Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:31 PM by President Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Sally Determan, Lee Price, Anne Cullather, Warren Russell, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Frank Phillippi, Bill Lecos, Shane Oleson, Diane Smalley and Rick Aldrich.  Board member Eva Kosztarab was not present.  

The minutes of March 12, 2014 were approved as presented.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was discussed.

Jim provided an update on the Parcel A retaining wall reserve account.  Information should be provided by the insurance company on 4/9.  It will be reviewed by the Task Force that is reviewing the issue, comprised of Jim Kilbourne, Lee Price, Kevin Howe and Luis Fernandez.  Jim will provide a report and summarize the task force recommendations at a future board meeting.  There is currently $76,000 in the reserve account for the retaining wall.


LBA COVENANTS:  INTERPRETATION OF “SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING”:  Jim informed the Board that a realtor contacted the office regarding interpretation of the covenants regarding the number of unrelated people who are allowed to live in a single family home in Lake Barcroft.  Pat explained the Fairfax County ordinance regarding this issue.  Bill said that the county does have a task force.  Pat asked the Board if we should determine a standard.  Shane discussed a property on Barger Drive years ago that had up to ten people living there.  Pat said we tend to follow Fairfax County rules regarding occupancy. It was determined to refer the realtor to the county ordinance rather than defining it within the LBA bylaws.

  Jim discussed recent activity on the lake with a gas powered boat.  Jim will request the resident to lift the motor out of the water when on the lake so that it is clear that it is not in use.  Rick discussed barges turned into floating docks.  Jim will address these issues in his upcoming Presidents column.


MEMBERSHIP:  Warren reported that last month there were 141 unpaid 2014 fees and currently are down to 39.  Of 102 residents who paid late, 13 did not pay the associated late fees.  He sent at least 3 e-mails and hand delivered several.  He stated that Chris will continue to keep late fees on the database.  Lee suggested that tags should not be issued next year if all fees are not current and that the notices that are sent, should state this.  Warren will send another notice to the 13 people that owe late fees.

IMPROVEMENTS:  Frank did a quick survey of the beaches and beach 3 has a boat rack that needs repair.  At Beach 2, a tree has fallen across a trail and on a fence, and there is a broken swing; At Beach 5, an upright on the fence is leaning and WID has put up a new fence.

ARC:  Rick reported 6 applications recently received.  Three have been approved.  Two have been conditionally approved and one is a new development and pending neighbor input.  The Committee is working on a couple of other resident issues.

Pat is working with Jim on revising Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy’s contract for the upcoming season.  She discussed a recent kayak issue regarding placement on the rack on another kayak and the resident has agreed to relocate it.  Pat discussed the past boat auction and various issues that took place.  

Diane reported that Sand Day is scheduled for May 10 and Jody McKitrick and Alison Oleson have agreed to be in charge of it.  The community Ice Cream Social is scheduled for June 21 with June 22 as the rain date.  Kevin Howe has posted a notice regarding help for 4th of July.

  Shane reported that there have been several requests for additional directories.  Warren reminded the Board that we have the online directory.  A quarterly addendum will run in the LBA newsletter with corrections and additions to the directory.  Website updates are still underway and Shane summarized his discussions with our vendor.

SECURITY:  Bill met with Officer Brendan Murphy and he supplied him with a budget.  He worked up a proposed budget of 525 hours for the upcoming season which is a 20% increase.  He broke it down by month to the Board.  May 1 through September 30.  Brendan suggested possibly starting earlier while the beaches were still open.  
Lee raised the issue of lifeguard hours.  This will need to be discussed with Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy to determine lifeguard availability.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Betsy said Earth Day will be held April 27 and planning is coming along.   Elaine Lindstrom has been working with Betsy on the Environmental Handbook that will be posted on the website.  A dog has been borrowed for Geese Peace.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Nothing new to report at this time.

LEGAL:  Nothing new to report at this time.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:11 PM.

Respectfully submitted by,