Price, Frank Phillippi, Warren Russell, and Betsy Washington (Sally Determan, Eva Kosztarab, Pat Payne, and Diane Smalley were unable to attend), he introduced the candidates running for election to the Board: Deepak Bhattasalli, Alexandra Braun, Jim Kilbourne, Bill Lecos, Kim Mills, Anya Monsour, Pat Payne, Frank Phillippi, Shane Oleson, and Betsy Washington.

CRIME REPORT:  Fairfax County Police Officer Brendon Murphy explained that the police officers who patrol the neighborhood on bicycles in warmer weather are doing undercover work on credit card theft in colder weather. He advised everyone to be careful with their use of credit cards. He reported that the rash of vehicle break-ins in Lake Barcroft last year had stopped. In answer to a question, he said that vehicle break-ins seldom occur when the doors are locked and nothing valuable is visible.

FAIRFAX COUNTY UPDATE:  Penny Gross, the Fairfax County Supervisor for Mason District, reported that earlier in the day the County Executive had released a new 2014 budget proposal that the supervisors will consider and vote on in the next couple of months. Although she had not had time to study the budget in detail, she noted that the budget included less for schools than the school board had requested. She described the new “urban style” school to relieve crowding of students at Bailey’s Elementary from third through fifth grade.  She answered a number of questions from the audience including ones about education, fracking and street repair.

MINUTES FOR 2013 ANNUAL MEETING:  The minutes of the annual meeting on February 20, 2013 were approved as presented.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Warren Russell noted that the community had rejected moving forward with consideration of a pavilion. He explained that there remain seven delinquents in paying 2013 LBA dues and urged everyone to pay the 2014 fees if they had not already done so. He recognized the service of the LBA Board, staff, and many other volunteers. He alerted people to the upcoming March 23d Open House event  the Newcomers Club was sponsoring and urged everyone to attend and learn more about a variety of clubs supporting varied interests for  the Lake Barcroft community.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jim Kilbourne explained the LBA ran a $40,838 budget surplus in 2013. Income came in higher than budgeted, in part because of a one-time revenue boost from advertising in the directory. Expenditures came in lower than budgeted. Important factors were the rainy summer weather that closed the beaches and lowered lifeguard costs, reduced insurance premiums, and volunteer work on design and construction for a number of maintenance and improvements projects.  

ARC REPORT:  Rick Aldrich reported that 75 of 76 applications to the ARC had been approved in the last year. He described the new arrangement with the WID for technical support before approval of plans and during construction of homeowner seawalls. He described some of the ideas the ARC is considering for changing its guidelines in the future.

PUBLICATIONS REPORT: Shane Oleson said that work to overhaul the LBA website is three-quarters complete with the rollout anticipated in the next few months. He also reported that the directory had been sent to the printer the previous week and would be delivered in March.

ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT:  Betsy Washington reported on the progress of the tree replacement program. She also explained that the LBA is working hard to have a new Geese Peace dog for the 2014 season.  Earth Day is scheduled for Sunday April 27 at Beach 5.

WID REPORT:  Chuck de Seve noted that the hour was late and encouraged people to attend the annual WID meeting April 30.

VOTING RESULTS:  Warren announced the results of the election:  Jim Kilbourne, Bill Lecos, Pat Payne, Frank Phillippi, Shane Oleson, and Betsy Washington had been elected to the LBA Board for 2014-2016 and that the amendments to the by-laws had been approved.

BEACH ACCESS RULES:  Attendees were invited to pose questions. Questions were raised about the rules for beach access by residents. Frank Phillippi noted the longstanding rule printed in the directory said that beaches are closed at night. In 2012, when the off-duty police providing evening security requested more clarity, the board amended the rule to close the beaches to all at midnight. There was some discussion about fairness and other details.  He also noted that the budget proposed for 2014 included more money for security that could fund either longer hours or more days of security coverage.

The meeting was adjourned by Vice President Warren Russell at 9:50.

Respectfully submitted by: Lee Price, LBA Secretary