Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Sally Determan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Sally Determan,Warren Russell, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Eva Kosztarab, Frank Phillippi, Bill Lecos, Shane Oleson, Anne Cullather, Diane Smalley and Rick Aldrich.  Jim Kilbourne attended by teleconference. Board member Lee Price was not in attendance.  

The minutes of January 8, 2014 were approved as presented.

The annual meeting minutes of February 25, 2014 were approved as presented.

Sally welcomed Bill Lecos to the Board.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was discussed.

GEESE PEACE DOG UPDATE:  Betsy gave an update on the goose dog that was returned to the breeder.  Currently she is waiting for a replacement dog and is looking for a new family to keep it.  The goal is to have a dog by 5/1 if we have a family identified to provide the dog a home.  The Geese Peace program should start up around May 15 and  if the replacement dog is not delivered by then, she has an alternate dog for this season,  if needed.

SKATING SAFETY & TRESPASSERS:  Sally thanked Kevin Howe and Frank for getting signs up regarding skating at your own risk.

Warren briefly discussed the annual meeting.

Rick raised the issue of the ARC guidelines and when they would be voted on by the Board.  Chris will circulate the latest draft to the Board.  The Architectural review issues will be placed on the May Board agenda.


ELECTION RESULTS/ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  Sally discussed the recent election results and the Board voted on officers.

Eva nominated Jim as President, seconded by Frank.  All voted in favor.  

Jim nominated Sally for VP, seconded by Diane.  All voted in favor.

Warren nominated Lee as Treasurer, seconded by Frank.  All voted in favor.

Eva nominated Anne as Secretary, seconded by Warren.  All voted in favor.

Jim thanked Sally for the tremendous job she has done as President.  He also thanked Warren as Vice President.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS:  Jim discussed committee assignments.  The following committees were agreed upon:

ARC:  Chair, Rick Aldrich

Beach Maintenance/Water Safety:  Chair, Pat Payne

Community Watch/Security:  Chair, Bill Lecos

Environmental Quality/WID Liaison:  Chair, Betsy Washington

Finance/Audit:  Chair, Lee Price

Maintenance/Improvements:  Co-Chair, Frank Phillippi; Co-Chair, George Waters

Legal:  Chair, Eva Kosztarab

Membership:  Chair, Warren Russell

Publications:  Chair, Shane Oleson

Special Events:  Chair, Diane Smalley


IMPROVEMENTS:  Chris reported on behalf of George Waters that he had hired a resident teenager to clean the walkway of snow by Beach 5 this season.  The WID is in the process of repairing the Beach 5 walkway and driveway and will start dredging shortly.

ARC:  Rick reported that 4 ARC plans have been approved and one dock and seawall is pending approval.

WATER SAFETY:  Pat will be working with Kevin on his contract for the upcoming season.  She will work with Jim on the revised version.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Diane met with Janet Kerley and Charlotte Flounders last week regarding the Ice Cream Social.  They will have a table at the upcoming Newcomers event to recruit volunteers.  Expenses have gone up as the band was more and more people attended the Ice Cream Social last year so Diane informed the Board that the costs would be going up.  She told the Board that she still needed a chair for Sand Day. Discussion took place regarding Sand Day; LBA is not responsible for this event but can help to contribute to the costs.   Shane has agreed to help Diane identify a chair for this event.  Diane suggested a picnic in September with a bluegrass band as a possible new social event for the community. It was noted that Newcomers was no longer planning to do a Beach Barbecue in August. Bill suggested creating a sponsorship package for events to raise funding. 

COMMUNICATIONS:  Shane reported the directory has been printed.  He currently is working on getting volunteers for delivering the directories.  He is also working on the website and with photographers to get pictures for the site.  The website should be ready to launch in the next 2 months.  He also will be attending the Newcomers event on behalf of the Board.

SECURITY:  Frank discussed the beach access issue and about reviewing the patrol policy.  More publication is needed to the community regarding the rules.  He reported that he received a call that someone was breaking into the Beach 3 guard box and will check on it.

ENVIRONMENTAL:  Betsy said Earth Day is coming along for Sunday, April 27 at Beach 5 and no rain date will be scheduled.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jim said the income side of our balance sheet is doing very well.  He spoke to the auditor and said an audit/review needs to be done for 2012 and 2013 and asked the Board about having a review done versus a full audit. The cost of an audit is $4,000 while a review is $3200.   Pat asked if we should alternate between an audit and a review.  Warren said we need to move forward with having this done.  It was agreed to have an audit for 2013 and a review for 2012.

Jim discussed the Parcel A retaining wall as a resident questioned the$500 per year/per lot reserves for the walls and whether there was a need to continue to pay the annual fee for the wall.  He is putting a together a task force to review the funding for that reserve account and what it should be and will report back to the Board. Jim mentioned Newcomers requested the second installment of $1,000 which LBA had agreed to fund to help with their welcome baskets.  Newcomers is having an open house on March 23 for all new residents within the last 2 years and has asked if LBA would like to have a representative present.   Shane, Betsy, and either Sally or Warren have agreed to attend and speak.

MEMBERSHIP:  Anne reported that 904 lots have paid their 2014 fees and 141 are unpaid.  There are 6 lots that have past due fees. Discussion took place about having a template for the bill available on the website.  Shane explained that all the information including past due amounts, legal fees, etc., was merged from the database onto the bills.

LEGAL:  Eva reported on various items that she had been working on.  Per Jim’s request, she checked into what the cost would be to insure the Parcel A retaining walls and coverage for the 2 walls was approximately $2,000 a year for a million dollars coverage.

She discussed the bylaw revisions and a question by an LBA member on LakeLink.  Bill suggested that it would be important to communicate this back to the member and the community about the question.

Sally thanked everyone.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,

Anne Cullather, Secretary